Devil Returns to School


Devil Returns to School, a webtoon, manga, or manhwa series by Marvel Entertainment, follows an exploited high school student on his journey of revenge against those responsible. His actions blur the boundaries between right and wrong, creating chaos at Millington High School.

This story’s thrilling narrative keeps readers on the edge of their seats while providing a cathartic bullying revenge narrative with surprising twists.


This manga blends action and revenge into an exciting tale of retribution, centering around a student who takes matters into his own hands after being bullied by classmates. Furthermore, the story highlights the harmful consequences associated with bullying as well as its importance when speaking up against it.

Chapter 19 of Devil Returns to School Days brings the protagonist’s battle with Satan to new heights. After finding himself embroiled in an intense brawl, he manages to defeat his foes and restore peace to his school – an example of how perseverance and determination can overcome any challenge or obstacle in one’s path.

Devil Returns to School Days’s first chapter introduces its main characters and sets the scene for this captivating series. Perfect for fans of this genre and must-reads alike. Explore corruption and morality within an exciting adventure tale!

This manhwa offers an epic story of an outraged high school student who makes a sinister pact with Satan to seek revenge against those responsible. With stunning visuals and an unsettling narrative that keeps readers guessing until the very last page, its captivating history and incredible art execution make this must-read material for fans of action and fantasy alike.

A mysterious event causes tension to rise at Greenwood High, and students report hearing whispered conversations in hallways and doors slamming on their own. Rumors spread of a devil haunting the building, and now our protagonist must fight to rid his school of any impurity or evil forces.

Malachi, in his search for revenge, discovers that bullying not only harms those it affects but also corrupts those responsible. As part of his journey, he must face his demons while finding an acceptable balance between revenge and justice, yet remain determined to reclaim his school and protect those wronged by those seeking to harm them. Malachi’s true identity and intentions become apparent in the final chapters of this captivating manga story.


Devil Returns to School features an ensemble cast composed of both high school students and supernatural demons; all are captivating individuals with distinct characteristics and charms that bring depth and complexity to the plot. There are also romantic elements woven throughout that add depth and dimension.

Kim Hyunsung, an attractive high school student from a wealthy background, is being bullied and taunted by classmates from more powerful families at school. With exceptional combat skills and a keen sense of justice, his journey becomes one of power-exerting and exacting revenge against these oppressive influences.

As the story develops, bullying becomes more intense, leaving victims exposed to a fierce crusade of cruelty. Seonwoo discovers deep conspiracies among staff that allow bullies to continue their ruthless campaign of revenge, ultimately becoming judge, jury, and executioner over everyone involved in a nonstop thrill ride that will have readers gripping onto the edge of their seats!

Contrary to many manhwas, this one goes beyond mere revenge – it also explores personal growth and achieving truth, the challenges associated with teenage life and bullying, and is thought-provoking and riveting to fans of this genre.

As Devil Returns to School’s next chapter is set for release, fans are eagerly awaiting to see its action-packed narrative play out. While Taejoon may avoid physical confrontation with teachers in this chapter, his relentless search to uncover their true nature should make for an intriguing read. Readers also anticipate new alliances or conflicts among individuals that will enhance the story further and add another layer of excitement for themselves when reading the tale. It will be available on Naver on May 30.


Devil Returns to School Days is an engaging tale that blends supernatural themes with relatable high school experiences, creating an addictive combination of mysticism and suspense that draws readers in right from the start. Additionally, this manhwa provides insightful commentary about flawed institutions that should protect students but instead enable violence by failing to provide adequate security measures.

This manhwa chronicles the lives of a group of friends during their final year of high school. At its center is Seonwoo Lee, an antisocial but quiet student suffering from constant bullying at his school. Pushing beyond his patience threshold, Seonwoo makes a deal with an evil figure to gain frightening new abilities, which then allow him to take revenge on all his former bullies one by one with his newfound power.

Now is the time for revenge in this thrilling and dark manga. Devil Returns to School Days will provide an unforgettable experience – sure to become a classic!

Chapter 19 of Devil Returns to School Days promises an engaging, dramatic, and exhilarating continuation of its plot. With a captivating narrative and well-developed characters keeping viewers riveted from beginning to end, as well as many surprising twists to keep viewers guessing and entertained, this chapter promises not only dramatic drama, excitement, and entertainment but will keep audiences on their toes throughout its entirety!

Devil Returns to School Days is an engaging manga about an attractive martial arts expert who attempts to exact revenge on his classmates for tormenting him. Unfortunately, however, his bloody crusade causes more damage than good and leads him into an epic war between good and evil. This is a must-read manga for those interested in reading about human psychology! From its unforgettable bloody hallway opening scene all the way through its gripping conclusion on authorized reading platforms such as Naver and Baka Mitai, read along today!

Release date

Devil Returns To School continues the saga with an exciting new chapter that promises to leave its mark on this epic tale. A transfer student trained to become an instrument of death struggles against being thrust into this unfamiliar world that challenges both his power and redemption in a parallel fashion.

In the previous chapter, Hyunsung asserted his place within the MC and left one of his rivals dejected and humiliated, delighting readers by setting his story off on an exciting new path with fresh challenges and action-packed confrontations between Siwoo and Hyunsung and Youngmin’s gang. The next chapter is sure to thrill as it opens a whole new arc involving Siwoo’s relationship with Hyunsung growing more profound, as well as thrilling confrontations against Youngmin’s gang!

An exciting chapter awaits as an unfamiliar transfer student enters the MC and threatens its established order. Protagonists must battle hard to maintain power while also dealing with any consequences their actions might bring forth in relationships.

Even in the face of numerous hurdles, the main character in The MC remains determined in his quest for revenge against Kim and to bring justice back into their school. It will be interesting to witness his perseverance as he faces any challenges on this path to truth and restoration of order in their institution.

This manga features an engaging narrative enhanced by its captivating art style created through the collaboration between its author and illustrator. This gorgeous mix of realism and fantasy brings drama and excitement into each plot twist, not to mention being an exciting read for fans of manhwa!

Devil Returns to School is an entertaining Kdrama about a boy who was bullied by his classmates and eventually turns evil, returning to school and seeking vengeance on those responsible. This drama features captivating narrative and art styles that will appeal to a broad audience.

This show has quickly attracted an enormous global fan base and won critical acclaim from viewers worldwide. Released across multiple countries – including the US and Canada – Jacqueline Byers, Colin Salmon, Christian Navarro, Virginia Madsen, and Nicholas Ralph star in leading roles.