The way Tea Travels From China for you to Africa

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The journey involving tea drinks from China for you to Africa:

About 2700 Udemærket. C, there was a chief named Shen Nung throughout CHINA. He loved flowers and plants. He had the complete beautiful garden in the whole state. Emperor Shen Nung would sit in the garden every afternoon and enjoy his take in. One day, while his normal water was boiling on the table, some sort of wind was blowing throughout the garden. The leaves were being flown everywhere.

However, one tiny green tea leaf flew right into the emperor’s boiling water. The simple leaves made the water turn eco-friendly. Curious about what flavor it would give, Shen Nung took a sip. The genuine sweetness and bitterness from the green drink refreshed your pet. So the discovery of green tea was marked in Tiongkok about 3000 years ago.


Although tea has been discovered, it’s uncommon for the Chinese for years. By 780 A. G., Lu Yu typically wrote the Cha’Ching or “The reserve of tea.” This reserve turned the history of herbal tea into a new direction.

Lu Yu was a follower involving Zen Buddhism. Lu Yu wrote this book based on his memories and the correction of tea plantations and processing. Amazing memory. Till the Sung dynasty in 1100 AD, this wonderful drink started to become popular in the elite community. Some of the tea’s popularity is a result of the discoveries of its health benefits.

As the Chinese elites enjoyed this excellent drink, these people increased the growth associated with the tea plant (or Camellia Sinensis). The production of tea improved greatly. This wonderful drink began to achieve every household in Tiongkok.

By the Ming dynasty (~ 1300 AD), China started to export this newly found drink to neighboring nations. The history of tea took on the world outside of China. Green tea became an important commodity together with high exchange value within China. Tea trading acquired popularity and yielded high profits.


The history associated with tea is filled with myths as well as fantasies. No one knows the amount of it is true. Though the myths add new enjoyment to the origin of herbal tea. There is a myth that is expressed: an Indian Buddhist monk named Bodhidharma was living around 6 A. G. He used to meditate for years at one time.

Something unexpected occurred. Bodhidharma fell asleep through one of his meditations. Experiencing rather angry and dissatisfied, he cut off his lady and threw them on either side of the road. He promised never to sleep again.

Bodhidharma came back to this road along with saw something amazing. A tiny plant with small leaves was growing where his eyelids had been. He picked up the small keep and chewed. Surprisingly, having been able to meditate for hours and hours without falling asleep.

In 1200 AD, the creator of Zen Buddhism, Eisai, was passionate about the health advantages of tea. Eisai wrote the famous book “Tea consuming is good for health.” Eisai stated that tea cured illnesses such as loss of appetite and B-deficiency.

Tea has spread its charms to Japan. Throughout Japan, this wonderful and all-natural drink is a way of life. Japanese people’s tea ceremony reflects love and serenity.

The famous Japanese people’s tea ceremony is Chanoyu–tea in hot water. This formal procedure was Murata Shuko– papa of the tea ceremony. Typically the special tea provided in Japanese tea formal procedure is Matcha. Matcha is usually green-powered tea.


Stock trading between Asian countries such as India, Sri Lanka, and Tiongkok a long time ago. They mostly exchanged spices like herbs, sugars, salt…

Once China started exporting tea, this product gradually reached Middle and East Asia through spice-trading routes. By the eighteenth century, Sri Lanka and Iran people began to enjoy this wonderful drink. Over time, however, they grew their green tea plants and exported many.


Through many investing routes, this natural take-in is introduced to Russia. Steadily, this wonderful drink was quite popular. The government began to import herbal tea in large quantities. Initially, Russia brought in this red and green tea supplement from China. Now, it is typically imported from India along with Sri Lanka.


When Dutch founded a trading route to China and Taiwan via Africa. Tea was subsequently introduced to Europe. The Dutch East India Organization mostly transported herbal tea to Europe. Tea was introduced to British elites in the 15th century. They choose Black tea (Chinese known as Red tea). Dark tea is processed in a manner that it’s fully oxidized. Dark tea gives a strong as well as bold taste.

The Uk people’s tongue was not, therefore, sensitive to bitterness. This particular seems to be the reason they choose Black tea. The green tea was for the elites, then your common people. Tea became some sort of social drink in England. Draught beer lost its place as the utmost popular drink to Herbal tea. The first tea house ended up being opened. The first tea property is Tom’s tea property. The owner was Thomas Twinning. Thomas Twinning tea firm is still successful today. Great Britain people also love Excessive tea. It’s an ordinary herbal tea for the working class.


When America should still be a colony under the charge of England. Tea drink has been introduced to Americans. At one time, while tea was scarce, the price was high. The united kingdom increased the tax on tea. Americans loved teas but were angry with the large tax. The famous BOSTON teas party took place.

Another kind of tea drink that makes this wonderful drink even more well-liked. Ice tea. It was created in the summer of 1904 simply by Richard Blechynden. It was scorching, and Richard’s tea household had no purchaser. He added ice to produce his hot tea neat.

Then came the idea of a tea leaf bag, created by Thomas Sullivan. He had a small tea business in New York. He attempted to promote his tea. Youngsters crushed the whole leaf in tiny bits. Put it into a small bag. Distribute them all around like taste samples.

Nevertheless, whole tea leaves include higher quality. It preserves the flavor and all of the essence of tea leaves. Crushed tea leaves include lower quality. But they have still great for a style sample.


The history of tea leaves leads us to South Africa. Especially Kenya and Newcastle, south Africa. The British brought tea leaves to Africa after Planet War II. However, Cameras has its own “tea plant.” It is called Rooibos (or Reddish diamond or Redbush). This is not exactly tea, yet infused like tea. Rooibos is harvested in the summer. Genuine tea leaves are collected in the Spring.

Well! this may not be exactly about “authentic” tea. Yet tea did visit Cameras and spread its The thing is now that tea travels around the globe. Now it’s the 2nd many consumed drinks in the world, simply after water.

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