How to Mute Someone on Instagram


Instagram allows mute accounts that post Stories, making this feature useful if someone posts annoying or offensive material.

Instagram makes it simple and discretely straightforward to mute posts, stories, and messages from anyone without notifying them that you have done so.

How to mute someone’s posts

Instagram provides various options to restrict access to your content publicly and privately, including muting posts and Stories by someone. This feature can be particularly effective at blocking unwanted users who post inappropriate material; however, muted users may still see your posts when visiting directly. However, muting is not anonymous, unlike blocking or restricting someone’s access, and they will be informed that you have muted them.

To mute someone’s posts, open Instagram and navigate directly to their user profile. Either tap on their username from your feed or search using Instagram’s built-in search function (magnifying glass second from left at the bottom of your screen). When you find their profile, tap the ellipses icon near their name and select either Follow Mute Posts or Mute Stories options from their drop-down menu.

While viewing someone’s Story, you can mute their Story by tapping the three-dot menu in the upper-right-hand corner and choosing “Mute Stories.” This will remove them from your feed, but they will still be viewable directly via their profile page. When muzzling someone, they won’t even know you have muted them!

Muting posts is an easy and effective way to reduce the amount of content you see on Instagram, whether from an ex-partner or colleague who consistently posts flower stock photos and vague inspirational quotes you don’t enjoy. Plus, muting them won’t notify them, so it’s an effective way of taking a break without hurting their feelings! Plus, you can undo any mutes at any time!

How to mute someone’s stories

Are you following someone on Instagram without wanting to see their posts or Stories appear in your feed? Or perhaps your group chat has become overwhelming, and you need a break. With Instagram’s mute feature, it is a simple and discreet way of getting rid of unwanted noise in group chats – without them even knowing!

To mute someone’s stories on Instagram, scroll to their story and long press. This will open a menu with two options for muzzling their story only or their story and posts. Choose your desired option from this menu – their stories won’t reappear in your feed, but you can still access their profile and send direct messages directly.

You can mute someone’s Stories from their profile page by tapping the three-dot menu and choosing Hide Story. There, you have options for either muzzling their stories or posts (or both!), with no notification going out to that individual that they have been muted.

As well as postings and Stories, Instagram offers another option for muting: Direct messages and video calls from people you don’t wish to interact with. Their messages will still appear in your DMs, but no push notifications will appear until you manually navigate your Messages tab. Likewise, no warnings will be given when someone initiates a video call with you.

When deciding whether to block someone on Instagram, talking to them directly before taking action is the best approach. However, if their behavior continues to make you uncomfortable, an account block could help avoid their content and notifications.

Instagram offers a filter function to allow users to mute specific words or phrases in comments, making this tool particularly helpful if someone keeps sending spam or offensive statements and you want them to stop appearing in your feed. But beware: blocking someone can also prevent them from accessing your profile; therefore, it is wise to carefully consider all options before deciding.

How to mute someone’s direct messages

If you want to keep following someone but find their posts annoying, muting them on Instagram may be the solution. You can still message this person, while their posts won’t clutter your feed and won’t even know you have muted them – making it a win-win for all involved!

Launch the Instagram app and visit their profile to mute someone on Instagram. When viewing their page, you should see three dots in the top-right corner – tap these and choose “Mute.” After doing this, you can mute their posts, stories, or both; once quieted, they won’t appear in your feed; however, you may still view photos and videos on their profile page.

Instagram makes it easy to mute someone’s posts, Stories, or GITV previews by logging into your account and browsing their profile. Select three dots at the top right of the account page, then “Mute.” Then you can mute posts, Stories, or both of their accounts.

It is essential to keep in mind when muzzling someone on Instagram: it won’t prevent you from seeing their comments on posts you follow or from viewing their private stories or direct messages, nor from being tagged by them in posts or comments. In addition, if someone violates Instagram’s community guidelines by posting something inappropriate, they will be informed via their notifications system.

If your opinion changes and you wish to unmute someone, open Instagram and navigate directly to their profile. There’s an easily recognizable menu from the Following button above their photo grid; here, you can unmute posts, Stories, or both without alerting the other person of your action – making this an easy way of taking a break without offending anyone!

How to unmute someone’s posts

Instagram is a viral social network that allows users to share images and videos with their friends and followers and privately communicate through its built-in messaging feature. If someone bothers you too much on Instagram, follow these steps to mute them:

To mute someone on Instagram, navigate directly to their profile by tapping their profile image in your feed or searching for their username in the search bar. When you find their profile, tap on their ellipses next to their name and select “Mute.” From here, you can choose whether you wish to block posts, stories, or both; once muted, they won’t appear in either your feed, Reels, or IGTV preview sections of the app – though they will still receive notifications when you post something or tag them in one.

After you have muted someone, to unmute them, return to their profile and tap on the ellipses next to their username. From here, you can choose to unmute posts or stories. After unmuting someone, their posts/stories no longer appear in your feed or IGTV preview section of the app, and their messages won’t appear in Direct.

Alternatively, you can mute someone’s Instagram Direct messages by tapping the three little dots next to their name in your message list. This will prevent calls, letters, and chat notification alerts from them and can be turned back off later by toggling this switch off again.

Note that when muted in Instagram settings, you cannot block or delete their account. Instead, report them if they use Instagram for bullying or harassment – Instagram will review any complaints filed and take appropriate measures (i.e., remove their account/ban them from using the platform if applicable).