Making Money Blogging in 6 Particular Ways

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7 Means of How to Make Money Writing a blog

1 . Pay Per Click

The basic perception of pay-per-click (PPC) is positioning banners or text advertisements in your blog; when a visitor clicks on this ad, you get a commission.

This commission is based on the associated keywords the advertisers usually bid for.

For a considerably better understanding, let’s take Yahoo or google AdSense, for example.

Google is allowing independent publishers (bloggers like you) to apply the website for Google AdSense to make sure they could have a chance to create an income out of their blog.

When approved, you’ll be given use of their dashboard, where you can create codes you can embed inside your website to display ads; then, when your visitors click on that advertising, you earn commissions.

Other alternative NUMEROUS ad network managers were on the market, like Chitika, Infolinks, VigLink, etc.

However, in my opinion, Yahoo and google AdSense so far is the best PPC ads manager that you can utilize since some blog writers are here. They are saying that it is the most effective existing ad network to monetize any site (as long as they adhere to Google AdSense Program Coverage or Webmaster Top quality Guidelines).

2 . Private Advertising and marketing

Private advertising enables independent companies or additional bloggers to buy advertising space on your website.

The purchase price is fixed and completely flexible, and monthly payment is usually monthly.

However, before engaging your blog in this type of advertisement, be sure that your blog receives a decent amount connected with traffic. That traffic should likewise be your genuine followers. When I state genuine followers, those who likely have followed you and your articles or content from time to time, those in your collection, and the visitors you receive by organic traffic.

3. By yourself Ads

Just in case you’re not accustomed to this advertising method, a new solo ad is a just once email blast you quickly sell to a buyer who wants to publicize to your subscribers or your email list.

I get in touch with it – ‘the backdoor selling.

Marketers usually employ solo ads way. The good thing is it’s not entirely exclusive to getting B2B(business to business) personal blogs.

For example, if your blog is mostly about “dog training” and an individual has built an impressive email number of dog lovers, you undoubtedly are eligible to try this approach.

You can sell solo ads to help vendors who sell things about dog training. Probably electronic books, video courses, or no matter what products they sell relevant to dog training, you may consider using the solitary ads technique.

4. Affiliate marketing online

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular methods of earning cash for a blog.

Affiliate Marketing is joining an independent business owner or even a company to promote their products entirely on your website.

Unlike PPC, affiliate marketing online is placing banners or perhaps text ads (with your current affiliate link attached) coming to your website, and when visitors click on people’s ads and make a purchase, which is when you earn commissions.

You may also create a testimonial post regarding particular company products; if you are being creative, you can promote other’s products in any way you want.

Well, naturally, don’t violate almost any rules and agreements.

Often the commission you receive is based on the percentage you agreed to have with the product owner.

For example, if the X product you’re selling is worth $59, and the online commission set by the vendor is 45%, once you generate a sale, you make $26. 55 cost – that’s the strategy.

If you want to use this method to set up profit points on your blog, I suggest you always showcase products related to your blog theme, products you’ve tried, and products you’re highly informed about.

5. Selling your merchandise

Bloggers may sell two types of products on the web: physical (or tangible) and digital(intangible) products.

A sample of actual products is t-shirts, tumblers, textbooks, etc ., which are pretty self-instructive.

On the other hand, digital products were in the form of eBooks, ELECTRONICO, and video courses. Digital merchandise usually is guides and training.

If your blog is about human body fitness, you can create online video courses or eBooks on how to burn fats, have healthy, get the proper exercise, and so forth.

Suppose you want your product to acquire and sold in a faster size. In that case, you may partner with vacation merchants such as ClickBank, ShareASale, e-junkie, etc . to engage your product in affiliate marketing software. You build a network of affiliate marketers prepared to sell your product.

So when your affiliates make a sale, they will get their commission, and you’ll get your own.

Of course, that depends on the share you set. Also, you need to spend on the merchants as well.

Whether or not your blog is in B2B (business to business) or B2C (business to customer) market, it’ll be a challenge to create your product since it’s not easy(in my opinion) to produce a unique and valuable item out of scattered and never examined (but probably adequate information) anywhere.

However, just in case might test a particular strategy that effectively worked for you; for instance, you accidentally discover a method on how to make money the most effective way(assuming your blog is about business), then you can write an e-book discussing the methods you utilized, how it worked, your own experience, your results after that sell it to your visitors.

Six. Freelance via your blog

One advantage of blogging is that you can be a freelance writer.

Are you aware that content marketing is among big companies’ best business strategic marketing to drive traffic to their website?

If you have the gift of composing impressive and well-explored blog posts, you surely meet the criteria for freelance content writing.

You might have the right to name your cost.

You can showcase your content articles through your blog or guest blogging.

You can find your ideal customers at Craigslist for your region, ProBlogger, etc.

Or you can post a freelance written content writer job at Elance, Fiverr, etc.

7. Create a pub site

Do you like the idea of men and women paying you month after month and still having a passive income?

Effectively, this blog monetizing method could be a good choice, but I have to tell you – it’s not as fundamental as it sounds.

You need to think outside the box.

Should you be serious about hitting it, ask yourself these questions:

What kind of product can I sell continuously?

What service can I present, so people keep spending money on it?

For how long am I capable of doing this to keep my buyers?

Is there room for advancement?

To answer these questions, I want to examine the different membership tips you can incorporate with your blog to decide which one to follow.

1 ) Member’s Only Content Gain access to

As a general rule of thumb, people create articles, do podcasting and video courses appropriate? So what might be the products found here? Well, you reckon it – articles, podcasting, and video courses.

Did anyone read it, right? You can quickly charge people for being able to view your content.

The idea usually disallows nonmembers to read, find out or watch the vital content you’ve created; they must pay for that.

You may give a user an option whether they want to pay per month or maybe for an entire year. In addition, pricing varies from the higher level access.

2 . Member’s Merely Forum Access

You can build up a discussion forum for your blog site where like-minded members are generally sharing tremendous and essential ideas about your specific blog site topic.

Like content accessibility, members could access town forums only if they pay it off.

You might want to ask, why might a person pay to sign up for a forum? My solution would be to solve the issue associated with quality and trust. Before utilizing this approach, ensure that your site is credible enough and that the brand receives a reasonable quantity of good reputation.

3. Reside Webinars

Why not offer a reside webinar to your subscribers or members and connect with them instantly? In that webinar, you may market your products, or you might charge them for all the information you share.

You can also ask somebody who is also a trustworthy blogger in your niche. After that, allow him to share his suggestions and experiences, so your target audience can relate. What is it with this blogger you’ve invited? Publicity.

However, if you can number a premium business webinar, you can perform it yourself.

4. Member’s Only Access to Affiliate Program

Haven’t I told you that there are expensive affiliate programs? You read the idea right. I think you can fee people, particularly your associates, who might want to promote your products or services.

The basic idea just for this is that your affiliates need to be familiar with what they’re endorsing. They must have at least encountered or tried the products or maybe services themselves before endorsing.

Note: All these ways of earning cash blogging only make a large amount of sense, assuming your present is valuable and unique, along with helpful products.


When there’s nothing wrong with blogs without the intention of making money, I still feel it would be more efficient if you check them out. After all, embedding some advertisement codes in your editor is not that challenging.

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