Three Major Pitfalls to Avoid When Choosing a Math Tutor and How to Avoid Them

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It would be best to put a few things in place before looking for a math tutor to guarantee a positive encounter. The value of a skilled tutor can be significantly greater than that of traditional classroom instruction. Still, three typical issues can prevent you from obtaining your money’s worth. These issues include a failure to communicate effectively, a lack of substantive subject understanding, and simple carelessness. On the other hand, if you are careful in your selection, you can find a tutor who not only avoids these issues but also provides significantly more benefits than all of your previous professors.


Some very accomplished mathematicians are infamously poor communicators. (Those who aren’t outright psychotic, like John Nash, who was brilliantly represented in A Beautiful Mind, frequently adore the realm of ideas since it’s so removed from reality!)

You have a lot of knowledge but no way to access it if your tutor is the equivalent of an absent-minded professor. Your studying will be significantly aided if your tutor is forward-thinking and understands how to support students’ learning.

What a good tutor and a good tutoring business do to communicate effectively:

A good tutor pays attention. She/he is understanding, attentive to your requirements, works alongside you at every stage continuously tracks your development, and leads you from where you are to where you want to be. Not from a place you don’t belong.

A competent tutor has much experience instructing, not simply teaching in a classroom, which is an entirely other activity. A qualified tutor has a strong sense of what the students need.

A reputable tutoring agency doesn’t just hire bright mathematicians, licensed teachers, or those eager to make money and employs skilled tutors. A good company director requests that the instructor teach a sample lesson before hiring them. They speak to one another. They converse.

A seasoned tutoring director can tell when a student has good communication skills. They have listened to their pupils, considered input, and examined and thought about the communications process to determine what functions.

Some pupils require things to be said slowly, others repeatedly, while others may need items to move quickly to maintain their focus.

Second factor: Attentiveness

In addition to the student’s aptitude for learning and familiarity with a particular subject, a competent tutor should be able to examine various other aspects. Most frequently, a person’s current psychological and emotional condition, rather than cognitive ability, prevents them from understanding mathematics. There may be issues a student is dealing with at home, at work, or in their relationship that significantly impede their ability to learn. During a tutoring session, he or she will be present with the tutor, but instead of concentrating on what the instructor is attempting to say, the student will be thinking about his or her issues. This may be a lack of focus, attention deficit disorder, and a lack of motivation to learn or pay attention to the instructor. A good tutor or tutoring business should make every effort to consider these characteristics and design their tutoring sessions with this information in mind if taking on a student for long-term tutoring.

Guaranteeing results is factor #3.

It’s a great bonus to guarantee the outcomes of your labor. After a few sessions with a student and the appropriate assessments, an experienced tutor or tutoring service should be able to estimate how many sessions the student will require to succeed in the course or pass the exam. If the student completes all of the work that has been allocated to him and cooperates with his tutor, the tutor should be able to ensure that the student will perform well in the class or on the exam. There are numerous instances where families or individuals purchase expensive tutoring packages for themselves or their families, attend tutoring sessions, and complete all required assignments, yet fail to perform well in their respective courses. This is immoral since a tutoring organization should assume a certain level of responsibility to guarantee the ultimate results in performance.

If this happens, you should contact the business and request a refund. But, if you or your child spent time with a capable tutor who had already completed all the necessary work from his or her end, but you or your child did not participate or complete the required work, your failure shouldn’t be the company’s fault. Likewise, suppose a business or tutor detects a student who doesn’t seem interested in studying. This issue should be raised immediately, and additional efforts should be taken to turn things around. If, after doing this, the student does not want to continue, then all subsequent sessions should be canceled. Several tutoring businesses take advantage of these pupils. Individuals, for instance, are compelled to attend lessons by their parents despite not wanting to be instructed. Such sessions offer little to no value.

Many tutoring businesses accept applications from people who attended some of the nation’s finest universities. But, some applicants shouldn’t be hired even if they have the kind of credentials that would make any math student envious because they lack listening skills.

A genuinely excellent tutoring director carefully listens to you to determine the type of match that will work best for you. And if he genuinely has class, he will recommend one of his rivals if he cannot match you with a tutor who can effectively meet your demands.

How YOU can ensure your requirements are met:

Make sure to ask about the instructors’ communication skills when you initially contact a tutoring service. When paired with a tutor, speak with him or her directly and ask any questions you may have. Request an explanation of a mathematical idea from the tutor. This might not be worthwhile if you find it difficult to understand or keep up with the description or don’t understand it.

Things to watch out for

• a great tutor will ask questions while explaining and determine if you follow.
• A skilled tutor won’t assume you comprehend something just because you hear the words.
• A great tutor would explain things differently the second time if you don’t grasp them first, rather than just restating the initial explanation in new words.
• A tutor will adopt the viewpoint that the student is not at fault if the explanation isn’t clear (on the condition that you are cooperating and want to learn). Every time, the customer is correct.


In addition to knowing the content well enough to pass the exam, a teacher must also be able to explain and demonstrate it on the spot. The capacity to solve a problem and receive a passing grade on a test is essentially a separate skill set from actual subject matter expertise.

A tutor must be knowledgeable about both teaching and learning. When asked to describe a concept, some people frequently appear to lose it. Instead of relying just on a tried-and-true approach to an issue, it’s essential to properly understand the context and underlying principles of a mathematical idea. This is especially true for reasoning-based assessments like the SAT or ACT and higher-level math courses like those in college and graduate programs.

If you’re a college or graduate student taking higher-level courses, you should find a tutoring service for college and graduate school courses. Few individuals and a few tutoring organizations in New York City have math tutors proficient enough to teach these subjects. Ask the top mathematicians in New York for their recommendations on the most excellent workplaces.

Some tutoring businesses prioritize their profits over your education. They are legally required by their business structure, not your learning, to maximize their earnings. They employ rote learning techniques and formulas to guarantee that quality is maintained. …. The… The……………………… The tutoring is not customized or adjusted to the needs of the learner. It makes sense from a business perspective to put a lot of pupils through a rote program and make sure they are all only marginally happy. Yet, all the significant gains that may have been realized were lost.

How a reputable tutoring service ensures subject-matter expertise:

Reputable businesses conduct background checks on each employee. Prospective tutors must pass several written and oral qualifying exams to ensure thorough subject knowledge and effective teaching techniques. A reputable teaching business looks at more than just references.

Asking tutors to immediately clarify a concept out loud so that you can see their teaching style.

Many reputable businesses offer you the opportunity to “test-drive” an instructor for one session and promise a full refund if you are unsatisfied.

How to guarantee subject-matter understanding

Inquire about the tutors’ credentials when you contact a tutoring business. See the page with the tutor profiles. While speaking with a tutor, ask the instructor to explain how to perform the arithmetic and why something works.

5th factor: accountability

The truth is that some tutors don’t show up or don’t return calls for weeks at a time, especially in hectic New York City.

How a Good Business Prevents Runaway Teachers

We’ve even had a few passes through our business. We were astounded by how unprofessional some people could be. We discovered.

Even if our default attitude is still one of trust, we acknowledge that it is conceivable for this to happen. If you come to us for tutoring, you must be aware that we replace any tutors who violate this policy without fail. They no longer work for our business. (You never know; another firm might currently employ them; check!) Any ethical company will likely handle this in the manner described. Nevertheless, not all businesses have a backup tutor available who can take over in the middle of the procedure and prepare you for your tests.

This issue is the least common of the three discussed here and seldom occurs with tutoring companies. But, when it does, students may experience severe distress. It’s comforting to know that you won’t experience that issue.

How to Exercise Due Care:

Find out if this happened to a tutoring business and how they handled it. To ensure you are prepared for your examinations in time, ask for a guarantee that your issue will be resolved and that a backup teacher will be accessible immediately. And that the quality of this substitute tutor matches that of the original.

How to Find the Perfect Tutor for You

In conclusion, the three most crucial factors to ensure you have a positive tutoring experience that gets you where you want to go in your studies and your grades are communication ability, genuine understanding of the content’s ideas, and assurances of responsiveness. Ask each other company, and as you look at it, don’t simply take our word for it.

Spend the time to get it correctly the first time rather than having to redo it later, which will cause additional confusion for your studies or those of your child and waste vital time. Also, if you find an excellent tutor, you won’t simply gain from fixing what hasn’t been functioning in your education thus far; you might even discover that you are learning far more than you were before.

To sum up:

What to inquire of the teacher or program director:

• How do you and your tutors interact? What methods do you employ to ensure I receive your messages effectively?
• Describe to me a mathematical idea.
• Tell me how to do the math, why this thing works, and what the underlying principle is.
• Have you or your tutors ever tutored students one-on-one or in a classroom?
• I learn in a _____ way. Can you or do you have a tutor to work with my learning style?
• My preferred method of learning is unknown. I’ve struggled with ___ my entire life. Can you tutor to my preferred learning style, and can you or the tutor assist me in identifying it?
What credentials do your tutors possess?
• Find out if there are backup tutors in negligence, and inquire whether the organization has ever dealt with a runaway situation.

Things to watch out for

• A great instructor will check to see whether you are comprehending by asking you questions while they are explaining rather than assuming you are (or blaming you if you are not) understanding.
• A skilled tutor won’t assume you comprehend something just because you hear the words.
• A great tutor would explain things differently the second time if you don’t grasp them first, rather than just restating the initial explanation in new words.
• If your tutor were to experience any problems, backup tutors are available.

The New York-based Math Academy was started by David Yakubov, who also serves as its creative director. The Math Academy is a company specializing in instruction for high school, college, and graduate levels.

Both online and in-person math coaching is available through Math Academy in New York.

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