Choosing a Plumber in The Woodlands


When your plumbing breaks, you need a plumber quickly. Please make sure the one you hire is licensed and insured so as to avoid costly mistakes or any unsavory contractors who might try their luck at taking advantage of you.

Finding an experienced plumber can be done quickly by visiting their website or calling them directly. Many plumbers offer gas line repair services as well.

Bears Plumbing Services

Bears Plumbing Services is an established and highly recommended local commercial and residential plumbing contractor. Known for their prompt, efficient work, affordable pricing, and emergency service without extra charges – as well as having friendly staff members – Bears is known for being honest with its customers, often suggesting unnecessary work as ways to save money; additionally, Bears guarantees no mess when their work is complete!

Since 1980, this company has built an outstanding reputation of excellence and integrity. Their services range from minor repairs to large construction projects, with expert plumbers, project managers, and superintendents providing services at every turn. Their operations are licensed across Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and Texas, and their commitment to customer service remains strong.

I was delighted with their professionalism and work quality. They were punctual in meeting my deadlines, returning calls promptly, and providing my orders in a timely fashion. I would recommend them highly and plan to utilize their services again in the future.

Bradbury Brothers Cooling Plumbing & Electrical

Bradbury Brothers Cooling Plumbing & Electrical provides air conditioning, heating, plumbing, and electrical services to residential customers in The Woodlands, Texas. Services provided by this company include repair and installation work, tune-up service, and heater maintenance, as well as commercial plumbing repair work and electrical inspections. It has its headquarters nearby.

Bradbury Brothers boasts over three decades of experience in the HVAC, plumbing, and electrical industries. Their team prides itself on offering prompt services with attention to detail at competitive rates; weekend availability makes them reliable local choices with top Yelp ratings.

Mike and Jacki are very involved in their community, volunteering their services on numerous business, charity, and educational boards, as well as serving on several national organizations for top HVAC and plumbing contractors. Their goal is to offer excellent customer service while building their brand within their industry; additionally, they attend The Woodlands Methodist Church, where their children, grandchildren, and stepgrandsons keep them very busy!

Bluewater Plumbing

Bluewater Plumbing strives to deliver excellent customer service by offering practical solutions and efficient repair work at competitive rates. They have been in business for over two decades, and their technicians are licensed, insured, and bonded; free estimates can also be requested from them. Their services cover plumbing, heating, air conditioning, and installation/replacement of water heaters/boilers. Their business hours are from 8 am-5 pm daily at 63-17 Metropolitan Avenue Middle Village, NY 10032; contact them there directly between these times for service! Customer Reviews:

Call them, describe the problem, and arrange a timeframe – they showed up as promised, installed the part, and were gone within 15 minutes!

Bob Deshano Plumbing Co. Inc.

Plumbing professionals in The Woodlands, TX, are highly skilled professionals with expertise in installing, maintaining, and repairing plumbing systems. They understand local codes and regulations and are equipped to work on both residential and commercial properties. Furthermore, these experts have access to tools and knowledge for diagnosing issues quickly and efficiently – whether that means being available during an emergency or installing new systems entirely – trust The Woodlands TX plumbing professionals with any of your needs.

Bob Deshano Plumbing Co. Inc. has been offering comprehensive plumbing solutions for over 25 years, from installing whole house filtration systems and bathroom and kitchen fixture repair, sewer line replacement and water heater maintenance, kitchen remodeling projects, and backflow testing to backflow testing, and more. Their technicians specialize in kitchen remodeling as well as backflow testing – even helping remodelers create kitchens from scratch!

Bears Plumbing Services of The Woodlands is an established team of plumbing experts dedicated to serving its residents. Their staff can perform various forms of repairs, from toilet clogs to gas line services, plus inspection and maintenance. Their filtration systems use Waterworld USA products, therefore enabling them to address both residential and commercial plumbing needs effectively.

Paul the Plumber

Paul, the Plumber of The Woodlands, provides comprehensive plumbing repair services. Their licensed plumbers have years of experience managing both residential and commercial plumbing needs, from installing or repairing water pipes to fixing leaks or handling backflow prevention testing. In addition, their staff also has expertise in septic tank installation or repair; with 39 years combined experience, they are highly regarded by customers.

Leaks can quickly add up, costing your household thousands in water bills and potentially damaging its structure. Hiring a professional to identify and address the leak soon is crucial; additionally, consider hiring one with 24-hour emergency service so they’re available in case of an urgent situation.

The Woodlands’ hard water can leave your house with clogged drains and soap scum build-up, making laundry washing and dish cleaning difficult. A licensed The Woodlands plumber can offer water softeners as a solution; additionally, they may recommend FlowTech systems, which reduce hard water chemical build-up in pipes; they may also assist you in selecting suitable filtration systems for your home.