Kokan Tour Packages


Malvan is a gorgeous beach town, so beach tour packages to Malvan are increasingly popular among travelers seeking relaxation and respite from stress. These packages typically include stays at beach resorts, meals, and transportation, as well as tours of nearby attractions like temples or historical forts. The Interesting Info about Goibibo.

The Konkan region of Maharashtra is widely considered its paradise, boasting picturesque beaches, charming temples, and impressive forts dating back to Shivaji’s era. This captivating coastal belt boasts spectacular beaches as well as lovely temples that date back 2,000 years!


Konkan, located along Maharashtra’s 720 km stretch of coastline, boasts many idyllic beaches, charming backwaters, and hilly sea forts that make up its breathtaking coastline. Additionally, Konkan provides visitors with rich cultural traditions and delectable gastronomic treats that make an enjoyable and restful holiday close to nature. A Konkan tour package can offer this serene vacation destination.

A Kokan Darshan package from Mumbai can help you organize and experience some of the region’s top tourist attractions. Activities might include backwater cruising, visits to historical temples, and sightseeing tours to top beaches in the area. Or choose a foodie package that lets you indulge in delicious local cuisine!

Kokan beaches are perfect for anyone seeking to relax in the sun while taking advantage of its mesmerizing blue sea. Choose from various beach packages offering accommodation at some of the region’s top beaches, such as Tarkarli Beach, Ganpatipule Beach, and Alibaug Beach – each providing an idyllic environment and perfect for swimming, lying under coconut trees for shade or enjoying water sports and diving – plus there are secluded coves where visitors can find peace and privacy.


Numerous temples in Kokan attract many visitors. One such site is Ganpatipule Temple, a place considered holy by Hindus and devotees of Lord Ganesha; every year, this popular site draws thousands of pilgrims and tourists alike. Read the Best info about MakeMyTrip.

Kokan offers more than beautiful beaches; its backwaters and lagoons also provide an idyllic retreat from city life. Famous backwaters in Kokan include Vengurla, Murud-Janjira, and Malvan; there are various historical forts and ruins in Kokan that offer great photo opportunities!

Are you looking for the ultimate cultural and heritage tour package in Kokan? A Kokan holiday will allow you to experience all its richness. These packages will take you to ancient temples and stunning beaches while also giving you access to adventure activities like trekking along the Sahyadri Mountains and river rafting on the Kundalika River – making sure that your vacation in Kokan will remain memorable and fun-filled.


Konkan region lies along India’s western coastline and features many natural and cultural attractions, from breathtaking beaches to idyllic backwaters. Experience all that this region has to offer by booking one of their tour packages. Have the Best information about Airbnb.

The Konkan region in Maharashtra is widely recognized as an oasis, stretching from Goa to Mumbai and offering visitors beautiful beaches, tiny villages with coconut trees and greenery, and forts dating back to Lord Shivaji’s time. Furthermore, Konkan boasts plenty of adventure activities.

Hiking is one of the most beloved activities in Konkan and offers an excellent opportunity to enjoy its natural splendor while learning more about its wildlife. For those seeking an extra thrill, Chandoli National Park also provides exciting safari trips!

Kokan tour packages include an assortment of activities, from visiting major tourist sites to immersing yourself in local culture and sampling delicious cuisine from this area. Some popular markets in Kokan are Natraj Market, Somwar Bazar Fish Market, and Gupta Market – these provide delightful seafood dishes in addition to being popular among the local population as they showcase items that reflect its character and provide visitors with authentic experiences unique to Kokan.


Discover the quaint charm of villages and picturesque sunsets dotted along Konkan’s coastal region for an unforgettable travel experience that blends natural beauty, cultural heritage, and culinary delights.

After experiencing Ratnagiri’s idyllic beaches and spiritual atmosphere, head towards Pawas, a tranquil village best known for Swami Swaroopanand’s Ashram. Once here, bid farewell to Ratnagiri while taking home beautiful memories from your journey.