Red River Beach is a Summer Hotspot for Locals and Visitors


Location: Uncle Vinnie’s Lane This beautiful beach is a summer hotspot for both locals and visitors, featuring soft sand and serene waters – ideal for swimming, building sandcastles, strolling along its shoreline, or simply unwinding!

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Red River Beach is an idyllic town beach that features many amenities for visitors to enjoy. Situated along Nantucket Sound and boasting breathtaking ocean views, Red River Beach is a beloved spot that draws in local families with children looking for relaxation – as well as lifeguards and restroom facilities!

Visitors to the beach can indulge in various activities, including swimming, fishing, and walking. Picnic areas and playgrounds for children provide additional attractions, while lifeguards keep watch during peak season to provide added safety for swimmers.

Nearby restaurants and shops include several delicious dining and shopping opportunities. Popular places include The Port, which serves delicious seafood dishes alongside classic American fare.

The Port is an ideal family-friendly destination with stunning waterfront views and a spacious wraparound deck, as well as year-round drinks at their year-round bar. Additionally, there are several rental homes nearby for accommodation purposes.


Red River Beach in Harwich is one of its most beloved spots. It is located along Nantucket Sound and offers an expansive stretch of sandy beach with plenty of space to stretch out and unwind without feeling overrun by your neighbors. Plus, its soft yet clean sand makes for an enjoyable beach day experience that families can share!

At the beach, parking options abound, and residents can park for free with their beach sticker, while nonresidents can purchase a daily parking pass for $20. Metered spots and wheelchair spots are also available.

Red River Beach can be reached via multiple bus lines that stop near it. Taxis or ride-sharing services may also drop you off there. Pets are permitted on the beach during off-season but must remain leashed. For more information about parking at Red River Beach, please visit the town’s website.


Red River Beach, situated at the end of Uncle Vinnie’s Lane in South Harwich and often one of its most visited beaches, is one of the most beloved destinations in town. A long beach with plenty of room, visitors will always be able to spread out without feeling cramped by crowds. Furthermore, its scenic backdrop includes magnificent views of Nantucket Sound while its soft sugar white sand offers excellent footing – plus, seashell collectors have plenty of spots on which they can collect more seashells! Additionally, lifeguards are present during daylight hours, and restroom facilities and an outdoor shower are nearby as well.

Harwich Ocean Beach offers daily parking for non-residents (a sticker is required). Perfect for families with young children, boogie board rentals are available here, as well as food trucks and a playground for the children. Bathrooms are clean, with outside showers available to rinse off salt water after swimming!

Food Trucks

At this scenic beach, visitors will find some of the town’s finest food trucks offering delicious lunchtime meals and providing visitors with an idyllic family day on the powdery white sands. Children can build sandcastles or collect seashells while adults can relax with a swim in Nantucket Sound waters. Convenient amenities such as wheelchair accessibility, lifeguard protection, and well-kept restrooms make for a relaxing time here.

Tin Pig offers one of Bend’s premier fried chicken sandwiches, while Toasty offers vegan food. Additionally, this beach provides various healthy options, including juices and smoothies.

This beach, in addition to offering standard amenities, also hosts several exciting events throughout the summer season. Families can participate in exciting activities like fish pools, ring toss competitions, races, and tug-o-war competitions – not forgetting crafts to create and actual truck touch events like “Touch-a-Truck.”


This large beach offers plenty of room for beach games, swimming, boogie boarding, and kayaking activities. A favorite fishing spot, lifeguards patrol during peak season to make it a safe swimming environment – visitors may also discover hidden treasures along the shore, such as sea glass and shells!

Sugar white and immaculate sand meet warm, calm waters to offer an ideal atmosphere for relaxation. Parking is available, although a daily fee applies between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Besides bathroom facilities, there’s usually also a food truck!

Continuously swim within the marked swimming/bodyboard zones and be vigilant of checkered flags indicating dangerous water conditions like rip currents. Appoint a water watcher for your children, avoid alcohol and swimming altogether, and follow lifeguard directions or public announcements when swimming in public waters. If caught in a rip current, remain calm – swim parallel to shore until out of its grasp.