How the Little Kite Learned to Fly


Kite flying has long been an integral part of culture in Kolkata and surrounding areas. At Viswakarma Puja or Makar Sankranti, rooftops will become overrun with children flying their kites for this festival.

These battles between Pettkaats are very colorful and captivating; they use an abrasive-coated fighting line known as manja or manjha, and they use unique kite designs for combat.

The Little Kite was afraid of flying.

The Little Kite was afraid to fly, fearful that it would fall. As she watched other kites soar through the sky, she believed her kite could also crash to earth. Encouraged by its larger counterpart, however, she decided to make an effort despite still feeling afraid; initially whirling in midair, soon gathering courage and rising steadily by itself until finally joining its big counterpart in flight – feeling immense pride as it soared high above the ground where small figures moved around below her as small dots.

Once again, the Big Kite stopped to rest while its little counterpart took flight. Soon after that, Little Kite gained courage and rose higher into the air until finally sailing alongside it and feeling proud and content – it could see both ground below as well as boys far above as small dots moving across.

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The Little Kite grew braver.

The little kite was initially afraid to fly because it thought it would crash down into the ground, but its big counterpart told it that failing to try would never teach it how. Listening carefully, she decided to give flying a go; at first, she was nervous but eventually built courage until, finally, it rose through the air all by itself before sailing alongside its giant companion in formation until both could sail together side-by-side overhead, so high up that they could see only small spots moving around below and seemed far away!

At first sight of a peaceful sky, a tiny kite’s paper began to stir as if longing to join its big sibling and fly off together into the quiet atmosphere.

But the big kite didn’t try too hard to persuade its smaller counterpart; they knew that forcing it would only end in fear for both kites. Finally, however, the small one mustered some courage and began shaking itself free for flight; soon after that, it rose steadily upward into the sky until eventually surpassing the big kite!

Once the little kite had reached equal height as its bigger brother, it felt incredibly proud. Sailing alongside it and resting high above, only birds and clouds could be seen from this tranquil perch; the little kite knew it had succeeded because it had dared try so bravely.

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The Little Kite rose through the air.

The Little Kite became highly eager to fly high yet was afraid that he would crash down. His big kite encouraged him by explaining that they would only ever learn if they tried. Finally, after gathering courage, he slowly rose in the air alongside its giant companion; soon, they were above ground together, sailing side-by-side over fields with children below like small moving dots below; all the while, Little Kite felt proud and delighted at having reached such heights!

The little kite took flight, joined by its larger counterpart and some birds and clouds as companions in a peaceful sky. She felt glad she had overcome her fear of joining them; now, she was able to enjoy their view of the expansive world below her.

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The Little Kite sailed with the Big Kite.

As it watched its companion soar high, The Little Kite felt encouraged to fly high as well. Rising along with it and sailing with it through the air, soaring with pride through every wind. Once so high up that they could see all below, boys like small dots moving about, while only birds and clouds were companions above.

The giant kite hoped that its smaller companion would put forth the effort and fly higher, but unfortunately, it was too afraid. He tried his best to encourage it but to no avail.

Finally, the small kite decided to test its wings and take flight. Gathering courage, it released itself from its string and began shaking itself free to take flight. Although initially terrified, as it rose through the air, it gradually gained courage until finally joining up with the giant kite and sailing alongside its journey, finally resting peacefully high above.

Katherine Pyle (1863-1938) was an American artist, poet, and children’s author best known for The Counterpane Fairy book series. As a mother, Katherine taught her children by telling stories that stressed the value of trying new things without being afraid. She believed children were capable of greatness if they persevered, which can be seen through this poem in Blossoms: English Textbook for Class 6 under WBBSE. With question answers, summary, and Bengali Meaning provided for your learning process, we hope this resource has proven helpful to you. We invite any comments below if any issues arise! We welcome them.