Is being Athletic the New Bold?

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Making personalized clothing for only a selective group of buyers is normally not a lucrative idea for a business but State & Liberty has come up with clothing for men with athletic builds which was not thought of by anyone earlier.

Boldness is always a great idea, State& Liberty makes such bold attires that you often wonder why aren’t they experimenting more instead of making only comfortable & personalized clothing.

But if you are still having second thoughts about us then we can assure you that at the end of this review you will have complete trust in us. State& Liberty is a brand that makes high-quality dress materials for men with athletic built. State& Liberty founders themselves had athletic built hence they faced lots of difficulty in finding shirts that suited their body shapes so they decided to come up with one.

State & Liberty is tailor-made to provide more space in the upper body with a tailored waist & stretchy fit personalized for men with a V-Shaped body, they are moisture absorbent & lightweight.

State & Liberty offers shorts, coats, sweaters & more. They also provide shirts as well as casual T-shirts, their clothing is high in quality & gives the fitness-minded men plenty of options for comfortable wear.

Our shirts are perfectly stretchable so if you want to bulk up your muscles you can do that without any worries of wear &tear. It will be no tears, and no broken buttons yet at the same time perfectly suitable for your body type.

Not only that you need not worry about getting wet also our shirts are made of absorbent material so no worries about sweat stink of nasty stains. Yet if you feel this is not enough you won’t have to worry about ironing also after a wash our shirts dry without a single crumble. We not only provide shirts but also all the following products

Coats & Jackets

Our jackets are entirely different from other competitors. They are a perfect amalgamation of professionalism along with aesthetics. Double-breasted pea coats along with herringbone overcoats are our speciality. Not only do we provide a wide range of colour variety starting from solid colour navies and blacks contrasted by bright, patterned maroons and crosshatched browns.


We also provide sweaters, our sweaters are beautiful. Our V-neck sweaters offer the classic look yet are mild in display. If that was not enough they are perfectly fit for your body type. Our Hoodies come in twin colours suitable for more casual occasions. Our Bombers serve the actual opposite purpose effortlessly.

We also provide

Return Policy

For us, customer satisfaction is our priority. All unworn & unwashed items are eligible for a refund even though we will bear the shipping cost.

We will give you a 3months time to figure out if it suits you. But clothing once altered is not eligible for cash refunds and instead can only be offered in-store credit.

So try out us once, you will love it. Well, there you have it, hope from the above discussion you have got a clear idea regarding clothing for men with athletic built.

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