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God of Fishing Wiki is an online collaboration website open for editing by anyone, containing information about RuneScape game mechanics and fishing gods.

Poseidon, Olympian sea god and ruler of the oceans; Leucothea, water goddess who aided sailors in distress; Neptune (the Roman equivalent of Oceanus in Greece).


God of Fishing centers its gameplay around fishing, with players required to fish to progress through the game. Combining unique graphics with realistic game physics to provide an authentic fishing experience. There are various methods players can use to increase their chance of catching fish, such as visible skill boosts such as god banner boosts or admiral pies; additionally, there may also be hidden boosters like Ring of Whispers from Sliske’s Endgame that grants +3 bonuses across gathering skills which increases fishing chances further.


Players in God of Fishing may come across several characters. These include Ha Ba, who oversees rivers; Ca Ong (a sea deity who takes the form of a large sea creature to help lost ships); Ukupanipo (the shark god who controls how many fish are near fishermen for fishing); Ebisu (Japanese god of fishermen and luck), whom fishermen pray to before setting sail; as well as Ebisu himself who it is believed helps keep the ocean clean by pushing debris onto the shore.


God of Fishing gives each creature in this fictional universe a vital purpose – from sea monsters such as Iku-Turso (a malevolent whale god), Vellamo who governs lakes and oceans, as well as humans who must undergo an intensive fishing test to prove themselves worthy of belonging in society.

Ebisu, the Japanese God of Fishermen and Luck, is one of the Seven Lucky Gods of Fortune. Possessed of foresight into future events, Ebisu provides great fortune-spreaders an extra edge when betting or gaming to increase money and luck!

Egon, the High Priest for Fish, can be found in Ankh-Morpork Temple. His followers can participate in Splash and Breathe Underwater rituals. Additionally, you can purchase his priestly items from charm vendors who roam Ankh-Morpork and Sto Lat.