Car Restoration Near Me in New York


Car restoration can be an intensive undertaking that demands participants’ time, money, and dedication. If this undertaking is beyond your means or passion, do not attempt it!

When looking for the right shop to restore your classic car, get references and portfolio pictures and pay attention to its environment.

Paradigm Automotive Restoration

New York offers several clubs for classic car enthusiasts that host events. One such organization, Buffalo Thunderbird Club, hosts monthly events, holiday celebrations, and group car shows; it provides members with social networks while serving as an excellent social network. For more information regarding their meetups and activities, visit its website.

Paradigm Automotive Restoration of Sparkill offers an impressive variety of automotive restoration services, specializing in chassis fabrication, paint and bodywork, suspension repairs, and overdoing everything by hand. As a family-run business owned by Jeff Buchak, he carefully selects his employees while being highly detail-oriented; “our work is never finished until it’s overdone.” Jeff insists his shop can restore everything from muscle cars to 4x4s to hot rods – even ground-pounding muscle cars!

RJ Cars

RJ Cars is a full-service restoration shop specializing in Mopar restoration. In addition to auto body work and paint services, they specialize in classic cars’ auto body work and paint work. Established for 30 years with excellent customer service as their hallmark, their team of skilled technicians is ready to help restore any classic car. In addition, there is an open showroom that showcases their work for public viewing.

Sparkill Car Restoration Shop in New York boasts more than four decades of experience repairing, restoring, and maintaining vintage cars. Their inventory ranges from ground-pounding muscle cars to intimidating 4x4s and classy hot rods; plus, there’s a comprehensive selection of parts and accessories to complement each vehicle they offer at highly competitive rates that won’t disappoint customers.

No matter your car needs – restoration or accident repairs – they have you covered! Their team of experts offers exceptional service. Additionally, the owner is an avid car lover and strives to give his customers only the highest-quality care, submitting detailed information about their vehicle and free inspections!

Russell Jacobs established RJ CARS Restoration Service in 1989 and quickly earned a national reputation for outstanding customer service and attention to detail. Their staff has over two decades of experience restoring all cars, truck makes, and models. Mopar restoration is their specialty, as well as auto body collision repair work on vintage vehicles and repairs of classic Mopar vehicles. RJ CARS’ photo gallery showcases numerous restoration projects, including street show-level and concours level work.

Russell and Matthew operate their shop with two auto body craftsmen and one for mechanical assembly on staff. Clientele ranges from Chrysler, Dodge, and Plymouth enthusiasts to classic and muscle car collectors across the U.S. They take great pride in their craftsmanship! They have an immense passion for their work.

Auto Image

Auto Image offers top-of-the-line upgrades and restoration for vintage cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs, including paint protection services and lift kits for their services, as well as mobile electronics installations, hitches, and accessories, bed liners, tool boxes, and ladder racks to help build your perfect ride. Let them help make it come alive!

New York is the place for car enthusiasts, from ground-pounding muscle cars and intimidating 4x4s to classy hot rods and classic hot rods. Home to high-end custom garages and restoration shops, New York boasts many businesses dedicated solely to car sales – each guaranteed to leave you satisfied when making your classic car purchase decision.