Reasons to Choose Party Boat Rentals for Your Next Celebration


Imagine walking onto a beautifully decorated deck, filled with guests dressed to impress and listening to an upbeat DJ creating an electric atmosphere and prompting dance parties on board. The best guide to finding Malta Charters.

Private party boats usually include a captain and crew members to ensure passenger safety and will also offer food and beverages to you and your guests.

Personalized Experience

Imagine feeling the wind in your hair as you sail past city skylines while sipping champagne from an elegant yacht, all while sipping on party boat rentals – that is precisely the kind of experience party boat rentals provide for you and your guests. They also allow for more personalized experiences than most venues offer.

Finding the ideal party boat or yacht can be daunting for first-time planners. Understanding the differences between party boats and yachts, as well as what amenities may fit within their budget, will be necessary in order to select an appropriate option.

Tagvenue’s party boat rental platform can help make this decision much simpler! Complete our short form, and you will be shown all of the options that best meet your event – ticketed cruises, as well as private booze cruises, are all covered – get started now on your search for party boats!

Stunning Views

Party boat rentals provide all of the significant aspects of cruise travel without some of its downsides. Bypassing overcrowded spaces with intrusive strangers and instead enjoy stunning vistas from a fully equipped luxury yacht’s deck – making for great Instagram-worthy selfies against its beautiful waters or relaxing inside one of its cozy seats while sailing away on your birthday celebration!

Apart from your close friends and family, a private charter will feature only you, the crew, and any guests you invite aboard. Enjoy creating memories to last a lifetime in this intimate environment!

An unforgettable birthday treat: book a sunset cruise aboard this grandiose two-masted schooner. Take in stunning views of One World Trade Center, Ellis Island, and the Statue of Liberty while dining and sharing stories with loved ones aboard.

Live Music

Imagine sailing past New York City skylines while celebrating with friends on an elegant party boat – it is truly a fantastic experience, which explains why party boats have become such a staple at many events, including birthday parties and happy hours.

With the right company, you can also enjoy DJ or live music performances aboard. No matter if your tastes run to electronica, rock, or oldies – there will surely be something to please all aboard. Some ships provide sound systems so you can connect your device, while others may offer DJs or even an entire live band at an extra charge.

Planning a yacht or boat party can be an arduous task for some people, with numerous aspects to take into consideration, such as selecting the type of vessel desired, understanding costs and services, and fitting within your budget. But with proper research, you can easily find your ideal party boat! For maximum success, it is wise to begin shopping early so as to give yourself enough options and make informed decisions when selecting your party vessel.

Food & Beverages

Food and beverages are critical elements to making any celebration delightful, and a private boat party offers you the opportunity to elevate the cuisine for your event to new levels. From casual dinner cruises with burgers and fries to romantic sunset yacht charters with cocktails and appetizers onboard – you are bound to create memories with every bite you take off of that menu!

Experienced boat crews make catering easier by providing everything necessary for a five-star party experience, leaving you free to sit back, enjoy yourself, and make memories with your guests.

Savor delicious bites and sip on refreshing cocktails as you admire stunning views of the city’s landmarks on your booze cruise. To maximize its potential, opt for an open bar package offering unlimited beer, wine, and spirits or pay by drink at a cash bar. Ensure guests have plenty to sip during their voyage by serving watermelon martinis, strawberry lemonades, or white sangria as refreshing summer treats; otherwise, simply offering a fresh and crisp glass of water will complete their dining experience perfectly.

Arrive Early

One of the key advantages of renting a party boat for your upcoming celebration is creating an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. However, make sure that you arrive early at your departure site to avoid missing your reservation time slot.

Arriving early allows for more coordination among guests and the booking of services like catering or photography. Party boat rental companies usually have lists of preferred vendors to make event planning simpler.

Party boats’ limited spaces encourage deeper conversations and networking opportunities than at other venues, leading to memorable evenings for everyone involved. To maximize results, finalize your headcount and vessel size in advance to avoid running out of space or time on your cruise. Booking at ATX Party Boats during peak season may prove challenging, so give us a call now if you want your spot reserved on the water!

We look forward to meeting you!

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