Tekken Characters – Julia Chang


Julia offers a diverse set of ranged attacks that can be combined to deal massive damage. Her ability to force opponents into defensive positions makes her an excellent option for players with technical playing styles. What do you consider about qqdewa.

Julia is a researcher attempting to preserve the world’s forests. When she obtained the forest rejuvenation data, Julia dreamed of reforesting her homeland; however, this research was cut short when Julia learned that should Kazuya Mishima and Jin Kazama’s Devil Genes collide, evil would come sweeping across Earth and bring ruin.


Julia Chang (pronounced Jy Sha Ui) is a Tekken video game series character. She is Michelle Chang’s adopted daughter, and she taught Julia how to fight; both fighting styles share similar attributes in each franchise release. Julia can also appear as Jaycee in Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

She hopes to restore Arizona, where her family resides. She began researching ecosystem restoration techniques after becoming aware that their homeland was at risk due to global climate change. Most of this research was supported by grants from G Corporation; she used their supercomputers in their high-security research center for this endeavor.

After the Mishima Zaibatsu attacked her lab, Julia’s research was stolen by them, and they discovered some files with information on GENOCELL, an attempt at merging human and devil genes. When Julia realized how it might be misused for evil purposes, she deleted these files before leaving without speaking with Dr. Abel first.

When Julia returned to work, she was invited to participate in the King of Iron Fist Tournament 5. Even though she hadn’t succeeded in retrieving reforestation data from previous tournaments, Julia decided to enter again and become involved with this one.

Eddy Gordo’s stages feature her initial encounter with Heihachi clan member Ganryu; he notices her similarity to his late mother and offers assistance, yet she denies his affections and instead informs him she plans to reforest her land.

Julia combines martial arts styles, such as Xin Yi Liu He Quan and Baji Quan, into her fighting style. She is famous for her fast attacks and ability to chain multiple strikes together – an instrumental character when used by an expert player. Julia can even perform an unconventional wrestling move called the Death Valley Driver that injures opponents while still giving them time to recover.


Julia is an Arizona resident with an admiration for plants. Unfortunately, her reforestation plans were set back when Mishima Zaibatsu attacked G Corporation’s high-security research center and stole her data about reforestation processes. With her work at GENOCELL potentially at stake and data stolen by Mishima Zaibatsu being threatened as well, Julia entered the third King of Iron Fist tournament and successfully rescued both mother and her data before returning home – only to discover that Dr Abel had taken control over her laboratory – further disrupting Earth ecosystems!

Julia’s fighting style combines Chinese martial arts and wrestling maneuvers such as suplexes. She employs ranged kicks and fast attacks that can be linked into combos. Additionally, Julia uses powerful grappling moves such as Cross Arm Suplex to pull opponents down into the ground with ease; further, her activities may include her signature plant attack, which involves grabbing a kick followed by slapping that causes their opponent to collapse and sprout a tree-shaped bloom on their bodies.

After her battle with Heihachi, Julia grew a beard and eventually was transformed into Luchadora Jaycee in Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Later, she appeared as a playable character in Street Fighter X Tekken alongside Bob as their partner.

Julia can be unlocked by beating Tekken 6 six times, along with Lars Alexandersson, Alisa Bosconovitch, and Ganryu. Additionally, she appears briefly in Heihachi’s ending scene.

Julia differs from most female characters by punching her opponent instead of using the usual slapping motion after tackles, rather than the more commonly seen hitting sign. Additionally, Julia now features new pre-fight and win animations. One references Michelle’s viral video, while the other depicts Julia accidentally doing a Jaycee pose after winning. Stephanie Sheh, who has replaced Annie Wood and used a different voice pitch than Wood to deliver Julia’s new quotes, now provides them instead.


Julia is the first female playable character with spoken dialogue in any Tekken game, appearing alongside Michelle during the PSP prologue and Ganryu’s ending scene in Tekken 6. In Ganryu’s ending scene, she and Michelle sit watching a sunset; unlike most characters, Julia does not pose during her Ki charge and cannot back-flip while holding up/back.

After retrieving forest rejuvenation data, Julia established an Arizona laboratory to conduct her research. Unfortunately, a visit from someone informed Julia of how Kazuya Mishima and Jin Kazama carried the Devil Gene and if their clash caused great evil to be unleashed upon humanity. Julia saw this threat to society, so they decided to enter the sixth King of Iron Fist tournament to prevent its clash from happening.

In Tekken 7, Julia has become an Internet celebrity, announcing her matches via tablet computer with her signature “King of the Cloud” slogan and two win animations that pay homage to content creators like video blogger Jaycee – including telling players after winning matches to subscribe (akin to subscribing on social media). Her primary outfit in the game bears striking resemblances to that of her Tekken five counterpart, and she exhibits hyperactive and perky behaviors while broadcasting TikTok under Jaycee; these traits mirror those found when acting as luchadoras in real life!


Julia was left behind as an infant by Michelle Chang, a young woman from another tribe who found and adopted her. Michelle showed Julia how to fight for the protection of her homeland with love as they raised Julia as part of their tribe’s heritage study and forest rejuvenation research – an endeavor that inspired Julia’s Rage Art later in life.

While researching forests in Arizona, Julia finds a glass incubation jar with a seedling inside. It had sprouted to her great joy and amazement; Julia quickly fell to her knees with excitement before recalling a dream she had as a child of herself walking through lush green woods.

After retrieving the “Forest Rejuvenation Data,” Julia returns home determined to fulfill her dreams of reforestation. However, she soon learns that if Kazuya Mishima and Jin Kazama, who carry Devil Gene, are permitted to clash, an ancient source of evil could emerge and threaten humanity again. To stop this from occurring, Julia decides to enter the King of Iron Fist tournament to prevent this from happening.

Julia may be skilled in fighting but also possesses a kind heart and intense compassion. She firmly attaches herself to both her adoptive mother and tribe, often forgoing her interests for those of others. Julia is knowledgeable, evidenced by her experience with archaeological studies and forest revitalization research.

Julia features brown eyes and long dark hair that is typically braided down the back with colorful hairbands fastened at either end, usually braided into braids at her lower back for easy control, and usually braided into braids attached with colorful hairpins or hair ties for fastening. Her face is framed by bangs on both sides of her forehead, and she often wears a feather headdress tucked into her hair as part of an ensemble inspired by Native American traditions.

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