PFA Hose For Semiconductor Manufacturing


PFA tubing is a crucial element in electronics chip manufacturing, providing an efficient fluid and gas transfer system. Resistant to harsh production environments and chemicals, PFA tubing helps ensure a pure manufacturing process. Get the Best information about PFA slang voor semiconductors.

PFA tubing features a smooth surface finish to provide dry lubrication for wires and components and comes in both four-foot and 28-foot lengths to mirror its use by customers.

Versilon(tm) HP PFA 400

If chemical resistance and purity are essential components for semiconductor manufacturing, Versilon HP PFA 400 tubing from Saint-Gobain offers the perfect solution. This flexible chemical transfer tube was specifically engineered to withstand harsh chemicals while providing outstanding purity levels that make this flexible transfer tube perfect. Furthermore, its smooth surface inner bore allows efficient batch-to-batch cleanout and purging operations.

Version ™ HP PFA tubing is an ideal component for Furon FuseBondTM manifolds and assemblies, from fractions of an inch on wafer processing equipment to several inches in your chemical distribution systems. It can also be used with other applications requiring superior chemical resistance and purity, including wafer processing equipment. Made from specifically validated raw PFA materials that undergo stringent quality control tests, Versilon HP PFA comes in standard and custom sizes, including interchangeable System Piece fittings for better performance!

Versilon(tm) HP PFA 500

No matter the temperature or chemical type, our HP PFA tubing provides superior diffusion and chemical resistance. Its unique molecular structure helps fight ionic contamination, is nonreactive with most chemicals, and features double containment for increased purity with reduced extractable levels, making it a fantastic option for semiconductors, laboratories, environmental, pharmaceutical industries, etc.

Our HP PFA Coax Tubing (formerly Furon Fuse Bond Pipe) is specifically designed to safeguard fragile communication fibers from contaminants while transporting chemicals in the semiconductor industry. Constructed of high-purity PFA and virgin FEP blend, our tubing provides maximum media contamination protection while simultaneously offering increased safety to both workers and equipment.

PFA heat shrink tubing makes an exceptional electrical insulator when stretched over wires or cables when shrunk over them. It is often used in the construction of wire harnesses due to its superior dielectric properties and ability to withstand wide temperature ranges and chemical exposure. PFA outshines its rival PTFE when exposed to harsh environments, maintaining mechanical integrity through thick coatings while protecting metal roll covers, temperature probes, or cable terminations from abrasion damage; in addition, PFA tubing is commonly employed as a splicing aid in designed applications or repairs made on site.

Versilon(tm) HP PFA 700

Version HP PFA 700 was specifically developed to meet the stringent sanitary standards associated with semiconductor processes, offering superior chemical resistance and diffusion resistance. Saint-Gobain has strict material quality controls, state-of-the-art process monitoring capabilities, and outstanding customer service, all factors that explain why industry leaders worldwide rely on Versilon PFA tubing.

HORIBA Advanced Techno Co., Ltd has designed and manufactured an accurate hydrogen peroxide concentration monitor with a sanitary structure and completely PFA-wetted parts, featuring an auto-ranging function to achieve optimal performance at each target concentration suited for semiconductor processes. Manufactured by HORIBA Advanced Techno Co. Ltd.

Tubing designed to save both time and money when installing dual containment systems is ideal for the semiconductor industry and other applications requiring high purity, chemical resistance, and premium safety features.

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