High School Business Internships


Selecting an ideal career path is essential for high school students. One practical method for gaining experience is through an internship in business.

However, not all internships for high school students are worthwhile; most colleges do not recognize finance or business interns’ efforts. The best internships add value to a company instead of simply filling time and adding no real benefit.

Bank of America Student Leaders

The Bank of America, Student Leaders program places high school students with local nonprofit organizations for eight-week internships as part of its commitment to youth employment and economic mobility. Since 2004, this initiative has connected 300 junior and senior community-focused participants each year – in addition to an internship experience, these young leaders attend seminars and workshops where they meet fellow young leaders within their community.

Participating in a leadership program can help you develop skills essential to college success and beyond, including teamwork, problem-solving, and project management. Furthermore, participation can add an edge over other applicants; becoming more empathetic with social issues in different communities will increase your odds of admission into colleges focusing on public service or community-centric careers.

Participating in a leadership program can also serve as evidence of your character and motivation when applying to colleges, so don’t forget to mention it when writing essays or conducting interviews about you – these experiences demonstrate you possess both drive and ambition to make a difference in the world!

Leadership programs also allow you to gain an in-depth insight into the needs of your local community. For instance, you might learn about specific groups – women, minorities, or those with disabilities – in your area and help them meet their goals. Gaining this knowledge can be helpful when building stronger relationships among your peers and clients in future careers.

This year, five high school students from Long Island were chosen for this program. They will collaborate with the Family Service League, United Way of Long Island, and Long Island Cares to address issues of housing, employment, and food security in their respective communities. Furthermore, these young leaders will participate in a virtual summit with other community-focused young leaders while attending seminars designed to further their professional development.

Ladders for Leaders

High school internships provide an invaluable opportunity for high schoolers to gain work experience in fields that interest them and explore career options. Internship experiences can make an impressionful application to college and stand out in later careers. There are various business internship opportunities, from marketing and finance to entrepreneurship and management; finding the ideal one may prove daunting, but there are several resources to assist in finding your perfect internship opportunity.

Bank of America Student Leaders program offers high school students paid summer internships and leadership training. This eight-week internship provides an excellent way to learn more about the banking industry while simultaneously honing skills that may be helpful in future employment roles. Additionally, this program includes a Student Leadership Summit and lessons in Better Money Habits.

Microsoft High School Internship Program provides high schoolers interested in business with hands-on work experience and mentoring from Microsoft employees, with only 22 high school seniors selected each year through a highly competitive application process. KPMG Future Leaders Scholarship provides female high school students interested in STEM/business with mentorship from senior executives as well as scholarships covering four years of university study.

Are You Searching for a Summer Internship? Look No Further than the IRC! Their Ladders for Leaders program gives high-achieving and diverse college students access to paid professional internships from July to August in New York City or virtual.

Research Scholars at UC San Diego provides high school students with an online research internship for six weeks. Participants conduct research with mentors in Salk labs while attending seminars, workshops, and data analysis projects. Open to students who have taken an AP biology or chemistry course; for healthcare enthusiasts interested in healthcare, KP Launch at Kaiser Permanente offers paid internship opportunities across northern California hospitals.

City Year

Selection of an appropriate high school business internship is crucial to your future career success. Though some people assume business internships exclusively belong to specific industries, there are countless opportunities for high school students to build their resumes and gain real-world experience through various pieces of training, from administrative assistant roles to research and development (R&D) functions – some can even be completed remotely or in person! Summer and winter cohorts of these internships may even fit more comfortably into your schedule!

City Year provides high school juniors and seniors an extraordinary opportunity to work in nonprofit organizations across the United States while learning leadership skills through an eight-week paid internship experience. Students also develop professional networks while participating. Open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors enrolled at New York City high schools who are legal residents of the US only.

Youthbridge-NY provides hands-on learning experiences related to diversity, equity, inclusion, and mentoring from successful professionals. Their two-year fellowship teaches participants how to take action and implement change within their communities; its first year focuses on leadership development skills development.

The City of Baltimore offers internship opportunities to high school students. Most internships take place between June and August. Interns can assist with projects such as archiving legislative records, writing reports, and working in the office.

Apply for an internship with Innocuous AI, a startup company in Washington, D.C. This internship can give you invaluable experience and boost your resume for college applications.

The Ladder Internship provides students with virtual internships at startups and nonprofits worldwide. Offering internships suited to high schoolers, gap years, and undergraduates – only 150 are selected annually! – the Ladder Internship gives students access to virtual internships at startups and nonprofits around the globe.


High school students can gain invaluable business experience through internships. These paid internships allow students to work alongside various professionals and develop valuable skills to aid their future careers. Internships provide students a great way to connect classroom learning to real-world applications, giving them a competitive edge in the job market.

PNNL provides comprehensive internship programs for high school students. These include academic year and summer internships, where interns divide their time between high school and the lab, respectively. All interns are assigned a mentor in one or more research areas where they participate in educational and leadership development activities such as laboratory demonstrations or field trips, plus receive school credit or community service hours as part of their internship experience.

At an internship, students not only work with mentors but can also interact with professionals in their field. Such interactions can leave an indelible mark on potential employers and open doors to future employment.

An internship is a fantastic opportunity to gain practical experience and develop vital workplace skills that can only be useful after graduation. Furthermore, internships provide students with invaluable guidance as they explore potential career options, giving them an edge against peers and setting them up for tremendous success once graduation.

If you are interested in pursuing a business internship, start by talking with your counselor or creating a list of companies that interest you. Next, contact these businesses by phone or email and inquire if any internship positions are open; depending on the company, they may or may not accept interns; once accepted, you must prepare yourself by researching them thoroughly as well as writing up an effective resume that highlights both education and skills as well as bring two personal references with you for interview day.