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Every Hindu forehead had some power. This particular power connects an individual spirit to the supreme soul. To comprehend and experience this energy I had undertaken a religious journey to the nearby Srisailam temple found on the banks associated with the river Krishna. Srisailam is 230 kilometres from Hyderabad. A thick forest handles the entire Srisailam. Many yogis are meditating in that forest.  To know about ramaskandam sloka, click here.

These types of yogis interact with a true spirit yearning for divine information. Dreams are a medium that yogis use to interact with human souls. Lord Shiva as well as Goddess brahmaramba are worshipped below by devotees. Mallikarjuna can also be a name of Lord Shiva the devotees constantly chant. I embarked on a psychic journey towards Srisailam.

I used to be travelling by bus in the evening and had a dream. In the wish, I was walking in the Srisailam forest and I saw a male in a white dress drawing near me on the opposite route. As he came next to me he suddenly noticed that I was able to see him or her. He made himself disappear. They want to avoid souls without having spiritual energy. He might get felt that I am not ready to receive any keen knowledge. Perhaps I have to defeat a few habits which limit my spiritual progress. Typically the dream ended.

I stopped at the temple. Offered a thing to God and meditated there for a few minutes. Afterwards, I went back to this hotel room had my lunch break and took a quick sleep. Then, I dreamed yet again. In the dream, I was with the temple building of Empress Brahmaramba. I sat on a stone bench which was underneath a tree. The huge gemstone bench where I was resting was next to the sanctum sanctorum. I had a Hindu prayer book in my hand. I used to be reciting the hymns linked to Goddess Brahmaramba. Then a did find a woman in her mid-forties with big red populate on her forehead. She sitting opposite me on the other side of the bench.

I saw white plants falling on her head previously mentioned. She asked me “Why will you be wandering? I replied to her that I had just begun this journey“. She started to recite specific hymns from the plea book which was on my side. Her recitation of the church hymns without looking at them astonished me. The dream was over. From the dream, I noticed that it was Goddess Brahmaramba which I met. She mentioned about wandering saying in she knows that I started my journey to discover spiritual truths.

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