Six Ways to Watch a Pacers Game Online


Indiana Pacers fans can watch all the action this season without incurring high cable costs by streaming services to watch all of the action without Sling TV offering an outstanding deal at $40/mo, with ESPN/TNT access through Sports Extra if desired.

1. Meet the Pacemates

The Pacemates are the official dance team of the Indiana Pacers and perform at pregame, halftime, and timeouts during home games at Conseco Fieldhouse. When not performing during games, the Pacemates are employed full-time and involved with local community initiatives; an audition process is held annually, with only finalists chosen to join. They’re also available to perform at corporate events and parties in Indianapolis.

Pacemates not only perform at games but can be seen all around the concourse before and during them, engaging fans and children in interactions that spark conversations or take photos, with some always happy to take pictures or motivate the crowd with an encouraging yell or two! Their talents range from dance, acting, music, and even singing – adding energy and fun to every match day experience!

Jenna Schulz finds great joy in building relationships with their fans, which she describes as rewarding: “It’s great seeing people appreciate our efforts; people seem excited for some entertainment!”

The Indiana Pacers offer an assortment of concessions at every home game. Everything is from traditional snacks like popcorn and hot dogs to local specialties. Plus, seasonal specials are perfect for families – including kid’s meal deals!

Purchasing season tickets may make sense if you plan to attend multiple games throughout the year. They offer excellent value to fans who plan on attending most or all games; however, if your attendance plans fall outside this range, it may not be worthwhile investing.

Get autographs from Pacers players and Fever players before, during, and after every game at Bankers Life Fieldhouse! Additionally, fans can take advantage of our fan van, mascots, drumline, fan van, Fan Van, and Fan Van during games to add extra excitement. To request one, please see a member of our staff who will provide guidelines and instructions.

2. Boomer

Nothing beats being present with your kids at a live basketball game; its electric buzz can’t be recreated at home. From Boomer’s half-time antics to the crowd roar after scoring their first basket, your children will always cherish these memories of this experience!

Pacemates will be roaming around, signing autographs and engaging fans during pre-game activities; lucky children might get to meet one. Other activities will be before kickoff, like T-shirt cannons, donuts falling from the sky, competitions, and even trampoline dunk sessions!

While some might see the Pacers’ 35-47 record as a frustrating struggle through the NBA’s depths, this year’s team is different: regardless of injuries, they have managed to play with enthusiasm and energy that has ignited their fans and ignited interest among prospective opponents.

On this night, the Pacers will face off against a Brooklyn team known for its strong defensive unit. Brooklyn ranks fifth in limiting opponent fastbreak points while being sixth for permitting opponents to score from the free throw line – so this game should provide for an exciting, low-scoring contest!

After suffering through an excruciating and disheartening 25-win campaign in 2021-22, the Pacers have rebounded strongly this season and improved by ten victories while still finding time for critical injuries behind the scenes. They appear on track towards making it to the playoffs.

IndyStar conducted a recent poll and asked fans who have attended at least one home game this season how the atmosphere at Bainbridge Fieldhouse compares to last season. Over half of those polled agreed it’s better; some described it as “unbelievably electrifying.”

If you plan to bring your family regularly to Pacers games this season, season tickets could save money in the long run and provide an option of buying closer-in seats or in lower-level seating if desired.

3. T-Shirt Cannons

T-shirt cannons are recreational guns used to load promotional t-shirts into and shoot them at groups of people for recreational purposes. A common sight at sporting arenas, it can also be found in Greg’s storage in U-Stor or used by Buck Dewey at events to advertise his business and its offerings to participants. When hit, these T-shirt cannons often cause injuries despite most cases being harmless.

Derk the Spud revolutionized fan engagement at basketball games he attended as their mascot during the 1990s by firing T-shirts at fans during games he regarded as their mascot, leading other mascots to emulate him and spreading this trend throughout professional sports. Soon, teams introduced multi-barreled T-shirt guns capable of firing 100 T-shirts per game during professional competition. One such T-shirt gun weighs 90 pounds and is 4 feet long, but smaller and lighter versions are becoming increasingly available yearly.

As Kitei points out, batting baseballs and throwing t-shirts is as essential to attending a ballgame as bumping into strangers at Bumper Car Blitz or burning a bonfire at Burning Man. Though having souvenirs thrown your way may be unpleasant for some fans, it can help turn one-time visitors into repeat customers and repeat buyers over time – after all, it’s the least a team can do for its loyal fan base!

4. Half-Time Show

Halftime shows at football games refer to live entertainment between the second and third quarters, usually performed by a marching band.

At its founding, halftime shows were crucial to an NFL team’s season. Robert Lingo created one such spectacular for the University of Illinois Marching Band; its creator recognized its importance for drawing casual fans into watching games.

Performers like Gloria Estefan and Stevie Wonder eventually made the roster of halftime performers, but these weren’t the greatest Super Bowl halftime shows of all time. Nothing was less enjoyable than an uninspiring country spectacular featuring hundreds of bland smiling girls gyrating around with 10-gallon hats on while pyrotechnics lit up the sky and marching bands spelled out words on the field.

Some years later, The New Kids on the Block got to sing their heartbreak hits while a Disney child choir performed “It’s a Small World (After All).” An inflatable globe quickly filled up before them – an impressive spectacle given the lack of quality entertainment networks at that time.

As far as 2023-24 NBA season games go, the Pacers are among the most compelling teams to watch this year. To stay informed on all of the action and stay abreast of everything going on with them, an NBA League Pass subscription allows you to watch every available game, on-demand access, and condensed replays from past matches – for about $100 per season, depending on where you reside.