“Melkkos”, Yet Another Specialty From South Africa

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“Melkkos” is one regarding my favourite food ever. I really do honestly certainly not know what it truly is called inside English, however I had to be able to translate that, it would be something such as milk foods. It is a food with its major ingredient getting milk, that on which you increase flour and also butter.

This is the traditional plate that can be loved all year round. Give it a try in the winter, the idea warms a person up from inside! Nothing preferences nicer than the usual bowl of “melkkos”, sprinkled along with cinnamon sugars on the top.

So what can be better, I request you almost all! If you have in no way tried the item, I would state it is time.

1 mug of flour
1 0.5 tablespoons involving hard spread
A crunch of sodium
2 .5 cups of dairy

one Rub the actual butter along with the flour, using your fingertips. Add it and mix extra.
2 . Use the milk towards the boil within the stove through adding the spread and flour mixture slightly at a time.
three. Turn heat right down and enable it steam for about a minute. Make sure you mix the blend often.
four. Sprinkle cinnamon sugar on top and enjoy them warm!

You are not disappointed with this particular recipe. Try to enjoy. Think me, you are going to.

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