Coach John Sports Offers a Variety of Sports Programs


Coach John sports has brought numerous programs and opportunities to Oakland and Laney College communities over his tenure, proudly helping many young people to graduate from high school with honors, obtain quality educations, and become productive contributors to society.

John has earned notable coaching honors with two-time Olympian Raven Saunders, who reset both indoor and outdoor collegiate records; NCAA Champion Shey Taiwo; Janeah Stewart; and coaching the Lethal Women’s Weight Throw team.

Youth Sports Programs

As the demand for recreational space rises, so too has the number of youth sports programs. Many parents pay thousands each year in club dues and travel costs so their children can participate in organized sports; free play has become scarcer as parents attempt to balance family, work, and school commitments while giving their kids the best of both worlds.

Although participation rates have increased, the quality of youth sports experiences remains subpar. In his book Changing the Game: What Kids Really Want from Sports, John O’Sullivan claims that youth sports organizations are micromanaging sports so that children do not experience the fun and motivation that come from playing sports.

O’Sullivan’s research is grounded in interviews with parents, coaches, and youth participants. Each group was asked about what qualities are considered essential for an enjoyable sports experience, and the interview topics were designed to allow honest discussion. Parents were also asked about what role spectators, coaches, and teammates play in shaping children’s overall sporting experiences.

Parent, coach, and player interviews all led to similar conclusions: children want a fun time while simultaneously developing skills they will use in later life. They seek a sense of belonging within something larger than themselves while learning teamwork skills that will serve them throughout their lives. Finally, kids wish to show respect to opponents, coaches, and officials at all times.

Parents strive to instill in their children the values of hard work, dedication, and loyalty while simultaneously understanding the significance of being an upstanding citizen in the community. O’Sullivan holds that people focused on winning at any cost are ruining youth sports programs by pushing children too early into specialization, creating elite teams, and cutting players prematurely. Although such practices make youth sports programs more competitive initially, in the long run, this set-up leads to failure; therefore, it is more critical for us to teach children lessons that will serve them in life rather than winning at any cost.

Private Lessons

Private lessons provide athletes an alternative way to connect and coach younger players while earning compensation for their skills – this is particularly beneficial in skill-based or individual sports such as diving, golf, gymnastics, and tennis.

Athletes can earn up to $100 an hour from teaching private lessons, and the revenue stream can last throughout the entire year. Private lessons can be scheduled around athletes’ schedules for maximum income and time availability; coaches may collaborate on creating packages of tasks that they can sell together at discounted prices.

Lessons can be sold at various prices, but the key to successful lesson sales is setting and maintaining consistent rates. This allows athletes to maximize the money they can make each session while reducing risks related to undercutting other instructors in their region. In addition, having consistent rates will enable athletes to plan for plans and build stable businesses.

John O’Donoghue brings over 30 years of coaching experience to Maritime volleyball, having served as an assistant at Oregon State, Arizona, Butler, and San Francisco – helping each program make the postseason during his time as an assistant coach.

At Cabin John Ice Rink, private lessons are led by experienced instructors with diverse backgrounds, teaching styles, and philosophies. Cabin John Ice Rink also provides skating clinics for students of all ages and abilities.

Coach John is the founder and director of Coach John Sports. He firmly believes that youth sports should prioritize fundamental skills development, age-appropriate team concepts, and Christian family values for maximum engagement with sports participation and lifelong love of sports participation among its participants. Coach John’s goal is to help young people stay active by passing down his lessons learned from legendary sports figure John Wooden (deceased), who stressed faith, family and education as crucial components to life success for young people.

Christina has been an avid swimmer her whole life and enjoys helping students of all ages discover and appreciate water-based exercise. For over ten years now, she has served as an aquatics instructor at Body Zone Birdsboro, where she specializes in both private swim lessons and adaptive aquatics programs.

Private Group Lessons

Coach John Sports provides tailored lessons and camps in many sports for children aged six years or up, offering private, group, and summer camp lessons as well as one-on-one coaching with expert coaches to give your children an opportunity to build confidence with their sport and develop life-long success. Their studies give your child a chance to build rapport with the coach so they feel more at ease during class sessions.

In a private lesson, students can move at their own pace. They can accelerate through material they already understand quickly while spending more time mastering any aspects that prove challenging for them. It also offers children a great chance to build confidence in themselves.

Private lessons may be costly, but they’re an invaluable way for your child to hone their skills and increase their odds of future success. Furthermore, private lessons offer a chance for your child to bond with their coach and develop trust between both parties involved.

When searching for a private coach, be sure to ask about their training and experience as well as the hourly rate they charge – this will give you a clearer idea of how much your lessons will cost and whether they’re worth your while.

Jon is not only a PGA Professional at Lyman Orchards Golf Club but is also a PGA Junior Leader and recipient of the Connecticut PGA Youth Player Development Award in 2022. Furthermore, Jon coaches the Wesleyan University Women’s Golf Team as well as the Daniel Hand High School girls’s Golf Team from Madison.

Group lessons may not provide as much flexibility for your child as private lessons would, but they still present benefits. They’ll learn to collaborate constructively with others while having the chance to practice playing their instrument with other musicians. They may also gain invaluable lessons about staying in rhythm, tuning instruments correctly, and developing their piece to enhance their sound as part of a group ensemble.

John has been actively participating in combat sports since age three. Beginning as an amateur wrestler and boxer before switching to martial arts training. John has studied various styles such as Aikido, Gaijin Ryu Jiu Jitsu (including Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Shorin Ryu Karate), Catch wrestling, Shorin Ryu Karate, and Aikido as well as working with Olympic runners as a strength training specialist, and working with children as a Strength trainer.

Summer Camps

No matter their skill level, our camps provide age-appropriate instruction while encouraging good sportsmanship and Christian family values. Led by experienced varsity coaches and players from Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital, as well as physical therapists on-site for training sessions, our programs aim to build fundamentals while giving situational practice and gameplay opportunities.

All students are expected to bring a lunch, snack, and water bottle each day for camp. Campers are divided into groups by age/skill level for instruction from various members of Archbishop Mitty Athletic Staff in a supportive learning environment that’s both fun and educational. Campers can learn different introductory training techniques that they can apply across any sport or activity they pursue in the future.

Joe Tartamella, 2023 BIG EAST Coach of the Year, leads this four-day camp that offers excellent basketball instruction within an engaging and high-energy atmosphere. Training includes dribbling, shooting, passing, catching, as well as defensive positioning and tackling. Players will be divided according to proficiency level before participating in various competitive drills designed to challenge them on an individual basis.

This two-day camp will provide high-level volleyball instruction in an exciting, enjoyable, and interactive learning experience for athletes of all ages. Our experienced coaching staff will create an optimal learning atmosphere where skills will be emphasized and mastered – in addition to highlighting the development of individual defensive and offensive strategies throughout.

Advanced volleyball players will find this camp tailored to developing/improving all their skills quickly in a fun learning environment. Our expert coaching staff will cover in-game aspects such as serving, passing, setting, and attacking.

This program provides a fun, four-day camp for students entering grades 1-9. Carroll cross-country coaches and athletes will lead campers through various activities to build endurance, speed, strength, flexibility, and proper running technique. Each session will culminate with a race at Patriot Stadium!