Scentbird vs Scentbox Key Highlights

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Are you looking forward to choosing the best fragrance brand that comes with a wide range of variety of products at a quite affordable price? Then these two popular products come into our minds and are none other than Scentbox and Scentbird. We are here in this blog going to make a complete comparison study analysis of these two premium fragrance brands so that it gives you a pictorial overview of what stuff you are getting from both these brands. 

Comparative Study Between scentbird vs scentbox

Let us look at both the brands regarding what kind of stuff they are offering to the customer. Here we will be doing a comparative analysis of both the portals and brands based on their product variants and suggestions to their respective customers.

Scentbird started its inception in 2013 and was created to help people save physical space when coming to cosmetics. The main USP is that they offer an eclectic array of fragrances that will suit your requirements and your budget. 

Further, they have an excellent team of customer support professionals who work as a team to deliver the best customer support to clients. That is why they gained such huge popularity among all their clients that are spread all across the globe. 

On the other hand, Scentbox sends you an 8ml spritzer of your selected perfume that comes from their 100% authentic options equal to 125 sprays or a 30 day supply. And in the first month, they also gift you a colorful case for storing each of these refills. 

In this regard, they come with two plans that s standard and premium, where the normal subscription cost you $14.95 monthly, and the premium subscription cost you $19.95 monthly. 

On the other hand, Scentbird offers a 25% discount on the first month of your purchase and provides good customer support service to all their clients. A

Apart from that, they also offer a subscription charge every month, just like Scentbox, and provide many options to their customers. After you sign up on their website, you will add some favorite scents to your dashboard. 

Apart from all these, Scentbox has some complaints regarding the cancellation of any subscription and for not delivering products on time. We have seen this from many customer reviews there across the web. Though there have been multiple experiences by different people in this regard, and that is the reason their customer support team has been flooded with such complaints. 

In the same way, Scentbird has some common feedbacks that involve slow shipping speed and missing out on customer orders. We have seen many people have lodged complaints against this to their customer support service, and they have been doing this for decades. Please visit their respective website or contact the individual customer support team for more details.  

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