What can be used as a wax Liquidizer?

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Don’t want to pay heavily for your vape juice? Don’t worry when you can use vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol as the wax liquidizer to develop your own vape juices at home every part as good as the store bought.

When it comes to vaping you need to know that it is a costly hobby to take up and remain in a consistent connection with. First of all, there is the vape juice that needs to be bought every so often just so you can continue to enjoy blowing heavy clouds of smoke through your mouth.


Other than that you have to keep your vaping device in tip-top shape, replace cartridges, worn-out coils, and other stuff as well. The thing is if you want to save some money with vaping then it is better to be able to develop your own vape juice at home, what do you ask? Give the following passage a thorough read.

Making vape fluid in the home with wax liquidizer

Wax liquidizer is a synthetic product that is made up of propylene glycol that is used as a stabilizing agent in multiple chemical products as well as cosmetic manufacturing. It is a binding agent whose sole job is to keep the texture of two different chemicals intact and stop them from falling apart. Wax liquidizer acts as a liquefying agent as it can help you dissolve the cannabis-oriented concentrate into flowing liquid that can be used as a vape juice.

You don’t have to worry about the aroma or flavor of the wax liquidizer mixing with that of the vape juice because it is flavorless and doesn’t necessarily have an aroma.

Use either vegetable or propylene glycerin as a wax liquidizer

You can use either vegetable glycerin or propylene glycerin to act as a wax liquidizer and then combine it with the concentrate to develop the vape juice. You can also use the terpenes in place of the wax liquidizer because these have the same attributes and chemical properties as that of a wax liquidizer and can be used to develop vape juices with ease. The process is extremely sophisticated and nothing too uptight so that you can’t do it in your home.

Wax liquidizer

All you need to do is to have the concentrate with you, preferably one gram of it and about 2ml of wax liquidizer, it doesn’t matter if it is vegetable glycerin or propylene glycerin, and both will do just fine. But on the other hand, if you are using the terpenes then you have to use only two drops of it because it is extremely strong and if used in elevated quantities can lead to burnt out or wicked flavor in your mouth.

What is the shelf life of synthetic e-juice?

This is really interesting and you would most definitely stick with the manufacturing of your own vape juice after hearing this, the vape juice that you develop using the wax liquidizer is extremely cheaper as compared to store-bought and it can last for six-plus months. Not that you would require the vape juice to last that long because you might be willing to consume it sooner than later.

The only thing that you need to take care of is to place the product in an air-tight container and keep it away from the sun-light, if you can do that then great your vape juice would stay good for an extensive period of time.

The best setting for the synthetic vape juice

When it comes to vape juices that are prepared in-home or by the user themselves, you need to get one thing straight; these are not the purest form of vape juices and certainly don’t fall in close proximity to the store-bought product. The best setting therefore for this kind of vape juice is to start at the lowest possible voltage and then keep it increasing as you go by to have the best possible taste.


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