Beacon Health System


Beacon Health System, the parent of Elkhart General Hospital and Memorial Hospital of South Bend, provides world-class care to north central Indiana and southwest Michigan residents through medical groups, hospitals, urgent care centers, telehealth practices, telemedicine practices, and an on-site health and fitness center.

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Medical Integration

Beacon Health System is the primary healthcare network serving Northern Indiana and Southwest Michigan, including four hospitals (Beacon Children’s Hospital, Beacon Granger Hospital, Community Hospital of Bremen, and Memorial Hospital of South Bend), three physician clinics, an ambulatory network called Beacon Medical Group with over 7000 associates specializing in childbirth, cancer surgery services as well as mental health.

Beacon Healthcare Group’s team is always looking for ways to enhance patient experiences, particularly regarding scheduling. That is why they partnered with Kyruus – one of the premier consumer scheduling solutions providers – integrating directly into Beacon’s EHR platform so consumers can search providers easily and self-schedule care themselves.

Beacon Health System has recently implemented a post-discharge remote patient monitoring (RPM) program with Biofourmis that uses technology to increase patient access. The RPM program specifically targets heart failure patients and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) sufferers at two of its hospitals who are at high risk for readmission, which lowers readmission rates by helping reduce readmission rates and readmittance visits back into hospital settings.

Beacon utilizes technology effectively through its Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Running for over 36 years, Beacon’s EAP helps employees cope with substance abuse, depression, gambling addiction, and financial issues. Beacon offers several EAP services, including crisis lines, management consultation and training, counseling sessions, telehealth sessions, and self-help tools.

Beacon uses cutting-edge technology to assist its members in meeting their fitness goals. Their fully integrated medical fitness facilities feature advanced classes and equipment, physical therapy, sports medicine, and personal training – all overseen by Beacon’s Medical Advisory Board and Medical Director. This level of medical integration has created a truly collaborative relationship between fitness and healthcare that requires highly-trained professional staff, strong healthcare partners, and an adaption in mindset from all parties involved.

Addiction Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder (OUD)

Beacon offers comprehensive addiction treatment services, including detox and medication-assisted therapy (MAT). These services are intended to aid individuals experiencing OUD. Beacon also provides inpatient or outpatient settings and telehealth and counseling services designed to meet each patient’s needs and assist with recovery from addiction.

Treatment methods employed at Addiction Recover are all evidence-based, meaning they have been scientifically proven to work. Studies include meta-analyses, random controlled trials, real-world clinical trials, and large-scale population studies; research shows that when an addiction treatment program includes multiple modalities, the chances for successful results significantly outstrip those when only using one alone.

Beacon Health System offers much more than drug and alcohol addiction treatment; its mental healthcare services include individual therapy, group therapy, and family counseling. Their psychiatric nurses specialize in treating anxiety, depression, and other common conditions and prescribe medication when necessary; additionally, they have crisis management and suicide support capabilities.

Opioid addiction can be difficult for families of loved ones, who can experience stress, depression, grief, and feelings of isolation. Therefore, it is crucial for loved ones to prioritize their mental health care and seek assistance if needed – such as through Beacon’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP), which has been providing practical support for over 36 years to over 7 million members and has 24/7 crisis lines, telehealth, counseling sessions, and self-help content available online.

Beacon understands the stigma attached to substance abuse, so they work to make treatment as stress-free and helpful for their patients as possible. Counseling, group sessions, and psychoeducation give patients a greater chance of recovering from addiction to drugs or alcohol. Furthermore, Beacon offers several resources to cover costs for rehab, such as their Beacon Health Options rehab coverage plan.

Behavioral Health Services

Beacon Health and Wellness’s psychiatric services encompass comprehensive assessments, psychotherapy sessions, and, when necessary, psychopharmacology (medication). Each person’s journey towards mental and emotional well-being differs, which is why our psychiatric team takes time to get to know your circumstances and expectations so we can craft an individualized treatment plan tailored specifically for you. In addition, telehealth appointments provide real-time doctor consultations via video that comply with healthcare privacy regulations.

Beacon has long been recognized as an essential behavioral health partner of Managed Care plans, local Departments of Social Services, and provider groups across New York State. Beacon has undertaken numerous innovative projects to assist with system transformation required by Medicaid Redesign, such as creating a Regional Behavioral Health Organization in Western New York as part of this work as well as Westchester Community Action Program’s (WCAP), an innovative field-based chronic illness demonstration project started in 2009 that provided Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) designed to help individuals meet recovery goals while encouraging engagement between individuals, their medical and behavioral healthcare providers and decreasing hospital admissions.

Beacon’s HCBS provider relations continue to evolve as an integral service delivery component and are guided by our philosophy to “create health through relationships.” Our Provider Clinical Liaison Specialists (PCLS) have held numerous educational forums, hosted three Provider Roundtables, and provided in-person HCBS training for over 70 community-based providers. Beacon’s Managed Program Partner role (MPP) seeks to strengthen existing relationships with providers, improve performance year over year, and identify top performers for innovation programs/pilots programs/pilots.

Beacon Health System of South Bend, Indiana, is the most extensive nonprofit health system serving North Central Indiana and Southwest Michigan. Comprised of Beacon Children’s Hospital, Granger Hospital, Community Hospital of Bremen, Elkhart General Hospital, Epworth Hospital Memorial Hospital of South Bend Three Rivers Hospital, and Beacon Medical Group, the system provides excellent healthcare throughout these regions.

Emergency Services

Beacon Health offers emergency services designed to meet any need – for tetanus shots, minor wound care, or specialist appointments. Their emergency rooms (ERs), urgent care centers, and telehealth practices boast cutting-edge medical technology and highly qualified staff members.

Beacon Urgent Care offers convenient medical treatment services for minor health concerns such as broken bones, burns, sprains, allergies, stomach flu, sinus infections, and headaches. In addition to offering these treatments, they provide X-rays, IV fluids, prescriptions, and appointments or walk-in services. Patients can call ahead or walk right in!

Beacon Urgent Care’s team is passionate about providing high-quality healthcare to its community, with its primary goal being a safe and comfortable experience while offering compassionate care for patients. Beacon Urgent Care is proud to be part of the Beacon Health family and strives to deliver an excellent patient experience every time.

This network operates facilities across Indiana, Illinois, and Minnesota and offers various healthcare services, such as telehealth and behavioral health. Their hospitals feature emergency departments, urgent care centers, maternity and pediatrics services, and education for physicians, nurses, and patients. Their mission is to help their communities achieve the highest quality of life while also providing education for physicians, nurses, and patients.

South Bend Emergency Room in Indiana offers 24-hour care with state-of-the-art technology, including an MRI scanner, CT scanner, ultrasound machine,, telehealth clinic, and pediatric clinic services.

On WSBT’s Eye on Health program, MedPoint Medical Director Dennis Erdman and Memorial Hospital Emergency Room Medical Director Erin Clark advised when to visit an urgent care center and when it would be more beneficial to go directly to an ER.

Beacon Health System can offer prospective employees invaluable insight into its culture, working conditions, and compensation packages. You can also compare salary information from similar industries to find one that provides fair pay for its staff members.