Open Site Explorer Review


OSE is a backlink analysis tool that businesses can utilize to assess competitors’ link profiles and enhance SEO efforts. This tool offers numerous metrics and data points that will assist companies in optimizing their link profiles for optimized websites. The best guide to finding Mix Authority Backlinks.

SEOmoz’s new OSE tool is an alternative to Yahoo Site Explorer with several critical advantages over its competitor – filter links easily and compare domains more quickly!


Open Site Explorer is an online backlink analysis tool designed to allow businesses to gain insight into both their own website’s link profile and those of competitors. This can help optimize SEO efforts and make more data-driven decisions while simultaneously uncovering link-building opportunities.

Moz, a leading provider of search engine optimization (SEO) software and services, created what was then known as Link Explorer as part of its comprehensive suite of SEO software and services. Since its debut, the tool has gained immense popularity among marketers and SEO professionals thanks to its ability to offer insights into a website’s backlink profile – an indispensable asset for those hoping to increase organic rankings on Google.

For users to begin using OSE, they first must register with Moz and create an account on its website. After they log in and access their tool by entering the URL of the website they wish to analyze, OSE displays an inbound link list as well as relevant metrics and data points about that particular domain.

OSE provides more than just inbound links; it shows recently lost and gained backlinks for your site, along with providing a side-by-side comparison of domain authority and page authority between each linked website. Users can compare various link metrics, including inbound links, recently discovered links, top pages, linking domains, anchor text reports, and advanced reports for easy comparison. Get the Best information about Google Booster.


Opensiteexplorer’s paid version provides businesses with more comprehensive insights and data that can assist with evaluating their backlink profiles, identifying any issues, and making informed decisions to enhance SEO performance. In addition, paid users gain access to additional tools and features not available with free versions, such as competitor research, link auditing, and more.

Moz’s open site explorer tool enables marketers to analyze and evaluate their website’s backlink profile, helping them assess areas for improvement in SEO efforts and guarantee higher search engine results rankings.

OSE’s free version only provides five results per domain and displays a small selection of links pointing back to your site, providing only an overview. While helpful in understanding where any gaps or weaknesses lie in your inbound link profile, Raven Tools or similar tools offer more in-depth analyses that could potentially make up for its limited capabilities. An exceptionally fantastic fact about Link Pyramid.

OSE is one of the leading backlink checker tools on the market, providing businesses with access to an array of metrics and data to optimize SEO performance on websites. Companies can gain invaluable insight by studying competitor backlinks to gain greater insight into their SEO strategies, learning from both the successes and failures of rival businesses. In addition to offering free searches of OSE, Moz also offers paid subscription plans, which provide unlimited searches as well as more in-depth reports.


OSE offers businesses an impressive set of metrics and data they can utilize to optimize their website’s backlink profile and enhance SEO efforts. It provides insights into inbound link profiles, such as domain and page authority, as well as spam scores and anchor text distribution.

Studies can also help businesses recognize opportunities by analyzing competitors’ websites and making more informed decisions regarding their SEO strategy. A deeper understanding of a competitor’s backlink profile gives firms an edge and drives more organic traffic to their site.

OSE’s latest version boasts some impressive new features that will assist businesses in optimizing their backlink profile and enhancing SEO efforts. For example, it now shows a website’s total links as well as any unique linking root domains (or unique URLs that link directly to it) while providing insight into both follow and nofollow inbound links.

Domain and page authorities of websites can be used to predict how well they’ll rank on Google, while SpamHunter can detect spammy inbound links by recognizing which anchor texts are most often used when linking back. When too many exact-match keyword anchor texts appear in an inbound link profile, SpamHunter raises red flags.


Open Site Explorer, although only recently released, has already garnered much positive response. As an excellent competitor to Majestic SEO and used for analyzing backlink profiles and finding link opportunities, OSE provides excellent services without taking up too much of one’s time – a perfect option for people wanting to spy on competitors without spending too much money or time doing it!

It also offers an array of features like link intersect, which enables you to search for sites linking multiple competitors but not you – an invaluable prospecting tool – another critical feature is broken link checking on competitor sites – which is essential for maintenance and quality control purposes.

However, some aspects could be improved upon. Comparison between metrics would be helpful, and it would be great to have an overview guide for each of the analysis tabs. Furthermore, being able to view which pages contain inbound links but don’t appear in OSE would also be invaluable. Finally, having access to historical data would allow for tracking how many links have been gained or lost over time, which is also highly desirable.