Pokimane Open Shirt During League of Legends Livestream


Imane Anys, better known by her online handle “Pokimane,” has amassed millions of followers across various platforms and is one of the most well-known streamers on Twitch. Widely recognized as an industry figure and pro-League of Legends player, she is seen by many as one of the faces of Twitch.

On November 15, she experienced a wardrobe malfunction, which exposed her nipples to viewers of her broadcast. Although quickly removed from VOD, users on Reddit downloaded and spread it widely.

Embarrassing Wardrobe Malfunction Faced By Pokimane

Pokimane, as one of the most renowned streamers on Twitch, is widely respected throughout the world, with millions of followers across all social media platforms. But this week, she experienced a wardrobe malfunction during the livestream that has caused concern from her followers and left her worried.

Pokimane unintentionally had her shirt open during a broadcast of Overwatch 2 on November 15th and exposed her breasts for all viewers to see. Once aware that she had done this, Pokimane quickly paused the video broadcast in order to hide herself and recover before continuing to play Overwatch.

Reacting quickly, viewers shared footage from this embarrassing event on Twitter and Reddit. Pokimane quickly removed VOD streaming; however, users were still able to gain access via archived links on social media platforms.

Many fans of Pokimane have expressed their concerns following an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction, but she has yet to address it publicly or face any repercussions from Twitch in terms of a ban for this incident.

As many commenters noted, this oops moment was accidental and not intentional. Others have pointed out that the situation wasn’t too serious as she wore nipple covers that concealed any nudity visible to others.

Pokimane had reported being targeted by an illegal lingerie company scam that attempted to lure her into sending sexual photos of herself.

However, many viewers were still delighted by the broadcast and were particularly charmed by Pokimane and Kevin’s dynamic. Viewers found their interaction on-stream to be immensely entertaining as they have an extraordinary rapport between them; additionally, their following has significantly expanded on social media due to discussing topics ranging from relationships to food, which is genuinely unique for any Twitch lover!

Video Leaked On Twitter And Reddit

On November 15, popular Twitch streamer Pokimane Anys had to remove an embarrassing video from her YouTube account after an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction occurred during her live Overwatch 2 broadcast. With millions of followers across multiple platforms and widely recognized as one of Twitch’s key personalities, Pokimane took a short break during the broadcast; when she returned, it had come undone, exposing her chest.

The video quickly went viral on Twitter and Reddit, sparking widespread outrage amongst its audience. Many individuals are eager to understand more about its contents – which are thought to contain explicit material.

Though no longer accessible on YouTube, users were quickly downloading it and sharing it across social media platforms such as Twitter. Furthermore, this contentious video became one of the top trending topics.

In the video, the 26-year-old can be seen wearing a black bra and panties, her hair loose in a messy bun, talking to her audience while playing Overwatch 2. But suddenly, she stops talking to them only to discover that her shirt has unzipped during this momentous game moment.

As she begins speaking, part of her chest becomes exposed, and her audience reacts by gasping in horror. After realizing her mistake and apologizing for allowing viewers to see her breasts, the streamer also states that she no longer plans on uploading the video.

This incident is a major embarrassment to a popular streamer previously renowned for her neat appearance. It is suspected that this video will lead to the suspension of her Twitch account; according to platform rules, streamers must take responsibility for all content produced during their broadcast, such as vulgar language or lewd material appearing during the broadcast, inappropriate images or videos appearing, etc.

Pokimane has managed to remain positive and supportive of her fans despite the scandalous episode, recently making a donation of $50k to UC Irvine Esports scholarships.

The Moroccan-Canadian Streamer’s Wardrobe Malfunction

Imane Anys, better known by her online alias Pokimane, is one of the most acclaimed streamers on Twitch with over 5.4 million followers and earned her place among the top female streamers. However, recently, she experienced an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction, which resulted in being banned by Twitch administrators.

On November 15, during a live Overwatch 2 broadcast, Pokimane took a short break and returned with her shirt open, exposing her breasts to viewers. Video footage soon surfaced online via Twitter and Reddit.

Pokimane did not respond to these concerns or address them herself; it remains unknown if any repercussions will come from Twitch in response to her behavior.

Forbes estimates that Pokimane earns an estimated monthly earnings of $4.6 Million through her partnership with OnlyFans – making her one of the highest-paid female streamers on their platform.

Pokimane has earned her place as an esteemed gaming figure with her honest opinions and forthright attitude, even drawing threats of violent attacks in response. Yet despite this, she continues to serve as a positive role model for young people.

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What Happened?

On November 15, Imane Anys, commonly known by her stream name Pokimane, took a short break during her broadcast, and upon returning, she noticed her shirt had slightly opened, revealing some of her breasts. This moment captured viewer attention and went viral across social media platforms.

Moroccan-Canadian vlogger Iman Hassan enjoys an enormous audience on Twitch, where she streams League of Legends games while documenting daily life videos. Furthermore, her YouTube channel boasts over 6.6 million subscribers – evidence of her vast reach and influence on social media.

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