How to Make Smooth Stone in Minecraft


Smooth stone blocks are an advanced variation of regular stone blocks with more refined textures, offering excellent opportunities for creating various blocks and structures in Minecraft.

Blast Furnaces can also be created, which smelt iron ores much faster than ordinary furnaces. Furthermore, you can use them to craft six Smooth Stone Slabs.

Crafting Table

Minecraft players often prefer smooth stone for its superior appearance; it can be made by smelting regular blocks together!

The process is relatively straightforward and only requires a crafting table, Cobblestone, and a Furnace for completion. Place some smooth stone on the bottom row of your crafting table before adding one block of Cobblestone in its middle slot and one Iron ingot on top. Fill up empty spaces with fuel for smelting – such as coal or wood – when your progress bar has filled up, then drag and drop into inventory!

Crafting smooth stone in Minecraft serves many functions, from resistance to explosions to sleek appearance. But its primary use lies in creating a Blast Furnace; this particular furnace can smelt metal ores faster than regular furnaces, making it an essential upgrade when mining higher-level ores.

Players can create smooth stone slabs by stacking three smooth stones horizontally next to one another on the crafting table row, creating six smooth stone slabs that can be used like regular blocks. Furthermore, smooth stone slabs may also be used as stairs; repeating slabs should be used for optimal results, and no gaps will remain between steps.

Smooth stones can be found across the overworld and should be relatively straightforward to collect, barring any exceptional circumstances such as an enchantment that makes picking up rocks difficult. They can also be created using a stonecutter purchased from butcher’s houses in snowy or plains villages.

Slabs can be used to craft various structures, from stairs and walls to fences and paths or large structures like houses and castles. Slabs can also be combined into armor stands created using six slabs and an iron ingot.


Players in Minecraft can construct various structures from stone blocks. It is one of the more accessible blocks in the game and can be found almost everywhere. Stone is also essential in protecting bases against hostile mobs, spawn-proofing them against attack by hostile mobs; plus, its sleek design makes it a popular choice when building houses or other buildings.

Create smooth stone with Minecraft relatively quickly using a furnace, cobblestones, and fuel. To construct the furnace, players should arrange eight cobblestone blocks around the edge of a crafting grid while leaving one slot open; once completed, add coal into place of the furnace and some flammable fuel source such as wood or lava. Once fuel has been added, please wait for it to cook, and then watch as your cobblestone turns into smooth stone!

Once players possess these blocks, they can use them for numerous applications in their bases and builds. For instance, these blocks can be used to craft staircases with unique, sleek designs; additionally, they’re highly resistant to explosions – perfect for those attempting to spawn-proof their bases. Furthermore, they make an ideal material for building walls since creepers or other mobs won’t quickly destroy it.

Smooth stone is not only used as an ordinary construction block; it can also be used to craft blast furnaces – advanced furnaces capable of smelting items more rapidly than regular furnaces and used for turning ore into valuable metals and resources. Players can upgrade existing furnaces by lining the bottom slots with smooth stone.

Smooth stone may be hard to come by in-game, but crafting it can still be done. One method involves using the /give command with another player’s name or ID, placing three smooth stones in the bottom slots of a crafting table, or visiting villages and looking for Armourer Houses, which might generate blast furnaces that players can hit with their pickaxes when the Armourer isn’t looking – providing another source for smooth stones!


Cobblestone is one of the most versatile building blocks in Minecraft, as it can be used to construct various structures ranging from walls and houses to dungeons and weapons and tools crafted out of it. Plus, cobblestone makes an excellent road surface. Although not as strong as stone blocks, cobblestone remains a practical building material supporting many Minecraft buildings.

Cobblestone can be obtained in Minecraft through mining with a pickaxe or crafting it in a furnace. Not only is cobblestone an inexpensive block to make, but its uses extend far beyond simple cost considerations; for instance, it is resistant to explosions and can be stacked 64 blocks high – plus, its uniform look makes it an excellent choice when building houses or fortresses.

Cobblestone generators provide a quick and straightforward way to access an endless supply of cobblestone blocks in Minecraft. Once constructed, these contraptions automatically spawn one cobblestone block every second. Cobblestone generators are especially beneficial for Skyblock game modes that start players out with limited resources compared to survival modes like Survival.

To create a cobblestone generator, players need to dig a 14 rectangular trench on the ground and line it with either ice or water blocks (that won’t melt when exposed to lava), followed by placing a lava bucket between each line of blocks – once everything is correctly configured, lava should flow into falling water and create cobblestone blocks!

This process can be repeated as many times as desired, with each successive block of cobblestone generated automatically spawning another. These blocks will be stored in a chest that can be accessed anytime using the /chest command.

Cobblestone is an integral resource in Minecraft, as it can be used to construct various structures and farms. Naturally found in dungeons, caves, and underground tunnels, it may be limited in supply; to ensure you always have enough cobblestone, it’s essential to set up an automated cobblestone farm for optimal production.

Smooth Stone Slabs

While Minecraft structures usually consist of cobblestone blocks, occasionally, you might want to make an eye-catching statement and build something out of smooth stone instead. Unfortunately, smooth stone is more difficult to come by in Minecraft, requiring some smelting. However, there are various methods you can use, such as crafting tables and furnaces to produce this block.

Suppose you need multiple blocks of smooth stone for a large structure. In that case, one way of producing them quickly is by aligning three soft stone blocks horizontally in a crafting table row and stacking them vertically next to one another – this will give you six half-height slabs that are half as tall as regular slabs in-game. Alternatively, use a stonecutter to turn these smooth stones into slabs slowly.

To create smooth stone slabs, open the crafting menu on your bench and choose Stonecutter from the bottom row. Next, put an iron ingot in the top square before adding your smooth stone blocks and the Slab Recipe recipe – creating six slabs that can be used in crafting recipes.

Slabs of smooth stone are typically used in wall construction. While more costly than cobblestone, these slabs add a high-gloss, polished finish to any structure they touch – perfect for use as bases for houses or pathways through your world!

Various recipes require smooth stone, but one of its most prevalent uses is crafting a blast furnace. This can be accomplished by placing three soft stone blocks along a crafting table in an assembly line and stacking five iron ingots on their respective outside blocks; placing another regular furnace in the middle creates an efficient new smelting block, which allows players to quickly smelt metals like iron and copper much quicker than usual – an effective way of rapidly increasing ingot production!