Mangalagiri Pattu Dress Materials


Mangalagiri pattu sarees, handloom-woven in Guntur district from cotton and silk combinations, feature thick borders adorned with intricate zari threading that make this choice wedding attire for traditional Andhra women. Their pleated pallu often sports stripes as well as floral motifs; regional differences often dictate different ways of donning this style of saree.

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Cotton is a soft, flexible, and resilient natural fiber. As the most widely used textile worldwide, it can be manufactured into various products. Cotton can easily be dyed to achieve different hues while remaining breathable enough for comfortable wearing – plus, it’s machine-washable! Plus, it can withstand temperatures as high as 160 degrees Fahrenheit!

Cotton sarees, commonly referred to as Mangalagiri pattu sarees in Andhra, are widely worn due to their beautiful golden borders and intricate zari work. Known for its heavy zari border that typically features traditional patterns like paisleys or flowers woven onto it, some versions even feature a striped pallu, which features different colored threads woven throughout its width.

Mangalagiri semipattu is a handwoven fabric composed of cotton and silk blends that are commonly worn at weddings and religious festivals as special occasion attire, casual wear, or both. Cotton-silk blends are often woven into beautiful patterns for added elegance; moreover, modern and traditional designs may also be found among their range of colors and designs for semipattu dress materials.


Pure silk fabric can also be woven as mangalagiri pattu fabric by traditional weavers using handlooms. The charm of this type of saree lies in its thick border featuring delicate zari in conventional patterns, making them popular wedding wear among women in Andhra Pradesh. As with cotton varieties, this variety features striped pallu features as well; however, instead of solid colors, the threads used to weave it have various zari threads woven throughout it.

These elegant sarees often come in vibrant shades such as green, red, and pink and are highly sought-after for their beauty and elegance. However, in order to preserve their grandeur, they require constant care from professionals as they require professional dry cleaning to retain their splendor.