How to Do a Green Card Status Check


A green card is an official piece of identification that allows permanent residents of the U.S. to reside and work legally in America as permanent residents, as well as to qualify for certain government benefits. What do you need to consider about نتایج لاتاری.

USCIS makes it possible to check the status of your green card application online using your receipt number and other identifying data.


Once you’ve applied for your green card, there are a variety of online methods you can use to monitor its status – the correct one depending on whether your application came from within or outside the U.S.

If you applied within the U.S., USCIS’s Case Status Online service offers a straightforward solution for tracking its progress. In order to use it effectively, however, you’ll require your receipt number, which should have been printed on the receipt notice sent after they accepted your application.

Checking your status allows you to see your progress, update any necessary information, and download any documents issued by USCIS for your application. USCIS advises you to utilize this service regularly so you remain up-to-date on your status.

Alternately, USCIS offers its Customer Service Line as another way of checking on the status of your case. Please be aware that waiting times for this service vary widely depending on the time of year and geographic region.

MyUSCIS provides another convenient and accessible method of monitoring your immigration status: this free account gives you access to all your immigration details in one central place, from changing addresses or finding local offices of USCIS to getting updates via email or text messages and even an expedited service called SAVE that enables federal, state, and local benefit-granting agencies to verify your immigration status quickly.

Informed Delivery

USPS Informed Delivery provides an effective way to stay updated on the status of your green card application and receive images of mail coming into your house. First introduced as a pilot program in 2014, its popularity has since spread throughout most zip codes in the country. Users receive daily digest emails providing previews of mail deliveries as they approach, plus alerts via email or text notification when packages have arrived at home.

The system utilizes knowledge-based authentication to identify its users. This involves asking multiple-choice questions that only the applicant would know the answer to, sending only images of address side mail, not content side, and having a strict signup process with a government-issued I.D. before access can be gained to service.

Tracking your green card status varies slightly depending on whether or not you applied from inside or outside the United States. Applicants from outside will need to contact the National Visa Center (NVC), while in-state applicants can still use USCIS information provided online to track their application’s status; alternatively, ask an immigration attorney to keep you updated as the process unfolds.


If you prefer to use something other than USCIS’s online tool, another method of checking your status via mail may be more suitable for you. Each time the USCIS changes your case status, they will also send an official notice called Form I-797C: Notice of Action, which contains similar information but is delivered directly to your physical address instead of just your email.

USCIS’s website offers the quickest way to check on your green card status: use their “check case status” tool. In order to access it, enter your receipt number – a 13-character identifier given upon submission of an application, petition, or request.

GreenCardHero provides step-by-step guidance for filling out forms and following USCIS instructions, even offline – this can be especially helpful if working with a lawyer who doesn’t offer these services themselves.


USCIS does not charge for tracking one’s green card status and is typically quick in providing updates. Staying abreast of your application process for a green card can become tedious if any issues or delays arise; stay on top of things to avoid any complications along the way! This step alone could save a great deal of stress! The USCIS’ tracking services make the entire application process seamless.

Tracking your case online through USCIS’ online tool is the simplest and quickest way. In order to access this, you will require your receipt number – a 13-digit identification number issued upon submitting an application or petition.

Email the National Council on Security and Commerce to inquire about the status of your case, making sure to include your receipt number, A-number, and date of filing in the subject line of your email. Alternatively, call them and speak with a representative; if calling from outside of the United States, be prepared with the receipt number, number/type/type/type of petition/application, name, and contact info of a reliable representative who can receive status updates on your behalf.

If you are selected as part of the Diversity Visa Lottery, use the Entrant Status Check website to check on whether you have been offered a green card. Neither the Department of State nor embassies/consulates send notification letters; only this website provides results.

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