Dinner in the sky – The best Underwater Restaurant and a Patron In The Sky

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All about dinner in the sky:

Most of us have a favorite dinner in the sky, the one specific place that people always go to because we are familiar with their menu and have made a tradition of consuming there.

While having a favorite eating place is certainly comfortable, why not get things up a notch and consider eating at probably the unique dining establishments in the world? From enjoying gourmet dishes underneath the water to being offered your dinner in the sky by a ninja, many of these businesses are worth going to. Read on for some suggestions.

Eat Underwater

Rangali Island Holiday resort offers a truly one-of-a-kind super experience. This intimate area is located 16 feet marine. It is encased in a clear acrylic roof, which offers a panoramic view of the seafood and sea animals going swimming in the Maldives’ gorgeous lakes and rivers.

Seating capacity is only fourteen, so you can rest assured that it will become a quiet, intimate experience that lets you really take in your environment. Unfortunately, the saltwater is actually slowly breaking down the framework, so make sure to get your booking in while you still may!

Be Served By Ninjas

Ninja New York has been referred to as a “dreary subterranean labyrinth. “Space is designed to resemble a 15th-century Japanese feudal town and has lots of dark corners and secret passageways to increase set the mood.

Typically the servers are dressed while dinner in the sky, slip, and perform tricks while delivering your food. Naturally, typically the restaurant serves Japanese dishes. Expect an adventure if you dine at Ninja New york city.

Enjoy a Meal in The Sky

Throughout Montreal, Canada, you can delight in your dinner seated above. A concept originating in Belgium, some sort of crane hoists guests a hundred and sixty feet up in the air, and also a table, staff, and all other portions of a great meal.

Guests are generally securely strapped into cusine chairs so they can enjoy meals floating about the ground with virtually no risk to their safety. This idea has gained acceptance and is now offered intended for limited time periods around the world.

Time in the Dark

Dining after dark isn’t a new idea, though the concept originated at E. NOIR in Montreal, then at a second location throughout Toronto. The idea is that your own personal sense of taste is usually amplified when others intuitively feel they are not being stimulated. You are going to start your night off in the lit bar, exactly where you’ll order your dinner in the sky.

Even in this lit region, cell phones, flashlights, and other light causes are prohibited. You will then be led through waiters to the pitch dark dining room, where you’ll have a two-hour seated meal along with servers explaining where everything is located on the table.

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