Lily Rose Flower – The Newest Trend in Lilies


Lily rose flowers are the latest trend in lily cultivation. Pollen-free and with either no aroma or a light, pleasant one, these stunning blossoms combine the beauty of roses with those of lilies to form one magnificent specimen.

Wim Van Schie, one of the pioneering decorum growers, pioneered this unique variety of lily for years and was among the first to cultivate it as a pot plant – making it an excellent addition to gardens and patios.

The Meaning of Roselily Flowers

Like many types of flowers, rose lily has many symbolic meanings and associations. Rose lilies are typically associated with romance and passion – making them popular choices for wedding bouquets – as well as feminine qualities and motherhood (making them great gifts for mothers, grandmothers, and other influential women in one’s life). Roselily blossoms also reportedly have strong spiritual influences that help promote inner peace and tranquility.

Roselily flowers have long been seen as symbols of renewal and hope, as reminders that there is always hope for the future despite seemingly tricky or painful situations. Additionally, their perennial status makes them perfect to decorate religious celebrations with.

Lilies are often seen at funerals as symbols of purity and innocence. Additionally, lilies represent hope and new beginnings as they symbolize Jesus Christ’s resurrection; they’re often associated with the Virgin Mary due to their association with her purity and virginity.

Rose lilies come in an assortment of colors, and each variety conveys a different meaning or symbolism. White Roselilies symbolize purity and innocence; pink represents love and admiration; yellow signifies friendship and joy; orange signifies enthusiasm and excitement. Furthermore, their number of petals also impacts what this flower means: odd numbers represent creativity, while even ones represent balance.

The Symbolism of Roselily Flowers

Lilies symbolize fertility and motherhood, making them popular choices for bridal bouquets. Furthermore, due to their beauty and elegance, their purity and rebirth associations make them appropriate choices for funerals, memorial services, and weddings.

Dreams often symbolize roses as symbols of love and romance, whereas lilies signify transformation and renewal. Lilies can also symbolize spiritual development by representing blooming ideas or awakening of the soul. Like lotuses, lilies symbolize life’s cycle as their petals open and close, similar to the birth/death cycle, and therefore connect closely to ideas of rebirth.

The Roselily is an exquisite hybrid between oriental and trumpet lilies, creating a truly magnificent flower with a delicate scent much milder than regular oriental varieties. Additionally, its long vase life makes this variety perfect for floral arrangements.

Greek mythology depicts the Lily as the daughter of Zeus and Hera. Due to her exquisite beauty, the Lily inspired envy amongst other gods, particularly Hebe, who was married to Hercules then. Zeus used this jealousy as an opportunity to put Hercules next to Hebe so she could nurse while simultaneously becoming His lover; when Hebe woke up from sleep, drops of Hebe’s milk fell onto the ground to create what eventually became known as lilies!

The lily is the national flower of Greece and Croatia. In Roman Catholicism, the Virgin Mary worshiped a lily as her symbol; globally, it stands for love, devotion, and sincerity of intentions – making the lily an appropriate way to symbolize peace.

The Origin of Roselily Flowers

Lilies are one of the world’s most beloved flower species, prized for their beauty, fragrance, and long vase life. Lilies have long been used as symbols of femininity, purity, motherhood, and renewal – making them an appropriate way to convey sympathy or condolences. More recently, however, roselily hybrid flowers have made a mark debut into floral design, boasting both species’ elegance yet their beauty all at once, making it perfect for all events and occasions.

De Looff Lily Innovation in the Netherlands first created Roselily flowers through an accidental mutation of an Oriental lily crop, producing pollen-free blooms with stunning double blossoms that were pollen-free. De Looff further refined and developed Roselily varieties without scent and light scent – now widely available around the globe for purchase.

Like other lilies, the Roselily series blooms best when placed in an environment with moderate fertility and slightly acidic soil conditions. They need weekly feeding of 150-200ppm nitrogen fertilizer during their growth season for best results, growing to 4 to 5 inches with blooms lasting three weeks each.

Rose lilies have long been associated with feminine energy, love, and marriage. Additionally, it serves as a symbol for Mary as she has often been depicted wearing roses and lilies throughout religious stories. Roselillies also bring peace, happiness, and harmony into homes – perfect gifts for mothers, sisters, wives, and girlfriends, decorating spaces, or gifting yourself!