A Ducati Sport 1000 Biposto For Sale


This stunning bicycle is sure to turn heads! Due to only being produced for a few years, it has quickly become highly collectible and rare.

Although this product has received positive reviews overall, some have voiced concern over its inconvenient riding position if you are shorter than 6 feet tall.


Original purchase from a Ducati Seattle dealership, this 2007 Sport Classic 1000 Biposto has one of the lowest mileage examples ever seen and stands out due to its impeccable condition and just 6,500 miles on its odometer. Equipped with an upgraded clutch slave cylinder and frame plugs, as well as an aftermarket Termignoni exhaust that provides sound and performance benefits; tank replaced under warranty with Caswell coating to prevent future swelling issues;

The Sport Classic is a 992cc L-twin that seamlessly marries bold cafe racer style with modern Ducati road performance. Its steel tube trellis frame and long fuel tank evoke Taglioni Sport 750s from the 1970s, while the Marzocchi fork and adjustable Sachs piggyback shocks provide superior handling capabilities.

This bike boasts a comfortable dual seat and raised handlebars to create the classic cafe racer look, as well as a removable rear cowl that converts from single-core to two-up seating for a passenger. Additionally, its low seat height enables riders to navigate traffic and stoplights quickly and with ease. Powered by a high-compression, liquid-cooled Desmodromic valve actuated twin cylinder engine producing strong power and confident braking; further enhanced by chrome framed speedometer and headlights inspired by the Ducati logo design; finally, its black and gold paint scheme pays tribute to the original Ducati 900SS from 1979 which helped inspire films like Tron Legacy.


The Ducati Sport Classic 1000 was an eye-catching single-seat model that blended cafe racer style with modern Ducati road performance. Equipped with Ducati’s most advanced air-cooled Desmodue two-valve engine to date – a 1000 DS engine – it featured superior suspension and brake performance for ultimate control on any terrain.

The bike was initially released for sale as a monoposto (single seat), featuring an asymmetric swingarm with a single rear shock, dry clutch, and low clip-on handlebars. By 2007, its model had been upgraded into Biposto mode with dual side rear shocks, wet grip, taller clip-ons, and higher clip-ons.

This model has now become a highly collectible collector’s item with only 11385 miles on it, remaining in mint condition and professionally Casewell coated by R-Goods of Denver. Furthermore, it comes equipped with high-flow Termignoni exhaust and ECU upgrades from Ducati Performance that boost horsepower for increased speed. This bike features flawless paint with no scratches, dings, or blemishes; no signs of tank rust; all stickers are still intact, as well as an improved one-piece chain featuring an increased rear sprocket size for increased torque. The Ducati has wire spoke alloy rims featuring large sections with tubed Pirelli Phantom tires wrapped on them. In front, Brembo floating calipers with 30 and 32mm thermally insulated pistons pair to 245 mm discs, while its rear suspension features non-adjustable 43mm Marzocchi forks with high-performance Sachs shocks for optimal handling.


The Ducati Sport 1000 is a modern performance bike designed with cafe racer flair. Powered by its steel tubular trellis frame and powered by its 992cc Desmodue two-valve air-cooled twin-cylinder engine, its steel tubular trellis frame was designed for confident road handling thanks to a non-adjustable 43 mm Marzocchi forks with dual fully adjustable Sachs shocks for added control and security.

The Sport Classic range was produced between 2007 and 2010, including limited edition Paul Smart 1000LE bikes, half-faired Sport 1000S models, and this Biposto model. The Biposto has an ergonomic dual seat with rear-set footpegs. You can add retro 1970s racer-esque lower fairings similar to what came on Paul Smart 1000LE; furthermore, it features a unique removable rear cowl that gives its appearance as one seat when attached, yet when removed, reveals two additional passenger seats!

This Tron is in immaculate condition and features the full factory warranty remaining, having recently been serviced at Ducati Dallas by an accredited technician. Furthermore, it boasts an exclusive custom Termignoni exhaust with Ducati Performance ECU; plus, it has only had 1640 original miles since it was new! Don’t miss this incredible opportunity – call or email with any inquiries; all documentation, including the original purchase invoice and service records, is included with the purchase.

Wheels & Tires

Ducati Sport Classics combines retro styling with cutting-edge technology. Their two-seat model, the Sport 1000 biposto, takes inspiration from cafe racers from the 1970s who modified their street bikes by adding features such as clip-on handlebars, rear set footpegs, and aggressive colors – for appearance as much as performance enhancement.

The Sport 1000 combines this look with confident road holding thanks to its race-inspired Trellis frame and sport-tuned suspension. Up front are Marzocchi 43mm upside-down forks, which pair nicely with its classic brushed aluminum surfaces, while its tubular steel swingarm boasts two high-performance Sachs shocks with fully adjustable spring preload, compression damping, and rebound damping settings – giving it a sophisticated stance and feel on the road.

Braking on the Sport 1000 biposto is handled by two 320mm front discs fitted with four-piston calipers and two 245 mm discs mated to Brembo single-piston calipers, while on its rear wheel, there’s a 245 mm disc featuring Brembo single-piston caliper. A horn, taillight, and removable back seat cover give this bike its distinct Cafe Racer aesthetic.

This Sport 1000 features a stunning red with black stripe paint job inspired by a custom job performed by a US dealer, as well as being equipped with a removable passenger seat cover, low profile bar-end mirrors, side stand, tank bag, and seasonal jack stand – as well as being sold with owner manuals, spare key(s), service records and clean Texas title that’s registered to its seller.


Ducati Sport Classic 1000 Biposto was an instant head turner during production from 2007-2010 as part of their now-defunct Sports Classic range. With its sleek trellis frame and muscular cafe racer-style design, this beauty quickly gained notice.

Sam’s 2006 Ducati Sport Classic comes equipped with the Monoposto (single seat) configuration but can quickly be converted to Biposto mode to accommodate two riders behind one rider. Furthermore, its rear cowl can be removed to transform it into a dual-seat format for a cafe racer-inspired riding experience.

This bike has been meticulously maintained over its life. It features a low-profile LED tail light with a license plate holder and one-off custom OEM dual canister exhaust featuring stainless steel brushed tips, while its fuel tank has been epoxy coated to prevent swelling that often occurs with Ducati tanks; it is also equipped with Ducati Performance Termignoni slip-on and ECU system.

My beautiful bike hasn’t seen much use recently and needs a new home. This Ducati Sport Classic series bike exemplifies how essential cafe racer styling combines seamlessly with modern road-going capabilities for effortless handling. Now, with the popularity of Tron Legacy film and the explosion of the cafe racer scene, this bike will definitely turn heads wherever it goes! Don’t miss this chance to purchase such a stunning piece – sure to impress all who see it.


Sport Classic motorcycles are stunning motorcycles despite having relatively basic engines, with gorgeous paintwork, masses of polished and sculpted alloy, and subtle design touches reminiscent of their 1970s predecessors. Due to their beauty, rarity, and increasing cafe racer demand, their used values have skyrocketed in recent years; look for one with low miles and an optional Termignoni exhaust for the best deal.

Ducati Sport Classic 1000 models share similar maintenance requirements and costs, so owners are advised to change oil and brake fluid regularly, lubricate external parts as necessary, and adjust its desmo valves every 12,000 km (7,500 miles).

The RS (Race) version features higher-performance Marzocchi 43 mm USD forks and fully adjustable Ohlins rear shocks – most likely seen in Tron Legacy in its final scene! Sam and Quora ride this version as Sam takes Quora up for their ride aboard this bike.

The SE (Sport Edition) features a more comfortable seat, upgraded rear shocks, and an upgraded Termignoni exhaust that’s worth keeping an eye out for. This model is the most practical choice for road use due to having single seats that accommodate passengers on either side. Paul Smart and LE (Paul Smart Edition) models differ with more aggressive front fairing styling and lower power output; otherwise, they share the exact specifications despite only being produced for three years.