Why should you use Facebook ads to promote your Shopify store?

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It is possible to target your ideal customer by using Facebook advertising tools that allow you to identify their preferences regarding likes, interests, and habits.  

This makes it easy to enhance ad sets to reach many people who are likely to buy from your Shopify site.  

Anyone can use Facebook ads to fuel their business growth; all that is required is taking the time to become familiar with the platform’s fundamentals and learn how to track data most effectively using the Facebook ads dashboard and the Shopify dashboard. 

Reach an engaged audience 

Facebook claims to have more than two billion active users each month, and those users spend significantly more time on Facebook than on alternative social networks. 

The company owns the Facebook platform and Messenger and Instagram, where its users can be tracked and monitored. 

The information gathered from these accounts is combined and used in the ad targeting algorithm. 

Pro tip: Free email finder tools for validated email addresses 

Suppose you have purchased a large quantity of data from any source and are unsure whether those records even belong to your target demographic. In that case, you need to select the most effective method for locating people’s email addresses. 

Have you ever heard of free email finder tools? 

Having these in your arsenal is essential when building a list of business email addresses as a marketer.  

Mainly GetEmail.io is a tool for searching emails that is well-known for the accuracy of its results and the responsiveness of its customer support staff. 

It would be helpful if you could evaluate the effectiveness of their freemium package for yourself. 

You can use your email database to reach a lookalike audience on Facebook. 

This feature will be covered in the following section. 

Lookalike audiences 

Lookalike Audiences are another reason to use Facebook Ads for your e-commerce store.  

One of the most powerful features of Facebook Ads is called Lookalike Audiences.  

This feature uses Facebook’s artificial intelligence to generate new audiences that are likely to behave in a manner comparable to a sample audience that you provide.  

If you give Facebook an audience of people who have purchased something from your store, Facebook will generate a new audience that you can target with people who ‘look like your customers.  

To put it another way, if you give Facebook an audience of people who have purchased something from your store, Facebook will generate a new set of similar audiences for you.  

As a result, people in this demographic are more likely to make a purchase! 

Advertisement on multiple platforms 

There is a common misconception that the ads you create with Facebook Ads will only appear on Facebook, which is a mistake. 

That, however, is not the case! 

Because Facebook owns Instagram, Facebook Ads can be used to place ads on Instagram feeds, stories, and more.  

In addition, you’ll be able to place your content on platforms like Audience Network and Messenger. 

Stop and start any time. 

You won’t need to be concerned about wasting your ad budget if the performance of a Facebook ad is not what you had anticipated.  

You can pause and resume ads on Facebook at any time!  

If you come across an advertisement that isn’t doing very well, you always have the option to turn it off. 

Easy to generate brand awareness 

You can reach a larger audience by using the Facebook ad platform.  

Most brands use their social media pages to show what their brand is all about through carefully chosen images and social shares. 

When you run Facebook ads, you can display them directly from your company’s brand pages.  

As a result, your company’s visibility will grow, and interested customers will be more likely to keep tabs on your business in the future. 


For marketers, Facebook is a gold mine because it has a large and diverse audience.  

Tools and data are provided so that you can segment customers based on the attributes that best match your products. 

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