Mountain House Survival Food


Mountain House freeze-dried meals are popular with backpackers and survivalists for their lightweight packing capabilities, reducing pack weight while providing convenient cooking capabilities without taking up valuable space in their bags. This gives more time and room for essentials like food. What do you consider about food survival kits.

But are they adequate for an emergency? Read on, and you may be surprised. These meals offer an ideal alternative to a cheese, tortillas, and candy backpacking diet.

Weight Reduction

Backpacking requires managing pack weight effectively, so food must offer maximum nutrition per serving while taking up minimal space in your pack. Mountain House freeze-dried meals provide this opportunity – they are easy to prepare and will keep you energized for your journey!

Mountain House Foods has long been recognized for producing quality freeze-dried survival food products, known for being high in protein and calories to fuel hikers and outdoor adventurers. Their entrees feature healthy ingredients combined with tasty flavors for optimal hiking fuel. Plus, with a 10-year shelf life, these foods are great long-term emergency storage solutions.

One-year kits contain 1,200 calories daily – enough for survival; hunting or foraging supplies should also be added for added nutritional value.

These freeze-dried meals offer another advantage: they’re lightweight and pack down small – meaning less room is taken up in your backpack, while their packaging makes opening and using it more straightforward.

Mountain House products stand out as being free of such ingredients and made with nutritious, high-quality ingredients that do not include preservatives – providing an alternative option that tastes good without leaving an unpleasant aftertaste behind.

This company offers an array of freeze-dried entrees, such as Pad Thai, Beef Stroganoff, and Chicken Dumplings, that will satisfy any appetite – perfect for hiking the Appalachian Trail or emergency survival food storage and preparation in minutes.

Cooking in the Pouch

Mountain House meals have long been regarded as the go-to source for backpacking food, dating back to their creation by the United States Special Forces during the Vietnam Conflict and later becoming popular with hikers, campers, and backpackers alike. Their quick preparation, delicious taste, and long shelf life have become staples.

One of the best features of emergency food supplies is that they can be prepared directly in their pouches, making it much simpler and faster to avoid making a mess while eating. Furthermore, this helps save water since no pot of boiling water needs to be prepared for you to create your meal – a beneficial feature in extreme weather conditions such as rain, snow, or high winds that make maintaining fire difficult.

Cooking in pouches offers several other advantages when packing survival supplies, including saving space and weight when packing survival kits. By repacking Mountain House dinners into freezer bags instead of individual Ziploc freezer bags, you could save up to 3.7 ounces on a five-meal trip – impressive weight savings when combined with more accessible storage of dinners in your bag when unused. Some backpackers even go so far as repacking meals into microwave-safe Ziploc freezer bags, which may save an additional 1/2 ounce per meal compared to prioritizing weight savings over bulkier packages!

Mountain House stands apart from other emergency food companies by pre-cooking their foods before packaging them in durable food-grade metal cans and foil pouches (rather than mylar). This gives their products an unmatched 30-year shelf life guarantee!

Mountain House food’s delicious flavors have won fans all across America, making them a go-to solution for busy families looking for quick meal solutions or anyone simply seeking to simplify mealtime planning. Just add water for convenient preparation – perfect for on-the-go lifestyles!

30-Year Shelf Life

Mountain House has long been known as an industry leader in freeze-dried foods and is trusted for outdoor adventures, emergency preparedness, and survival. Their freeze-dried meals offer just-add-water convenience with no messy cleanup afterward and delicious home-cooked recipe flavor reminiscent of home. Boasting one of the longest proven shelf lives available today, Mountain House meals make an excellent addition to your emergency food storage plan.

Mountain House freeze-dried food is designed for portability, with 98% of its water removed, making it lightweight and portable. Plus, their premium packaging protects it from light and moisture, extending shelf-life for up to 30 years! Fast rehydrating properties also make this dehydrated food brand perfect for camping trips, survival adventures, or hectic days when no time for cooking can be found – perfect for camping trips, weekend survival adventures, or rushed days when there simply is no time for cooking!

When purchasing freeze-dried foods, be mindful of how many servings you require and the space in your pantry or backpack. Also, remember that certain products need hot water to rehydrate, while others can be eaten right out of their pouch. Furthermore, try looking for high-protein foods with low-fat content to not consume too many calories at once.

Select an authentic Mountain House survival food source to avoid potentially hazardous repackaged products. Many retailers sell inferior freeze-dried foods at lower costs to save money. However, these foods may not provide as much nutrition or may be more challenging to prepare than their genuine counterparts.

Legacy Food Storage is an award-winning supplier of survival foods in the US, offering a selection of Mountain House meals to kick-start your emergency food storage plans. Free shipping within the contiguous United States, flexible payment options, and group discounts make Legacy an excellent value. Their customer service representatives can be reached online or over the phone to answer questions and ensure you get maximum value from their purchases.

Taste Guarantee

Mountain House meals remain delicious for decades if adequately stored; OFD Foods surveyed long-term emergency food consumers and found that their primary expectation from emergency foods is not “will survive” but “will taste good.” As such, Mountain House products come backed by their Taste Guarantee for your peace of mind.

Mountain House survival food is an ideal solution for long-term storage, camping, backpacking, and RV excursions; freeze-dried meals make an excellent emergency food item in disaster preparedness.

These meals are deliciously easy and quick to make! Constructed from natural ingredients such as noodles, potatoes, and beef cooked before being frozen and freeze-dried to retain maximum flavor, these comforting dishes bring the taste of home into any kitchen! Enjoy them as is, or use them to rehydrate other liquids such as water, juice, and milk!

With their long shelf life and 30-year taste guarantee, these Mountain House emergency food supply packages make an excellent investment for any family or group. Their longer shelf life and lower cost-per-serving than fresh foods make them cost-effective in times of uncertainty; plus, you can choose from 2-day, 4-day, or 5-day emergency packages to best prepare yourself.

These emergency food kits provide a balanced selection of fan-favorite meals in sturdy buckets that are convenient to transport and store. From breakfast options like Scrambled Eggs to hearty dinner choices like Chili Mac with Beef, these kits have all of what’s necessary for daily survival and are full of essential nutrients for energy.

Mountain House Food Buckets are an effective way to build or replenish an emergency food supply. Each food bucket provides nutritionally balanced survival foods that can be devoured in less than 10 minutes when mixed with hot water; alternatively, they may also be enjoyed using cold or room temperature water, although double the rehydration time is required.

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