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Catalina sailboats for sale are well-regarded for being honest, sturdy vessels designed for real-world conditions and performance. Their extensive family-oriented range includes Sport series day sailors, Cruiser series mid-sized yachts, and Ocean series ocean voyagers – each designed for offshore, severe sailing adventures. Read the Best info about sailboats for sale by owner.


Frank Butler founded Catalina Yacht Company in Hollywood, California, in 1969, and his most satisfying achievement with it is not awards or production of over 60,000 boats, but rather repeat customers he has had over time due to honest, sturdy boats priced right that hold up against real-world sailing conditions.

Catalina Yachts produces fiberglass monohull sloop-rigged sailboats at an affordable price, from 8 feet up to 48 feet. Their selection includes intelligently designed family sailboats for sailing recreationally at reasonable rates; this includes daysailers, mid-sized yachts such as Cruiser Series, and large ocean series yachts (38 to 47 feet long).

Catalina Line boats may seem lackluster to some sailors, yet many still consider them good value for their price point. Sailing enthusiasts often compare Catalina yachts with more costly Euro-designed and built yachts that dazzle crowds at boat shows; Catalina yachts, however, feature solid construction with equipment from well-recognized manufacturers and active owner associations that provide information and support.

Sailing Company USA not only offers an impressive selection of sailboats, but they also boast a comprehensive parts and service center located at their headquarters in Woodland Hills, California, and a factory in Largo, Florida. Their customer support team can be reached anytime for help – 24/7!

Catalina began rapidly manufacturing hulls at both of its facilities during the early 1980s, making them one of the world’s leading producers of keelboats at that time. This marked a crucial point in American sailing history when many high-quality New England builders were going out of business while European builds failed to deliver enough cruising yachts to satisfy demand; at this juncture, Catalina saw an opportunity in the market and has continued expanding since.


Catalina provides one of the widest selections of quality, affordable boats designed to withstand actual world conditions and maximize sailing enjoyment. Their models are easy to maintain and affordable to operate – providing great resell value after ownership is complete.

Frank Butler founded his sailboat-building company to produce sailboats that were both beautiful and well-built, as well as functional and straightforward to handle. He believed strongly in creating customer loyalty with high resale values for each vessel he designed – his designs have received many high-profile accolades over time and are known by sailors worldwide as “The Sailor’s Choice.”

Catalina boats provide something for every sailor, from diminutive 8-25 foot day sailors and systems-rich cruisers to ocean cruising yachts ranging from 40-47 feet long all the way to Flagship 545 yachts with luxurious accommodations for long vacation cruising trips. Every model built to the same exacting standards provides owners and their families with an unrivaled sailing experience.

Nearly three decades after its founding, Catalina Marine Group has grown exponentially into one of North America’s premier builders of family-oriented sailboats. Known for its spacious and luxurious interiors and easily managed rigs that deliver superior performance, the brand boasts an active owner association and chapters nationwide.

Catalina yachts over 30 feet are constructed to ABYC standards and carry NMMA certification, being classified as CE Category A Open Ocean vessels. Although not considered ideal voyaging vessels, these Catalina boats remain safe and seaworthy – many having even been used on circumnavigations voyages or voyages as far south as Antarctica!

Each new Catalina is assembled at their manufacturing plant in Largo, Florida – formerly home of Morgan Yacht production – under the supervision of Gerry Douglas, their chief designer and marine engineer. As per previous models from Morgan Yacht, only minor modifications to designs each year occur, meaning each Catalina comes fully loaded with navigation and safety equipment, as well as four days of instruction from professional sailing instructors for each new owner.


Catalina Yachts, founded in 1969 by Frank Butler and featuring spacious cockpits with high-volume interiors that boast quality performance, is known for being one of the largest sailboat manufacturers in America. Catalina boats are widely recognized as reliable vessels that perform admirably even under actual real-world conditions, and maintenance needs are often more accessible than those produced by competitors, attracting many owners. Catalina offers eight to 48-foot sailboat models with family-oriented designs featuring large interior spaces with ample volume interiors, accommodating cockpit spaces for entertaining purposes, and easily managed rigs that are manageable and deliver superior performance compared to competitors’ offerings.

The company takes great pride in the fact that its boats have earned repeat customer orders more often than any other manufacturer. Their employees are committed to providing exceptional customer service and creating innovative new models, making the boating experience as pleasurable and memorable as possible for their customers. Furthermore, their dealers are highly knowledgeable regarding each boat they sell.

Catalina stands out in the world of production sailboats by crafting strong and intelligently designed fiberglass-hulled monohull and displacement yachts capable of taking on open ocean voyages comfortably and efficiently. Their founders, Frank Butler, and Gerry Douglas, have maintained a consistent mission statement: building seaworthy sailboats that offer solid value at an affordable price point.

Catalina Yachts’ approach is focused on listening to its active owner base over time and integrating new features that improve sailing enjoyment – creating an excellent ownership experience and exceptional resale values – the keys to their continued success over 50 years.

Newer Catalinas can be distinguished from older ones by having more plumb bows and reversed sterns to accommodate swim platforms, while their designers have made cabin top fronts lower and more downward sloping than previously designed boats.

The Catalina 400 is an effective offshore sailing design with plenty of power at an attractive price point, boasting comfortable and spacious accommodations that can handle open ocean cruising. However, this particular model contains quite a lot of beam forward, which may cause additional downwind roll – this should be fine for most sailors but should be taken into consideration.


Catalina sailboats are beautifully designed, practical boats that hold their value well. Easy to keep clean and safe for owners to maintain themselves, these sailboats remain cost-effective compared to more costly yachts at New England boat shows with over-varnished teak brightwork and luxurious features like those found in more lavish yachts while providing real-world sailing performance in natural conditions.

Catalinas have attracted many loyal sailors and provide excellent resale values; indeed, some even fetch twice their original selling price upon resale!

Catalina sailboats range from day sailors to mid-sized cruisers, so finding one suitable to your intended use should be fine. If your goal is to cross oceans, larger vessels with strong seakeeping capabilities are ideal; otherwise, if you are looking for fun day sailing experiences in moderate conditions and warmer waters, a smaller Catalina might do just fine.

Catalina Yachts was established in North Hollywood, California, in 1969 by Frank Butler. Following Gerry Douglas’ takeover in 1984, their headquarters now cover 275,000 square feet across eight buildings covering 26.5 acres in Largo, Florida.

Over its extensive history, Catalina Yachts has produced over 60,000 Catalina sailboats. Over time, the company has garnered many accolades and awards for both design and craftsmanship – becoming one of the most favored sailboat builders in America.

The goal of Catalina Sailboats is to make sailing more accessible for the general public, offering intelligently designed Catalina sailboats in three series: Daysailer and Sport Series with agile boats between 125-27 feet in length; Cruiser Series for spacious systems-rich 31-35 footers with enough storage; and Ocean Series 38-44 footers designed for severe coastal cruising. Their selection of sizes provides customers with ample choices that suit both their needs and budgets.

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