Pure Harmony Dog Food Review


Pure Harmony offers a selection of wet foods designed to meet your pet’s needs, using quality ingredients without artificial preservatives or flavors – corn, wheat, or soy!

These ingredients are used to formulate different dishes with differing nutritional needs. Furthermore, they also add an extra flavorful element to our food.


Pure Harmony is a small pet food brand launched by Topco in 2016. Offering dry and wet mixes, their products can be found throughout most stores supplied by Topco, some smaller family-run pet stores, and online retailers.

Many of the company’s recipes incorporate high levels of meat as their primary source of protein, helping maintain healthy levels of fat and cholesterol in your pet’s diet. Furthermore, vegetables and fruits are included as an added touch, as these are known to support digestive health and solid immunity systems.

Some of the brand’s recipes incorporate legume ingredients such as peas and chickpeas into its grain-free pet food formulations; these legumes provide a good mix of carbohydrates, plant-based proteins, and fiber, yet may increase the risk for heart disease in canines.

Other ingredients added to their recipes include inulin, which is an all-natural source of soluble dietary fiber and prebiotics, and chelated minerals – minerals chemically bound to proteins for easier absorption by the body – and garlic powder, which some consider controversial as excessive quantities may be toxic to pets.

Vitamins & Minerals

Pure Harmony strikes a good balance between quality and price, offering options suitable for dogs of every life stage and stage of development. Their formulas are explicitly tailored to address many dietary requirements, including allergies or food sensitivities; some pet owners report visible health benefits from feeding Pure Harmony, including improved coat shine and digestion.

Topco dog food is manufactured entirely in the US, which provides peace of mind to dog owners looking for safe food that’s made locally. Unfortunately, however, they don’t disclose which facilities produce this food.

Pure Harmony dog foods begin with meat meals such as lamb, chicken, or fish to provide most of the protein content of each recipe, followed by an array of fruits and vegetables along with small amounts of grains.

Pure Harmony products utilize no preservatives to keep food fresh for your pet, an impressive feature considering many pet supply companies use these chemicals as shelf extenders with potentially adverse health consequences.

Overall, this brand provides an ideal balance of nutrients with balanced levels of protein and fat, supplemented by flaxseed, alfalfa meal, and peas as additional protein sources.

Overall Rating

Pure Harmony strikes an outstanding balance between quality and cost by offering nutritious formulas to meet all life stages, grain-free options, and no significant fillers- ensuring recipes with abundant nutrition! Plus, it has never been involved in any food recalls, further evidence that its practices adhere to stringent health and safety protocols.

Pure Harmony pet foods were introduced by Topco in 2016. Offering dry and wet dog food recipes tailored for puppies, adults, and seniors, as well as specialty formulas explicitly designed to meet any dietary requirements, this pet food offers something suitable for every type of dog or cat.

Pure Harmony pet foods feature meat as their primary ingredient but contain various fruits and vegetables for healthy nutrition. Furthermore, these pet food items do not contain artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives, which is an invaluable advantage over many other brands that often include additives that could potentially cause adverse health reactions in pets.

Pure Harmony offers extensive wet dog food products, such as lamb, chicken, and salmon recipes. These mixes can serve as supplements for existing diets or help transition dogs to something new gradually – this will prevent digestive issues or discomfort for both of you!

Final Words

Pure Harmony provides products to meet the needs of various breeds and life stages of pets. Incorporating grain-free options has also proven beneficial for animals with specific dietary restrictions. Many pet owners have reported noticeable health improvements since incorporating Pure Harmony food into their pet’s diet, such as improved digestion, healthier coats, and increased energy levels.

Pure Harmony’s dry food recipes include moderately sized portions of named meat meals and incorporate nutritious fruits and vegetables like carrots, sweet potatoes, peas, cranberries, and apples – an abundance of essential vitamins and minerals!

Pure Harmony stands out from its competition by not using fillers or artificial preservatives in their recipes, showing their commitment to offering safe and nutritious pet food products. This shows their pride in quality pet nutrition without adding harmful chemicals into their food that could harm pets’ health. This makes their meals both safe and delicious!

Topco has made it clear that all Pure Harmony pet foods manufactured within the US are produced at their plants without outsourcing, thus giving them greater control over product quality. They have also not experienced significant recall events, demonstrating their dedication to creating top-quality animal food.