Which Brand is Better Boxycharm or Ipsy?

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Are you a fashion lover women who has a good passion for all stunning makeups? Then surely two names that can start lingering in your mind and that are none other than Boxycharm or Ipsy.  Here, you will get various stunning-looking makeup boxes that come to you at an affordable cost containing different makeup items that can be a perfect match for you.

So here in this blog, we are going to put some light on the fact regarding these two major brands Boxycharm and Ipsy to give you a fair idea of which one is better for you. Well, in earlier days Boxycharm was the best option but with the advent of Ipsy, things tend to start changing after they launched their Glam Bag Plus. This is very much similar to Boxycharm both in terms of exciting offers, product range and discounted prices.

Overview Facts of Both these Boxes Brands

At Ipsy you get their Glam Bag at around $10 per month for 4-5 samples and their Glam Bag Plus cost around $25 per month. And similarly, their Glam Bag X cost you $55 per quarter which comes to you in a total of eight full-size products.

On the other hand, Boxycharm comes with three packages whereas in their regular plan you get four to five full-size products which cost you around $25 per month. The Premium plan costs you $35 per month where you get six full-size products and its Luxe plan comes with eight to nine full-size products that cost you $49.99 per month.

Secondly, Ipsy lets you choose three items per month (must do during the second and the third month)whereas Boxycharm lets you choose only one item per month.

Thirdly, both the brands offer gifts and offer to customers on their first joining and their products are fully customized on their beauty quiz.

Fourthly, both brands have a well-maintained team of customer support professionals who always remains ready to offer all possible help to clients by solving all their queries.  But when it comes to product quality Boxycharm has faced a few complaints from customers about receiving dried-out products but that never happened in the case of Ipsy.

Well, many buyers have opined that Ipsy seems to offer much better customization of products in their boxes compared to Boxycharm. So many people have been these days prefer Ipsy when it comes to choosing the best boxes for beauty and makeup products.

So lastly, both subscription seems to be very much similar, but the true difference lies within what you get inside the boxes every month. And apart from all that Ipsy also includes various kinds of skin care products as well which you will not find in Boxycharm.

So from this angle is also Ipsy is making a better offer to customers and mainly young ladies they are preferring Ipsy more than any other brand these days for this very reason.  Well, we hope from this above discussion it must be clear to you which brand between Ipsy and Boxycharm you should choose for yourself. For more information, you can log on to their respective websites in this regard for a better understanding of the overall difference between these two popular brands.

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