Business For Sale in Colorado Springs – 2022


2022 was filled with business highlights and challenges in Colorado Springs-area businesses, from new restaurants and stores opening their doors, a controversial city council member taking power, a devastating fire in Boulder County that devastated homes and buildings, and national debate over its effects.


Maintaining a roof properly is integral to building. A professional roofer can assist in choosing appropriate roofing materials and construction techniques as well as repair/replace damaged shingles, chimney caps, and pipe boots, as well as detect leaks and seal perforations in the roof membranes.

Colorado Pro Roofing LLC was established in 2016 to offer residential and commercial customers in its vicinity access to roofing services. Their professional staff can install asphalt shingle, tile, and metal roofing systems, as well as flashings, ridge vents, and gutter systems from Owens Corning products.

Cricket Roofing and Exteriors LLC is a locally-owned roofing company offering roof installation, repair, and replacement services for commercial and residential properties. Their roofers have experience negotiating with insurance providers for claims processing. In addition, they also repair gutters and siding damage.

Home and garden stores sell materials for interior and exterior improvement projects, such as roofing shingles, paint, windows and doors, cleaning products, gardening equipment, and kitchen appliances. Some stores even offer financing options or delivery services! Some stores even carry furniture and mattresses – customers can browse online to view photos and details for the products that interest them.

Dry Cleaners

Dry cleaners offer an ideal way to tackle tough stains and foul odors quickly and conveniently, providing a fast turnaround. From clothing and linens to draperies, these shops use professional equipment and reasonable pricing solutions for professional garment cleaning services.

Find local cleaners by searching online or seeking recommendations from friends. When discussing services such as pickup and delivery options – some provide same-day pickup/drop off for regular orders – as well as special pricing for wedding gowns or formal attire.

Springs Clean Laundry in Austin Bluffs is a family-owned business known for its competitive prices and outstanding customer service. Conveniently located, customers can reach them easily. However, large loads may need to be scheduled ahead. Call Springs Clean Laundry now at 503-621-3024 if this applies to you!

Emilou’s Cleaners takes great pride in its commitment to customers and the environment. Their eco-friendly cleaning methods are safe for clothes, waterways, and soil while not fading colors; free alterations and other services are provided as part of this locally-owned business with two Colorado Springs locations, including Powers Center Cleaners off of Powers Road and Research Street.

No matter how dirty or wrinkled your clothes may be, this family-run business provides exceptional services with a smile. They use high-grade chemicals and advanced equipment for optimal results – guaranteed!

Tide Cleaners offer another viable option with their nationwide network of 153 locations, renowned for their quality and service. Their services include alterations and shoe repair. Plus, you can buy items such as hats, pillows and draperies!

Tide Cleaners plant is a well-established business for sale located in a prime location with excellent visibility and ample parking spaces. The current owner wishes to retire and is offering this opportunity competitively.

Coffee Shop

Coffee shops provide a place to unwind with beverages and snacks while working or meeting friends. Many also offer free WiFi access in an inviting atmosphere. Some cafes may be independent while others franchise-run; independents typically offer more personalized experiences due to being owned by small business owners who follow their vision and goals, often becoming popular in smaller towns and rural areas.

Successful coffee shops require top-of-the-line equipment and an appealing menu to appeal to their target audience. The type of coffee and food offered will have an impactful impact on this aspect. A good cafe will use high-quality beans roasted to the right level before brewing them appropriately while providing friendly customer service.

Pricing your items correctly is also critical; using an effective pricing strategy will increase profits and popularity, helping your business flourish. Before setting prices for things, you must take stock of costs; this will prevent overcharging customers or underselling products.

Marketing is also essential when running a coffee shop, as an effective marketing campaign can attract new customers while encouraging repeat visits. Utilizing a point-of-sale (POS) system can assist here as it allows you to manage customer data and track the spending habits of individual customers.

In an increasingly competitive coffee shop environment, making your cafe unique is critical. Offering specialty drinks or diverse food offerings can attract customers and boost profits as you establish an excellent reputation.

Suppliers can make or break a coffee shop. Choosing one who shares your business vision and values is essential; selecting a supplier who invests in your success while providing exceptional customer service and support will increase sales exponentially.

Many coffee shops use DIY decorating ideas to save money and achieve a distinctive appearance. Hanging coffee mugs from hooks or displaying local artists’ works are great ways to add personal touches, while other ideas could include upcycling old records into decor pieces or providing board games for guests to play on their visits.