Only Up Game


Only Up Game is an indie platformer that’s been making waves across the web, garnering interest from streamers around the globe and sparking a trend in online gaming.

As there is no save functionality in the game, when you die, it means hours of progress are lost forever. There are, however, workarounds for players looking to maintain their progression.


Only Up offers an intricate blend of precise movement and strategic decision-making, offering players an exhilarating combination of precision-based action and strategic decision-making. However, its highly challenging level design may leave some gamers frustrated as they work their way to the top only to lose progress along the way and go backward instead. Unfortunately, there is no save system or checkpoints, so gamers could spend hours trying to reach the goal only to lose it all and return backward instead.

SCKR Games‘ indie studio developed and released an addictive and challenging arcade-style game available on Steam called Ghetto World that is quickly gaining a following among streamers. Set in a ghetto world filled with buildings and structures extending high into the sky, Jackie is the player who must climb these twisty structures as quickly as possible to reach higher ground. Each obstacle that arises adds another difficulty to this thrilling yet addicting title.

Some of the challenges in the game include climbing over railway carts and using slipstreams to move up walls. Furthermore, the game consists of numerous pop culture references that will delight fans, such as featuring paintings of Freddie Mercury and an RV from Breaking Bad in its scenes. Furthermore, players can adjust the camera perspective to see better all actions taking place and the surroundings around them.

While the gameplay of these video games can be enjoyable and engaging, those new to them may find the lack of a save feature frustrating. Any mistake can send players hurtling down to the bottom of their screens; however, workarounds have been found – for instance, some Steam users have used mods to teleport characters to specific locations.

Only Up remains enjoyable despite lacking a save system, making it worthwhile if you enjoy challenging 3D platformers like Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy but offer its distinct twists. While its graphics may not be breathtaking, its adequate gameplay and catchy music compensate for its shortcomings.


Only Up Game offers striking and vibrant visuals, heightening the gaming experience and captivating players with impressive visuals. It has been carefully designed to offer as much immersion as possible, and its beautiful visuals will surely impress players. Furthermore, its unique gameplay and engaging storyline have received praise. Plus, regular updates from its developer have ensured a large and devoted player base!

The latest update to Only Up Game was an immediate success with players, yet it has also created some debate. This update makes the game considerably more straightforward, which many users found unacceptable; many claimed that its original difficulty level is what made playing fun, so it would be a shame if its removal is taken away from players.

Others argue otherwise, noting that the new difficulty level remains equally challenging and rewarding yet will no longer provide as much pleasure in watching streamers struggle through it all live. They claim the original difficulty level was perfect for watching streamers struggle and lose the progress they worked so hard for.

If you’re experiencing lag or stuttering in Only Up, there are several steps you can take to rectify it. Restarting your computer could help, as would using Outbyte Driver Updater; this tool automatically identifies and downloads the latest drivers for your system while helping resolve any conflicts between apps and GPUs. Once these drivers have been installed, smooth gaming in Only Up can resume!

The game’s concept is straightforward: you control a young man who must climb as high as possible using platforms or structures as aids; any time they falls, they must begin again from scratch. The game quickly gained a following on Twitch and quickly became one of their favorites among popular streamers; even gaming podcasts covered it! Despite its apparent simplicity, however, this challenging yet intricate title offers multiple challenges. Reaching the sky may prove difficult at first; with dedication and practice, however, you may achieve your goal!


That Sound Game can be an enjoyable team-based party game if you don’t mind hearing yourself through your speakers or headphones, especially after drinking excessively and becoming over-energetic. Like Taboo, but on an epic scale, This Sound Game takes Taboo one step further by forbidding onomatopoeia (which generally would not be taboo). Although initially comfortable, its unsteady controls and awkward microphone input may make for an uncomfortable experience; eventually, finding your rhythm becomes easier.


Only Up is an intriguing game quickly becoming popular in the streaming community. Although challenging and nerve-wracking to play, with one misstep sending you plunging backward from where you started if one wrong move goes awry, once finished, it provides immense personal satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment.

The gameplay concludes when you reach a metallic platform above the clouds and see an astronaut with his spaceship launch into space. After this happens, a short clip shows an astronaut thanking you for making it to the area!

Uncertain of what happens in the end, this game seems to convey that any goal can be reached if only you keep fighting hard enough – an inspirational message that many players from underprivileged backgrounds can easily relate to.

TikTok and YouTube audiences alike have fallen in love with this indie game due to its risky yet challenging gameplay. Climbing all the odd structures and objects may not be easy; one misstep could cause you to fall and forfeit all your progress, but with patience and practice, you may reach the pinnacle of world success!