Ithaa restaurant – The best 3g base station First Undersea Restaurant

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All about ithaa restaurant:

Actually wonder what it would be, such as if fishes are staring at a person for eating their breed of dog deliciously cooked by a cook through a glass. Well, you can now experience it – The actual world’s first underwater ocean ithaa restaurant, Undersea Eating place, has opened in the Maldives. Now you will have more buddies at dinner than just other diners.


ithaa restaurant is started through Hilton Maldives Resort and Spa on Rangali Tropical isle and costs around five million to build. The 9m long restaurant comprises 3 5 meters transparent banal made from acrylic 125mm thicker and sits under a few meters of water in high tide.

The Banal is the widest yet to become constructed underwater and covered with each other by using special silicone sealant. The steel framework is protected by sea paint and zinc anodes.

The total weight of the framework is 175 tons as well as 85 tons of sand is actually put into it to strengthen it underwater. At one time, the actual restaurant can host fourteen diners.


The eating place serves you a four-course dinner with 80 delicacies, ranging from traditional Maldivian food to European food. According to the cook talking to the BBC, the whole practical experience can take around 4 a long time of sumptuous eating and drinking.

To ensure the next thing you should do this calendar year on your special days is definitely, book your tickets and carry out some fishy business without any your feet wet.

Like the hotel and hospitality, hotels are becoming increasingly reasonably competitive; hotels are restaurants for such plans to create the word of lips and bring in customers.

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