Bakblade Reviews: – Is It The Back Shave of The Future

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Men do face multiple problems in shaving the hairs of mainly the right side of the body, but as we know, hair growth is not all fun and games as many men struggle with unwanted back hair problems. So here in this blog, we will present a unique solution regarding this with Bakblade. 

Normally by shaving, we all know about brands that come with various kinds of razors and super quality blades mainly meant for face shaving. But very few options you will get for shaving your back hairs; therefore, here comes Bakblade. 

Brief About Bakblade  

Bakblade is an online grooming company mainly designed for men, a premium brand that understands all the shaving requirements of men and helps them easily shave all those hard-to-reach portions of the body like your back.

All the Bakblade products come specially crafted with an innovative premium design that offers you the most comfortable shaving solution for the back portion of the body.

The main advantage of this shaver is its long length of about 17 3/4″ long, for all easy use for shaving your back. It has also been designed for a lighter glide and offers significantly less friction across your skin.  

So if you are having all tough times in shaving the back portions of your body and the places that are harder to reach with bare hands, then surely Bakblade is your ultimate shaving solution.  

Pricing Details of Bakblade  

When it comes to pricing, Bakblade does have very few options since it has around ten different products that come to you in packs with wall mounts, other razors, shower gels, and lots more. To give you some perspective, the Bakblade and the wall mount pack cost around $45.So you can visit their official website and boom your copy from there or get in touch with their support team to solve all your queries regarding Bakblade. 

The best part here is that you are getting so many things in a bundle at a single price, which is also very cost-effective compared to buying all those items on a single basis. So in that respect, compared to any other shaving brand, it is much cost-effective and affordable to any budget. 

Further, here for $15, you are getting a pack of six razors which is enough for an individual to use for a year and indeed not at all a bad offer for the commoner. So let us discuss some key products of Bakblade to get a much better idea regarding their products. 

Top Products of Bakblade 

  • Bakblade 1.0 – This is the initial version of the Bakblade, which is a lot smaller than the 2.0 versions, and thus it takes much longer, and here you might miss a few spots, and it cost around $25. It usually resembles a regular shaver with a long handle, but it’s very affordable.   
  • Bakblade 2.0 – This is their latest version of their back shaver, which is a much larger area across your back and costs you around $50.

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