How to Choose the Best Commercial Zero Turn Mower


Professional landscapers or homeowners with 1-5+ acres to mow will benefit significantly from using a commercial zero-turn mower, saving time and reducing back strain. Choose a mower suitable to the size and terrain type of your yard while prioritizing comfort features like high-back seating and cockpit displays.

1. Toro Z Master 6000 Series

The Toro Z Master 6000 Series boasts a fabricated deck and Kohler EFI series engine for professional-grade cutting performance and years of reliable operation. Its TURBO FORCE cutting deck comes in 60″ and 72″ widths, featuring durable seven gauge steel spindle housings to deliver cutting results that surpass others in its class. The deluxe handcrafted suspension seat provides extra padding and back support to provide all-day comfort, with ROPS standard as a standard safety feature.

Toro Horizon Technology, an onboard intelligence platform, monitors critical systems to ensure optimal mower performance and alerts operators if there are system issues. Furthermore, operators can select operating modes that match specific job site conditions to maximize power and fuel efficiency.

Smooth, Fast Response

Our unitized pump and wheel motor utilize proven commercial hydraulic components for smooth and quick responses that eliminate hoses while decreasing potential leak points. Plus, their fast response time means less time spent at the mower and more time spent cutting grass!

To provide optimal performance, the 6000 Series employs an oil pressure sensor, which utilizes an innovative algorithm and warns you when engine stalling has occurred. Furthermore, this sensor will indicate why oil pressure dropped so you can take necessary corrective actions immediately.

The 6000 Series mower offers another advantageous feature: an optional jack mount kit that connects to the front of the mower and allows you to raise it, giving access to the underside of the deck for cleaning or maintenance purposes – further prolonging its life and keeping your warranty valid.

The 6000 Series provides numerous attachments and accessories to meet your needs, such as baggers, snow blowers, tillers, rototillers, brush cutters, and rear-mounted dump carts for more accessible grass clippings and emptying transport. Please always use Toro-approved accessories when possible to avoid invalidating your warranty; additionally, it should be noted that this machine produces noise levels up to 85 dBA at the operator’s ear – thus, hearing protection should always be worn while operating this equipment.

2. Ferris ISX3300

The Ferris ISX3300 commercial zero-turn mower boasts an impressive list of features. With a 40-horsepower engine and four-wheel drive system that makes navigating any terrain effortless, this mower makes an excellent investment that will serve users for years.

The ISX 3300 is the newest model from Ferris, featuring its new suspension technology known as ForeFront Suspension. This system utilizes vertical moving shocks similar to those found on UTVs for a smoother ride while attenuating the impact that the mower absorbs to extend deck life and increase durability.

The ISX 3300 stands out with its convenient foot-operated deck lift, enabling you to effortlessly alter the height of its cutting blades with just a foot movement. This feature saves both time and effort when working on large lawns. Its powerful Vanguard engine delivers top-of-the-line cutting performance, and its high-back suspension seat provides plenty of support.

Selecting the ideal zero-turn mower is essential if you want your job completed quickly and efficiently. Making an incorrect choice could cause future headaches and cost more repairs or replacement costs than necessary – which is why researching different models before making your selection is vital.

Once your research is completed, you should be able to find the ideal zero-turn mower for your needs. Be sure to compare prices and features between models before selecting; that way, you’ll know you are getting value for your money and can begin mowing confidently! In today’s economy, it is more essential than ever that intelligent financial decisions be made, so take note of the price when purchasing any zero-turn mower.

3. Exmark Lazer Z X Series

The Exmark Lazer Z X Series commercial zero-turn mowers represent the pinnacle of commercial zero-turn mowing technology. Boasting features like its suspension seat crafted to provide supreme comfort (composed of plush foam padding and stretch fabric with up to 1.25 inches of vertical travel), it ensures long mowing sessions can go by without feeling worn out or unnecessarily uncomfortable.

The X-Series offers an assortment of accessories to enhance the utility and versatility of your zero-turn mower, such as a cover to shield it from weather elements, an easy-to-use jack for changing blades quickly, hitch kits to secure trailers or other vehicles, hitch kits for trailers, hitch kits for other auxiliary cars, etc. Multiple cutting widths and engine sizes allow you to find the ideal zero-turn mower to meet your needs.

Kawasaki or Kohler EFI-powered X-Series mowers offer superior maneuverability and precise cutting performance thanks to their dual hydro gear system, which delivers high-efficiency performance, while their RED system lets you monitor and control critical systems with defined operation modes. Choose between 60″, 72″, or an industry-leading 96-inch UltraCut rear discharge deck sizes!

The X-Series Diesel is an alternative full-size zero-turn mower with enormous engine power and an upgraded UltraCut deck that delivers an exceptional cut in all conditions, including scalping and bagging. Plus, no drive belts means reduced maintenance costs; its hydraulic deck lift makes adjusting cutting height easier, making this full-size zero turn mower an excellent choice for more significant properties such as golf courses or municipalities; it can mow 9.5 acres per hour!

4. Bobcat ZT-5400

If you need an efficient zero-turn mower that can tackle large areas of turf quickly and effectively, the Bobcat ZT-5400 could be an ideal choice. Equipped with a 27 hp Briggs and Stratton commercial turbine engine capable of withstanding heavy use, its fabricated steel deck and standard notch blades help you take on tough grass more easily. In contrast, its 19 mph top transport speed helps complete jobs more quickly. In contrast, its bullnose AirFX deck design increases vacuum, lifting grass directly to its cutting blade for superior cut quality results.

This mower is an excellent option for landscapers seeking to increase their work’s quality and efficiency. Featuring an innovative operator platform designed for comfort and performance – with a suspension seat, high-density foam armrests, and ergonomic handles – as well as left/right interchangeable quick lift deck levers, this mower provides a smooth and enjoyable ride for the operator and passenger.

Doosan Bobcat’s Scheffler asserts that their zero-turn mower is ideal for contractors searching for machines with high-quality features. Its sturdy chassis and rotomolded fuel tanks enable it to take on various tasks, while its high-quality cutter deck ensures durability – making this machine the go-to mower for demanding tasks.

Zero-turn mowers make cutting grass simple with high ground speeds and robust drive systems, as well as their convenient fuel tanks and easy service panels that make maintenance quick and painless. This zero-turn mower makes its operation effortless with high ground speeds and robust drive systems, plus its dual fuel tanks for extended run times and convenient service panels that make maintenance straightforward.

Zero-turn mowers feature deluxe suspension seats and anti-vibration technology to provide maximum comfort during long work hours. Their customizable command center puts all necessary controls at your fingertips for effortless operation, and their newly designed almond-shaped handles offer greater grip comfort for intuitive operation.

The mower’s rugged double-tube frame and fabricated deck enable it to handle any task on your property. With oversized front tires for optimal traction and stability across rough terrain, Hydro-Gear 3200 commercial transmissions provide a smooth and responsive riding experience, and its 48 or 54-inch deck enables it to tackle numerous projects.