Teddy Bear Cake Pops


Make these adorable Teddy Bear Cake Pops for birthday parties, Valentine’s Day, or any special event – they’re simple to create and delicious, too! Plus, they make for adorable party favors!

When dipping, be quick so as not to melt the candy coating. If this occurs, a bit of shortening can help thin it out quickly.

Cake Balls

Cake balls are simple cake-flavored truffles you can easily create at home with just a few simple ingredients and ingredients. Perfect for any special event or celebration, cake balls make delicious bite-sized morsels of sweet cake flavors with an irresistibly soft center and delectably chocolaty exterior – an irresistibly delightful treat!

To create Teddy Bear Cake Pops, the following materials and ingredients will be necessary:

Prepare and bake your boxed cake mix according to package directions, then crumble it up after cooling entirely before mixing it with either the vanilla or chocolate frosting of your choice. The amount of frosting used will determine the texture and consistency of the final cake ball; be careful not to use too much, or it could become too mushy! Roll into small balls before chilling them in the refrigerator for several hours so they remain firm and easier to work with.

To finish off your cake balls, melt a small amount of white chocolate wafers in the microwave and use one end of a lollipop stick dipped into this melted chocolate to secure the center of a cake ball. Pushing its other end through Styrofoam keeps everything secure and prevents cake balls from touching each other in your refrigerator.

If you want to go for a teddy bear theme, decorate your cake balls using these items:

Cut two jelly beans in half to form ears and attach them to each cake ball with a push pin. Next, using a significant spoon, dip each cake ball in your chosen CANDIQUIK(r) Coating color using light pressure while allowing excess to drip off naturally. Lastly, sprinkle each cake pop with desired confetti sprinkles as a finishing touch!

Keep teddy bear cake pops at room temperature or in the freezer, depending on their purpose of storage. If stored at room temperature, ensure they are lined with paper towels to prevent them from melting; additionally, direct sunlight could cause their candy coating to disintegrate quickly.

Candy Melts

Candy melts are the ideal choice for creating cake pops, chocolate-dipped pretzels, and other delectable sweet treats. Easy to melt in both the microwave and on the stove, candy melts allow you to easily create beautiful colors and designs on your desserts with their vibrant hues and versatile melting capabilities. They come in an assortment of hues to fit perfectly into any theme or party decor; in addition, there are numerous flavor varieties so that you can find just the one to fit your recipe needs.

To create perfect candy melts, you must use appropriate tools and work in an airy space. When melting candy in the microwave, make sure that the bowl you are melting it in is no larger than your microwave plate; when working in a kitchen or with hot items, be sure to use only glass or metal bowls; never add water or oil as this may cause seize-up and stop working as intended.

If your candy melts are challenging to thin out and become smooth, try stirring in some shortening to help them melt faster and keep them more manageable for dipping, coating, or molding. The amount needed will depend on how thickly you want the candy melts to be.

Once your candy melts are melted, ensure they’re free of clumps by stirring. If any remain, return the bowl to the microwave for 20 seconds at 30% power before going once more – repeat as necessary until your results show smooth, thin candy melts.

To give your cake pops an extra special touch, use a food-grade marker to outline a face onto each one. After drawing their faces, dip each cake ball in light blue candy coating. Allow any excess to drip off before setting on a styrofoam block for drying. Adding some black edible glue can give ears the appearance of black frosting!

Lollipop Sticks

Utilize these standard white paper sticks to craft delicious single-serve treats that are fun and simple! Great for cake pops, homemade candies, and suckers – durable yet versatile enough for any special event! They make creating treats more accessible than ever!

To assemble cake pops, begin by poking a lollipop stick into each oval-shaped cake ball and pressing down until it is secure. Next, pipe some of the melted red chocolate onto it to secure it before carefully dipping the entire pop in more of it to coat thoroughly. While still wet, add two heart-shaped sprinkles in one corner of each pop to form its scarf bow design before setting them onto a Styrofoam block for drying and hardening.

Suppose you prefer something else for your cake pop handles, such as cinnamon sticks, peppermint sticks, or toothpicks. Alternatively, remove all or insert them after dipping the balls to give your cakes an unconventional appearance.

Once the cake pops are formed and coated, please place them in the freezer for several minutes to allow the chocolate to set and harden before returning them to the fridge for storage. While they’re chilling out, melt more melted chocolate. Re-dip each cake pop gently but quickly into it until completely covered by chocolate before returning them to the fridge to set again and harden over time.

Forbear heads, break one or more M&M’s into halves, and use their small end to dip in the melted chocolate before pressing it into each oval-shaped cake pop’s indentation. For ears, use soft caramel candy like Milk Duds to shape into an arch for easy assembly.


Once your teddy bear cake pops are completely set (I left mine in the refrigerator for 15 minutes), melt some chocolate candy coating in a bowl large enough for dipping each bear, dipping its body, and tapping off any excess before returning them to the fridge to chill again. Melt more white chocolate candy coating and pipe on small details such as adorable ears or pipe circles on their snout with two heart-shaped chocolate chips as bows before adding round confetti sprinkles as eyes to each cake pop and tie a length ribbon around them before serving them at parties!