How Does Astrology Function and What Is It?

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The term “astrology” literally means “the study of the stars” because it is derived from the Latin “astrologia,” which in turn is derived from the Greek terms “Astron,” which refers to a constellation or star, and “logia,” which means study.

The oldest kind of astrology is Vedic, and there are many different astrological traditions, including Chinese and Egyptian ones. Western astrology will be the subject of this article.

Your birth time, date, and location are used to base astrological predictions. Astrologers can use the planetary placements at your delivery time to predict how various aspects of your life will be impacted. For instance, the sign Mercury was in when you were born will reveal how your mind functions. The moon illustrates how your emotions function, while Venus depicts how you react to others and how your heart beats.

There are 12 astrological signs, each representing a unique personality trait.

Aries is a headstrong, active, adventurous, forceful, and independent sign.

Taurus is a slow, laid-back, sensible, devoted, persistent, and talented sign.

Geminis are engaging, outgoing, intelligent, and funny.

Cancer is temperamental, sensitive, loving, compassionate, and caring.

Leo: lively, energetic, passionate, inventive, and fun

*Virgo is present, focused, discriminating, skilled, and adaptable.

* Libra is a lovely, mellow, courteous, artistic, and diplomatic sign.

Scorpio is ardent, emotional, passionate, involved, and curious.

Sagittarius is an eager, daring, happy, and experienced sign.

Capricorns are genuine, organized, disciplined, ambitious, and cautious.

* Aquarius is impulsive, rebellious, and adaptable.

Pisces is a trustworthy, sensitive, psychic, creative, and flexible sign.

Most people are aware of their astrological signs. This is called your “sun sign” because it describes who we are and how we identify. Yet knowing your sun sign is by no means everything. Your solar system’s other planets also have a role to play.

The Rising Sign or Ascendant in astrology refers to the Zodiac sign that is rising at the time of birth. The personality and attributes utilized to represent oneself are governed by the ascendant.

Any chart’s first house is always the Ascendant. There are 12 houses or components to a chart. Depending on the approach we employ, here is how these houses are separated. Each house is the same size if we apply the “Equal House” concept. The houses are not divided equally if we use the “Placidus House” system, which recognizes that we are born on the planet’s surface rather than at its center.

The 12 houses represent many facets of life:

The First House governs new beginnings and our modes of expression.

The Second House oversees our personal resources, finances, and abilities.

The third house is related to siblings, learning, and communication.

The home and family are the focus of the fourth house.

The Fifth House represents interests and pleasures.

The sixth house concerns labor, obligation, service, health, and recovery.

The seventh house represents how we relate to other people.

The eighth house represents joint finances.

The ninth house represents higher education, travel, and life-enriching experiences.

The Tenth House is related to commitment and duties.

The house of friendship and social interaction is the eleventh house.

The Twelfth House is linked to contemplation and solitude.

The “Equal House” system will be employed.

On a chart, the houses are depicted counterclockwise. Beginning at nine o’clock, the first house, the second at eight, the third at seven, and so on until we reach the twelfth house at ten o’clock.

For instance, if Sagittarius is our Rising Sign, it indicates that the energy of the sign in that house—in this case, Sagittarius—will impact our first house, which governs new beginnings and how we express ourselves. Sagittarius has a positive, upbeat, intelligent, and adventurous energy. This will encourage us to express ourselves positively. We won’t hesitate to change our life because the first house is about fresh starts, and Sagittarius is an adventurous sign.

The planets also have an impact on us when they pass through the various houses:

We are the Sun, and the Sun is what we are. It comes from our originality and ingenuity.

The moon governs our emotions and our lives. Also, it symbolizes our family, especially the Mother.

All levels of communication are impacted by mercury.

Venus is the goddess of love and marriage.

Mars stands for our sexuality and fundamental motivation. It is the planet of energy, igniting and invigorating us in ways consistent with the characteristics of the sign it is positioned in.

Jupiter is associated with the virtues of sincerity, optimism, and joy. It regulates, among other things, law, higher education, philosophy, journalism, and spirituality.

The late 20th-century discovery of Chiron has to do with health and recovery. It can reveal our flaws so that we can heal them. This is sometimes referred to as the wounded healer.

Saturn is the planet of mastery; it rules careers, parents, marriage, family, and commitment.

Uranus stands for our originality, distinctiveness, and social contribution.

Neptune is a symbol of aspirations, intuition, worries, and imagination.

Pluto stands for authority and fate.

The North Node guides the roles and character traits we need to develop to succeed in life.

Hence, the moon would be a good illustration of how the planets affect us. We “feel” like acting or beginning something new as the moon, which is all about feelings, moves through the first house. We “feel” our worth as the moon transits the second house. We “feel” like communicating while the moon crosses the third house, and this feeling permeates all the places and their respective energies. As you can see, when all the planets are considered in all 12 homes, we understand what is happening for a person at any time.

But the picture still isn’t complete. The term “aspects between planets” refers to how planets affect one another. Although several aspects can be exploited, the most popular ones are below. An element is formed when the correct number of degrees is precisely between two planets. Typically, in the solar system, the planet farthest from the Sun impacts the planet closer to it. The outer planet will negatively impact when there is a problem until the other planet understands its message and learns to utilize that world’s advantages. Our life lessons are these.

Combination – same degree – tolerance 10′ – advantageous and problematic. They might help one another out or obstruct one another.

The opposition, 180 feet apart, with 10 feet of tolerance, is strenuous. Planets may turn against one another, decide they don’t want to know and move on different paths.

Trine – 120′ apart – 10′ tolerance – advantageous. These planets complement each other beautifully.

Square, 90′ apart, 10′ tolerance; complex. The planets have a hard time cooperating.

Sextile: 60′ apart; 5′ tolerance; advantageous. Planets can cooperate.

150′ separation, 5′ tolerance; intersection requires improvement. Before these planets can cooperate, they must adapt and change.

Transits are the aspects the planets make to the planets in our birth charts as they move through space. They stimulate, challenge, or prompt the elements of us that the world in our chart stands for. The giant planets’ impact is felt one month on each side of the perfect alignment. Jupiter is an exception, as it affects humans a week on either side of the exact date.

Other readings can be given, including:

In our general reading, we’ll examine how the planets have affected and continue to influence every stage of our existence, from conception to old age and death.

Using transit readings, we may forecast the coming year and learn how the planets will affect many facets of our lives.

There is also a reading for relationships that use two charts, one for each partner. This is a fantastic example of how disagreement or friction may be resolved, and positive influences can be maximized.

The karmic reading provides an Esoteric Astrology perspective on the Soul’s journey through various incarnations. It examines the struggles and lessons we have faced in the past, our roles, and how we might apply what we have discovered to better ourselves in the present. The karmic reading provides knowledge and inspiration that can assist you in finding your soul’s mission and leading a happy life.

Also, the advanced chart reading considers how the traits indicated in your birth chart may have evolved from birth to the present day. We can see how you would have changed at the age of 20 if we considered the positions of the planets 20 days after your birth.

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