Unlimiting Your Consciousness – The particular Dance of Shiva

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Warps are a sequence of goes used to practice all feasible movements in the Dance associated with Shiva. You can think of it as Bending your mind, in a good way, or even like a hyperdrive assisting you in spanning time and space inter-dimensionally. And while I say that 1 / 2 jokingly, there is also half of what isn’t a joke. It all depends upon how you model consciousness and just how it interacts with time as well as space. To find about siva om hara om lyrics in english, click here.

Half-Baked Ideas of Consciousness

My knowledge of consciousness is half-baked through notions of what this means when we say that “consciousness is constant” is that awareness is constant across some space.

When physicists discuss the speed of light and some space, they say that the rapid is constant across each. (The speed of anything in time and space is constant across both. ) For ourselves, what this means is that the faster we traverse time, the slower many of us travel through space and the other way round.

The net sum of those a pair of speeds is the speed of light.

(So what is the speed of dim…? )

My interpretation of these “consciousness is constant” declaring is that consciousness can grow across time or it might expand across space; nevertheless, because it is limited, the more the idea expands across space, typically the less there is of it for you to expand across time and the other way round.

So what does that mean?

Effectively we can think of Space Structured Consciousness as using each of our senses to sense what is going on now and base each of our responses on what we sense about some clear idea of whatever you are trying to do.

Time structured consciousness is when we are, in our opinion, thinking.

Ideally, we employ both modes together intended for best functioning. We can employ a space-based mode to complete what we have to do. The fewer we think, the better we can accomplish what we are doing. You can use the time-based method to think about what we have done or maybe what we would like to do.

Infiniteness isn’t Necessarily Big.

So now, what happens to something when it techniques faster than the speed of light, or maybe gets to the speed of light? Effectively, it is not likely to be possible because e=mc2…. says that to do so would likely require infinite energy. How much does that mean, unlimited energy? It will not necessarily mean a lot. It just signifies unlimited.


For intelligence, it could mean that if we fully expand straight into time or grow into space, our intelligence becomes unlimited. No longer frequent. Instead, free of time and area. Free to move beyond some space.


And a possible result of that is that we connect with higher consciousness.

Hooking Up the Hyper Drive

So how does all this relate to the Dancing of Shiva and Bending practices in particular? Warps are like hyper-drive methods designed to help expand your consciousness into space to become fully present and therefore make your consciousness unlimited (by time and space).

But before that, it is helpful if you know the basics. Hence, the considering component of consciousness helps us understand, or it gives us another point of view to ensure that we can understand. And between the thinking component and the performing component is practice.

Growing into Space-and thus Past Time and Space

Warps are a good way of practicing all feasible dance movements associated with Shiva. The goal for this sort of practice (and every other practice) is to learn the actual movements well enough that you can do all of them without thinking.

Instead, you broaden in space and concentrate on feeling them. You make the thought of what you are doing a part of a person so that it does itself, and you may watch yourself doing it. Along the way, you leave time and area as you know it. (there’s a fairytale there… )

Practicing Almost all Possible Moves

How this kind of all relates to the Boogie of Shiva is used. By learning a High sequence, for example, High 3, and learning the idea to the point where you don’t have to think about the techniques to do them, you may focus on allowing the techniques to happen. For example, you can expand your consciousness in space by simply feeling your arms while they move through the positions. And you could correct it where necessary.

This state of being isn’t exclusive to the Dance of Shiva (I’ve gotten there performing math equations, among other things) but doing the Boogie of Shiva is a good technique for practicing getting there. In case nothing else, it provides a fine model of understanding for getting compared to that place of effortless effort (because that is what it feels like effort without trying) so you can “get there” in anything that one does.

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