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Best Shiny Pokemon


Gyarados is one of the most iconic shiny Pokemon, and its vibrant red hue stands out beautifully against any background. A must-have in any Pokemon collection!

Politoed is another eye-catching Pokemon to admire with its shiny form, exchanging colors with Poliwrath for an intriguing cotton candy hue of blue and pink.


The shiny version of this water-type Pokemon stands out with its vibrant red hue, giving the impression of being an aggressive sea serpent. Furthermore, this Pokemon boasts impressive stats, including good bulk and power attacks.

Your moveset can be enhanced with a Jolly nature and Choice Scarf to maximize its EV investment in attack and speed or by equipping either Dragon Tail or Hydro Pump for damage and coverage purposes – great complements with Pokemon like Tyranitar and Hawlucha who offer defensive Electric-type protection, or spreading burns like Mew and Mega Scizor!

This Gen-III Legendary is already making waves in the game. Usually adorned with an emerald hue, its shiny form exchanges it for jet black to become one of the game’s most notable glossy cards.


Dragonite is widely considered one of the best shiny Pokemon ever, as it was one of the first and most potent dragons introduced into early games. Additionally, its ever-changing color from red and purple to orange and green draws many players’ attention.

Dragonite can fly at incredible speeds and is an all-around fantastic attacker in the game, making it a popular choice among players. Additionally, its rare abilities allow it to learn moves from other types – something not often found among dragons!

Heatmor is another dazzling dragon to make the list, featuring volcanic reds and pinks to produce an eye-catching color shift. Spotting one in battle is easy thanks to its unique appearance; when entering combat, it even appeared in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. This rare Pokemon makes an excellent collectible piece – not only that! It even made an appearance there!


Mothim, one of the best-looking shiny Pokemon, sends a stark warning with its bright palette. Mothim boasts incredible sensory perception thanks to its large compound eyes and sensitive antennae that detect even minute movements in its surroundings.

This dual-type Bug/Flying Pokemon evolves from male Burmy at level 20. Additionally, Wormadam is one of Burmy’s final forms and could grow from it.

A brown dragonfly with orange oval markings on its wings. Its head features orange semicircular eyes, gray antennae, and orange tips that expand like fans when flapping its wings.

Fire, Ice, and Rock-type moves are weak against it while Fighting, Ground, and Grass types are strong against it. To maximize its damage output, equip it with either Mild or Rash nature; this will enable it to 2HKO bulky water types such as Lanturn without losing any EV investment in its Speed stat.


Palossand is an unusual Pokemon with unique typing, giving it a distinct advantage in competitive battling. Resembling real-life exotic beaches with its dark hue and ability to hide within sand castles, this black Pokemon makes itself known in competitive combat battles.

Linoone, the regional variant of Linoone, hails from Galar, where it can be found in Sword and Shield and Let’s Go Pikachu! and Let’s Go Eevee! as an exclusive Pokemon.

Galar’s dark fur recalls badgers, famous for their boisterous behavior and defiance. Unlike Hoenn and Kalos, which emphasize cooperation and beauty, Galar prizes competition and striving for greatness.

Speed is a tremendous strength for this Pokemon, enabling it to outrun many others and strike first in battle. Bulk Up boosts its Attack stat whenever it takes damage; Scary Face increases it further; both moves raise it whenever something hurts them.

Flutter Mane

Flutter Mane is a dark bluish-green Pokemon with long flowing locks resembling a ghost of an extinct pterosaur, appearing in numerous paranormal magazines and drawing attention from children worldwide.

While its original design for Gen-four Pokemon was striking, its shiny version takes it one step further with a bold blue color scheme and exuding power. One of the most stunning shiny Pokemon in the game, this lovely shiny makes a beautiful addition to any collection.

Flutter Mane is an invulnerable Ghost/Fairy-type Pokemon, offering excellent defense from physical attacks while having a high-speed stat. Timid personalities are best for increasing their Special Attack, while Modest ones increase Speed; therefore, this Pokemon may act as an ideal sweeper in Ranked Battles but should remain aware of physical attackers with priority moves that might hit back hard.


Girafarig stands out as one of the finest Shiny Pokemon ever created, providing an ideal example of how an appealing appearance can significantly improve any Pokemon. Girafarig should be on every collector’s wishlist and has quickly become a favorite amongst shiny hunters.

Gigalith is another legendary Pokemon that looks exquisite in its Shiny form, exchanging its jagged red parts for vibrant cyan hues for a breathtaking appearance. Not to mention, this fierce competitor deserves to be in every trainer’s collection!

Normal and Psychic Pokemon is one of the more intriguing creatures in the game, thanks to its name being a pun based on an extinct species called Giraffokeryx, an ancestor to both giraffes and okapi. It features two heads; its back head controls its body while its tail head only reacts to smells or sounds; each can sense objects or people using its tail.


Charcadet may be a more difficult Pokemon to catch in-game, although you often find plenty in Paldea’s Asado Desert. Finding one with shiny features requires much greater concentration – not only do its colors vary little between forms, but its blue eyes make this Pokemon stand out. Furthermore, Stretch Forms may easily be mistaken for Curly Forms, so explore all available fire types before they despawn!

Scarlet and Violet’s convergence species is another stunning one; Copperajah transforms into an impressive-looking snake in its Shiny form, boasting its signature hoodie-like appearance from Farigiraf’s Girafarig evolution, giving this version of the creature more character than its regular form.

Kingambit, the Steel-type Pokemon with an oriental theme, makes for an eye-catching Pokemon in its shiny form. Its traditional red hue is replaced by soothing blue tones and prominent gold accents around its body. Furthermore, its flexible nature means players can build defensive or offensive builds accordingly.


When it appeared in-game, Lechonk quickly became one of the community’s favorite pig Pokemon. Its adorable face depicts it as an unhappy little swine, which is enough to gain people’s affection for this charming character.

Its shiny form remains unchanged, but adding pink hues makes it more visually appealing than usual and fits with its narrative, featuring pink skin that recalls that of a pig covered with dirt.

Klawf stands out among Paldea Shinies as an outstanding catch due to its aesthetic beauty and unique creature. People fawn over it due to its blue body coloring standing out against its usual sky-blue coloration; furthermore, its shell visually represents crab claws – another lovely feature!


Fire-breathing behemoth Pokemon Pikachu may be one of the most iconic of all time, and his Shiny form became especially beloved. Switching out his fiery orange and blue colors for volcanic black and red gave this transformational transformation a dramatic edge that still exuded power despite not being as vibrant.

Palossand from the Alola region is a dark/ground-type Pokemon with an impressively shiny appearance. Her natural appearance consists of sandy brown colors with subtle blue accents on its windows and doors; however, it takes this design even further when illuminated by shine.

Groudon may be an obscure Legendary Pokemon, but his stunning shiny is one of its main draws. With an unusual color palette that stands out amongst its fellow Legendaries, his prehistoric creature is even more menacing on battleground. Another stunning shiny is Rayquaza – an Alolan Dragon-Flying behemoth with vibrant teal, black, and red colors, adding depth to its Emerald splendor and making for an impressive addition to this list.