Choosing Pavement Contractors


Quality paved surfaces enhance curb appeal, and a licensed contractor must appraise any property, including maintenance and repair. Typically, the exciting info about the asphalt is from Arlington, VA.

Before searching for contractors, make sure your project needs are clearly understood. Request portfolios with projects similar in scope and complexity to those required of you.


Expert contractors understand they’re dealing with your property, so they will likely arrive on time and will take special care to protect the landscaping and keep their work area free from debris. Before selecting a paving contractor, ask for references and review pictures from previous projects they have completed; some contractors even feature their past works on an online gallery page! Real estate agents typically keep a list of trusted paving contractors handy to refer clients selling their homes – while you could also consult your local homeowner’s association as a resource.

Talk with your paving contractor about their base foundation options, such as compacting a 4-inch layer before laying asphalt.


Experienced contractors can have a significant effect on the quality of work performed, especially for projects requiring complex tasks such as excavation and grading. A professional team knows how to approach such projects safely and efficiently while anticipating potential issues and finding practical solutions quickly.

Equipment and materials utilized by paving companies are just as vital to their success as crew skills. The top companies use top-quality equipment that has been adequately maintained to maximize results and provide optimal functionality, in addition to using certified asphalts or materials for commercial paving that meet or surpass industry standards.

An additional essential consideration when hiring a contractor is their length of business experience. A reputable and trustworthy provider should boast an extended track record with many satisfied customers as references; you should also request to see their portfolio of similar commercial projects that might guide you as you make your selection decision.

A paving company should be open and transparent throughout your project, offering detailed quotes that clearly outline all materials and labor costs, as well as financing solutions if necessary.

Paving contractors must be capable of adapting quickly to unexpected challenges that arise during a project, finding solutions that do not compromise the quality of the finished product or interrupt your business operations. Furthermore, they should work quickly and accurately so as to complete projects on schedule.

As the final step, it is wise to select a paving contractor who is both fully insured and licensed, which will protect you in case of accidents or poor work. Furthermore, they should offer warranties on completed works so you don’t have to cover repairs or replacements out of pocket in case something goes wrong with their project.


Licensed contractors must abide by stringent regulations and account for their work. You can trust them to follow standards set by the International Code Council (ICC), local laws and codes, and industry best practices for asphalt paving. This helps ensure quality craftsmanship while decreasing risk during construction processes.

As part of their licensing requirements, pavement contractors must undergo intensive training and on-the-job experience before being licensed for business. Furthermore, proof of insurance and business license are crucial elements when selecting the ideal contractor for your project; choosing an established company that can provide all documentation upfront can make your selection process less of an ordeal.

The first step to securing a license is researching local requirements. Each municipality has unique licensing regulations that must be fulfilled before beginning business activities there, so be sure to visit their official website to gain insight. Organize all required documents—proof of experience and financial statements included—prior to applying for your license.

Pavement contractors offer services for everything from driveways to major highways, creating safe and attractive road surfaces that will last many years. Furthermore, they can advise you on how best to maintain and keep up with the maintenance of new pavement and keep it looking its best.

An established paving company will have workers’ compensation and general liability insurance to cover any potential damage during their job. This protects both themselves and property owners from being held liable in case an injury occurs on-site, providing invaluable peace of mind.

Pavement installation can be an arduous and complex task that requires the use of various heavy equipment. A professional paving contractor is equipped with all of the required machinery for successfully completing this task. They will clear away debris from your area, excavate, grade, and level the soil surface, and incorporate base materials such as compactable base layers before compacting them further with sand before installing your chosen material—these steps are essential in creating a flawless pavement surface finish.


Pavement contractors rely on expensive tools and equipment that may be vulnerable to theft or vandalism. A property insurance policy designed specifically to cover pavement contractors can protect their workspace, machinery, materials, and supplies against vandalism, fire, flood, or windstorm damage, as well as items in transit or on the road. This provides business owners with peace of mind, knowing any unexpected issues can be covered without incurring large financial expenses.

Road paving contractors often employ both employees and visitors, making workers’ compensation insurance essential. It covers medical costs and part of lost wages for employees injured on the job site; general liability policies also provide imperative protection should someone be damaged due to contractor negligence.

Some paving contractor businesses may require professional liability insurance to cover defense costs associated with negligence claims stemming from errors and omissions (E&O) during projects.

The cost of paving contractor insurance depends on the size and nature of your company’s projects, so it’s essential that risks are carefully assessed, options are compared, and plans are tailored specifically to the business. An experienced insurance agent can simplify this process by assessing needs, providing quotes, negotiating rates with insurers, and offering tailored plans at a fair cost.

Insurance is an essential component of running any successful business, including pavement contractors. Ensuring adequate coverage can relieve both stress and financial strain from unexpected events while helping protect a business’s reputation and increase productivity and profitability by freeing them up to focus on core operations without worrying about unforeseen problems arising. Fill out an online free business insurance quote request now to compare quotes from top U.S. providers!