How Much Is an Eighth of Weed?


When purchasing cannabis, quantities will often be measured in eighths – an eighth being one-eighth of an ounce or 3.5 grams. Many cannabis consumers use this measurement as a benchmark when purchasing their marijuana.

Note that weight and volume measurements don’t always correlate. Different strains may have denser or fluffier flowers than others, making an eighth appear to contain more or less cannabis.


The cost of cannabis depends on location, strains, and other criteria, with discounts, deals, and promotions at your preferred dispensaries vital in saving on purchases. On average, an eighth of cannabis typically costs $35-60, and its quality should be judged based on genetics, structure, cannabinoid content (more or less THC/CBD), flavor/aroma preferences, and any other relevant considerations.

Eighths are the preferred weed measure among most smokers and often offer significant savings compared to buying individual grams at once. Eighths allow smokers to experiment with new strains and gauge how much is suitable to smoke in one session without strain fatigue – it’s also often called an eighth or eighth by those unfamiliar with cannabis terminology.

An eighth of weed weighs approximately 3.5 grams, though this may differ if purchasing high-potency cannabis. As density and potency impact weight calculations, you must understand how to calculate them accurately.

Be sure that when purchasing an eighth of marijuana, you receive it entirely. Where marijuana remains illegal, peddlers often round up to give an approximate total. Legal dispensaries weigh each eighth before packaging it so you know you are getting precisely the promised amount.

An eighth of weed can provide seven to ten bowls, depending on the size and design of your pipe or bong. Furthermore, you can easily fit an eighth in your palm or a small sandwich bag for transporting purposes.

Buy marijuana by the quarter, which is equivalent to 7 grams. This option can benefit anyone who wants to sample multiple strains or uses concentrates frequently, with most dispensaries offering slight price breaks at this quantity level. If you are searching for specific songs, browse dispensary menus online and inquire with staff members regarding current stock.


An eighth of weed weighs 3.5 grams, providing enough material for six to ten joints or bowls, depending on your smoking preference. While dispensaries typically sell eighths in this amount, you could save more by purchasing an ounce instead. A single ounce will typically last two weeks of heavy smoking – plus, it offers you the chance to try new strains without breaking your budget!

Eighths typically cost $25-$60, depending on location, quality, and strain. A higher THC strain may cost more to decide about cannabis purchases.

In the black-market days of marijuana, “dub-sack” was an unofficial term for a $20 bag of weed that could easily fit in one’s pocket and still provide sufficient cannabis for an enjoyable high. Nowadays, cannabis consumers may purchase an eighth for similar reasons: as an inexpensive, convenient way of trying new strains and discovering what they enjoy most.

Most reputable dispensaries provide impressive strains to cater to every taste and tolerance level, from exotic varieties like Afghani Haze or Black Domina to timeless favorites that never go out of fashion. Some stores even employ staff dedicated to finding new strains that best meet customer preferences – whether indica or sativa strains are your cup of tea, there’s sure to be something perfect!

An eighth of weed typically costs $35; however, prices can differ depending on strain and demand. If you want top-shelf strains grown with more excellent care and potency than their cheaper counterparts – expect to pay over double for them. Don’t let this deter you – investing in quality marijuana is worth your money! It all boils down to personal preference!


Cannabis measurements may seem confusing initially, but their logic becomes apparent when put into context. For example, preweighed flower from dispensaries often comes packaged in eighths, equivalent to about 3.5 grams. An eighth is often purchased at one time, so keeping larger containers available for customers who buy multiple eighths can help ensure a smooth sales experience.

These Mylar eighth bags feature a heat seal with tear notches to provide maximum product preservation and security, making them suitable for packaging gummies, pre-roll cones, and cannabis flowers.


Newcomers to cannabis measurements may find them dauntingly complex, but one key piece of information they should remember is that an eighth of weed weighs 3.5 grams; one ounce equals 28 grams, making an eighth equal one-eighth of an ounce. An easy way to remember this figure is by thinking about pizza slices – an ounce contains about 14 pieces, which equals an eighth of approximately 3.5 grams.

When storing cannabis, airtight containers should be used. This will keep it fresh and prevent moisture from degrading the product over time – glass jars with rubber seals, such as mason jars, are an ideal way to do this. Furthermore, ensure it’s stored somewhere dark and dry, away from strong-scented items, as this could absorb their scent into its pores and compromise its potency.

Cannabis’s appearance varies based on genetics and growing conditions, from dense and thick buds to airy nugs in an eighth. An eighth may contain one large indica bud or two light sativa nugs.

An eighth costs around $35 to $40 on average in legal markets, though prices can differ based on location, quality, and local taxes. You should expect to pay more for higher-grade strains. An eighth is an affordable amount that should last you several days or weeks depending on your tolerance level; additionally, it provides the perfect opportunity for trying out new strains or vape cartridges – hence why an eighth is often purchased in dispensaries.