How to Find the Distance Between Two Cities


Use this app to calculate distances between cities quickly and easily. You can even determine air distance – type a city name or lat long coordinates and hit “measure.” The Amazing fact about fuel cost calculator.

Distance calculations differ in each country. In the US, highway signs usually measure the distance to the center of each municipality.


Use the Maptive distance calculator to measure the real-world distance between any two locations on a map. Select your starting and destination locations before clicking anywhere on the map to calculate the distance in miles or kilometers. It also estimates driving or flying time and suggests an optimal route, along with providing table results or CSV export. It is especially beneficial for business travel and logistics applications.

Mapping software can be used on computers and mobile devices alike, thanks to being cloud-based and having user-friendly controls that make creating maps simple – including the distance between cities – using multi-step routes or optimizing complex routes. Furthermore, its free trial period enables team members to access it from any location. With such flexibility comes an extended user experience!

Maptive provides powerful visualization, analysis, and customization tools for all kinds of data sets. Users can customize the appearance of markers with custom icons to identify key points on maps. Color-coding makes data analysis simple while radius circles around groups of markers create bubble maps – plus, most browsers and mobile devices support Maptive!

User-friendly navigation and robust data analysis features make this product ideal for many different businesses. Users are consistently impressed by the company’s customer support; users often note their prompt and responsive service. In addition, their product updates based on customer feedback demonstrate their dedication to meeting the needs of their clients.

One of the most useful Maptive tools is the drive-time polygon tool, which lets users draw a radius circle by hours and minutes from any point on the map. This feature can help analyze consumer data, determine location proximity, assess overserved/underserved markets, and more. Plus, our map tool enables full customization of its visual appearance so you can view results in a format meaningful to you!

Google Maps

Google Maps is an innovative web-based mapping service from tech giant Google. Featuring satellite and aerial imagery, street maps, 360-degree panoramic views, route planning for travel by foot, car, bicycle, and public transit, as well as real-time traffic conditions, it allows you to download offline maps for use when internet signals are limited or nonexistent.

Google Maps’ success lies in its massive data collection capabilities. Notably, this task doesn’t fall to Google alone: instead, it collaborates with thousands of third-party sources that provide information about new roads and buildings, in addition to working closely with government agencies regarding road construction or issues that affect traffic flow.

Google Maps Distance Calculator makes it simple and accurate to determine the distance between two cities or locations on a map. Enter city names or coordinates in lat long format, hit measure, and see your results! They can be displayed as a straight line or by road, depending on your preference, as well as air distance (great circle distance) when choosing “As the Crow Flies.”

To start measuring, click the point where you want your measurement to begin, and click a second point on the map where it should end. A total distance will then be displayed at the bottom of this page – should you require more points, keep clicking additional ones until your path has been measured thoroughly.

Not only can Google Maps display road distance, but it also gives a map of terrain between two places by selecting “Hills and Mountains” from its dropdown menu of view types. Google uses various algorithms to identify the optimal route between two cities – these may include shortening it by distance, fastening up speed, or providing alternative routes that could save both time and money. Lastly, fuel consumption estimates can also be provided along with potential alternatives that could save both time and money! It is a free online tool available across desktop computers, tablets, and smartphone platforms – perfect for desktop computers, smartphones, or any mobile device!


If you need to determine the distance between two cities, using an online tool like MapQuest may be your solution. This free service requires no downloads and provides driving directions and maps worldwide. To begin using it, enter both addresses of locations you wish to calculate distance between and click “Calculate distance”; results will then appear on a map connected by straight lines using geodesic calculations that take into account Earth’s curvature for accurate results.

MapQuest can help you quickly and affordably navigate any location, be it a restaurant, hotel, or other business. Plus, it will calculate your gas mileage to reduce costs! Plan multiple destinations simultaneously using traffic conditions to plan an optimal route; share it easily with friends or coworkers!

MapQuest, one of the pioneers in online mapping services, pioneered by free services such as Google Maps and Apple Maps but slowly lost market share as smartphones became more widespread. Finally sold to System1 in October 2019, it eventually vanished altogether.

One factor leading to MapQuest’s downfall was its inability to keep pace with competitors such as Google and Apple Maps, both offering features not available on MapQuest, such as real-time traffic data and searchable databases of locations. Furthermore, these services were preinstalled on mobile phones, allowing them to become far more widely used than MapQuest.

Mapquest or Google Maps mapping services rely on algorithms to accurately reflect distances. While they use established roadways and popular routes as a basis, this may not always accurately reflect your actual journey if shortcuts or alternate routes exist.

Even with its limitations, MapQuest still holds its own in business environments. Beyond simply providing driving directions, it offers features that are helpful for logistics and delivery-based businesses, such as printing out route plans and offering an expense calculator in the United States for fuel expenses incurred on business trips.


OSM (OpenStreetMap) is a crowdsourced map of the world created free and collaboratively through 1.5 million contributors working mainly as volunteers. Often called “Wikipedia of maps,” its database covers over 86% of Earth. There are various open-source and proprietary products built upon OSM that allow editing or routing on maps generated using its data.

OSM is an international community of mappers who collaborate to produce a free and detailed global map using information about roads, cafes, and railway stations from around the globe. This diverse and passionate group utilizes GPS devices, aerial imagery, and low-tech field maps for accuracy, as well as blogs, user diaries, and the OpenStreetMap website to share their work.

Data provided by Volunteer Earth is free for everyone to use and is constantly being updated by volunteers from around the globe. Its data can be used for navigation, routing, scientific mapping, and education – such as navigation or routing applications – making it a fantastic resource for students learning geography, allowing them to explore the world like never before with traditional maps created by government agencies and companies.

OSM database is an immense, ever-evolving resource. With comprehensive coverage of streets, rivers, pharmacies, and forests around the globe – not to mention detailed analysis of urban environments at a scale that would otherwise be impossible with Google Maps – OSM makes a powerful addition to research, mapping, and navigation toolbox.

The OpenStreetMap (OSM) database is maintained by the OpenStreetMap Foundation, an English and Wales-incorporated organization established with the aim of encouraging the growth, development, and distribution of free geospatial data. Members help support the foundation while receiving benefits such as access to training resources and fellow mappers as members; corporate membership for businesses who wish to use it is available as membership costs PS15 annually or is free for active contributors – more information can be found on their website or using their free distance tool by entering two address locations and clicking “Calculate Distance,” which will display their distance in miles or kilometers between these addresses based on as-the-crow flies distance calculations between addresses in miles or kilometers based on as-the-crow-flies distance.

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