Fisher Community Bible Study


The program offers in-depth Bible studies that guide participants verse by verse through whole books of the Bible, emphasizing the practical application of its lessons into everyday life and welcoming participants from diverse backgrounds.

Stimulating home study questions motivate participants to delve into their Bibles and discover treasures about Jesus they didn’t know they were there – making for exciting classroom discussions about discoveries!

It is a program that offers in-depth Bible studies.

Community Bible Study (CBS) was designed to meet the specific needs of adults, children, and youth by offering in-depth Bible studies that take participants verse-by-verse through entire books of Scripture. Beyond weekly classes, CBS offers numerous study materials and resources tailored towards individuals, small groups, families, and larger communities – creating an open environment where all members feel welcomed and accepted. Its nondenominational curriculum fosters connections among participants of all ages in an atmosphere of love and support.

CBS classes are open to people of any age or background and are led by caring leaders who seek to assist participants in expanding spiritually while building meaningful relationships with God and one another. Through engaging in Bible study, participants experience its transformative effects: stimulating home study questions encourage exploration of scripture as applied directly to daily living; trained teachers offer additional insights that illustrate biblical passage context, while respected theologians provide further assistance with understanding its historical setting and relation to other Scripture.

CBS classes provide an effective way to gain greater insight into the Bible and deepen your relationship with God. Beyond meeting weekly with fellow believers, this online resource also features commentary, video lessons, download ability, and sharing answers with leaders via email/social media (where applicable). These tools come in multiple languages for your convenience – for more information, please visit the CBS website.

It is a program for children.

The Community Bible Study Program facilitates discipleship globally by making in-depth Bible studies more widely available. With stimulating home study questions designed to guide participants through an in-depth exploration of God’s Word and reveal hidden treasures about Jesus they didn’t realize were there, group discussion offers participants an opportunity to share these treasures and discuss how they might apply them in their lives and discuss with caring leaders who provide training and spiritual growth support in an inclusive community environment.

CBS’ curriculum for this program is guided by its Statement of Faith and Vision, which asserts that the Bible is divine revelation and the ultimate source for Christian living and practice. CBS curricula align with Evangelical Theological Seminary’s position that Scripture, both Old and New Testaments alike, represent inspired revelations from God that are inerrant teachings.

The Fisher community Bible study program for children offers a safe learning environment and is divided by age: nursery and toddler (ages 1-2), preschool/young elementary (ages 3-6), and Primary/Junior (ages 7-8 and 9-11). Each child receives a spiral notebook containing lessons designed for adults and participates in age-appropriate discussion groups about weekly topics. Parents are encouraged to join classes with their children for the most enjoyable experience.

It is a program for adults

The Fisher community bible study program promotes discipleship in more than 85 countries through caring leaders and in-depth Bible studies. It’s designed to help adults connect with God while also exploring Scripture in small groups, exploring its transformative truths that apply directly to their lives, and exploring what home study questions guide individuals to discover there in Scripture they didn’t even know were there and sharing those treasures with friends – making this an excellent way of strengthening relationships and growing Christ-based communities worldwide.

The fisher community bible study website is compatible with most web browsers, and we recommend you access it via a desktop or laptop with reliable Internet. Once logged in, notifications from your leaders can be found by clicking the INBOX icon at the top-right corner of the page; by default, these notifications will be forwarded directly to your email address.

It is a program for youth.

Youth attending community bible studies benefit significantly from an engaging curriculum that allows them to explore the Bible and expand spiritually. Home study questions, small group discussion sessions, and caring communities enrich the Bible experience rooted in God’s love for His creation; therefore, its teachings support transformation, with participants growing in confidence with scripture while gaining wisdom through its application.

A team develops CBS curricula with years of experience in biblical teaching, journalism, and curriculum design. Some possess seminary or Bible college training, while others may have served in pastoral and small-group ministry settings. Our team also includes respected theologians who can assist students in understanding how passages relate to other Scripture.

Students engage with the Bible using questions designed to uncover hidden treasures about Jesus that they were unaware existed. Once discovered, they share them with their group and discuss how these discoveries may impact their lives, finally applying what they’ve learned to daily living. This experience forms the core of CBS Bible Study, which is available in over 75 heart languages and 100 countries worldwide.