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Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Review –  builds upon the basis of the Xiaomi Mí misma Band 1 and maintains its advantages. This new item creates a new design of OLED display, which shows you the information of the time, steps counting as well as heart rate in an intuitive method.

It is a good partner when you are doing sports. I will discuss more detailed information about this next and you could continue reading for everything you need to know.


Compared with Xiaomi Mi Music group 1, it possesses the prominent design of OLED screen equipment. 0. 42-inch OLED screen clearly shows you the actual testing data. Besides, there exists a single physical button under the display, which allows you to slide through three different displays, including time, steps keeping track of, and heart rate information.

But what a pity that it will not show you the movement range. And I think this is a good idea to enhance a better user experience.

So as to pursue an elegant and comfortable donning effect, this one outfits colorful and durable silicone straps. It can be available in black, orange, natural, and blue colors.


As for Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Review, it owns by far the most outstanding features of heart rate keeping track of. Configured military-grade ADI sensor, it has precise and useful records. Besides, it has a brand-new creation of customized status updates to nudge you to do little sports when you sit for a long time.

As I discussed earlier, it keeps the advantages of Xiaomi Mi Band 1, for instance water-resistant, sleeps monitoring, mobile phone unlocking, etc. It is decent to use in your daily life, which makes it possible to live a healthier lifestyle.

Battery Life

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Review comes with a 70mAh battery pack, which claims 20 nights on standby. This range is attractive and impressive. Extended battery life eliminates the need for each of our troubles. It is convenient to use for a long time.

Nonetheless, the result was given by the public that needs our experiments soon after using by ourselves. We live expecting the in-depth assessment to tell us the truth.


Depending on the OLED display, Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Review boasts the most outstanding advantages of without effort knowing your testing files without the Mi Fit IPHONE APP. Upgraded new generation involving Xiaomi wristband provides you with had better user experience. I like the brand new design and appreciate it. If you happen to be the same who desires it, you might have a try!

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